Fan View: Fired Up!!

Jeff B. lives in a place with a heavy Steelerfan infestation rate, so this game doesn't sit well...


Logically I knew the Browns had no chance.  I understood, even though the Steelers aren't playing like it, that they still are Super Bowl Champs.


Come ON!!!!!

There is only ONE NFL player on the Browns roster right now - and that is Josh Cribbs.  The rest of them?  I don't know what they're doing other than collecting a paycheck.

I'm tired of seeing the Browns lose to the Steelers.  This isn't even a Pittsburgh team that is playing as well as other Steeler teams.  

However, its a Browns team that is playing the worst it has in its history.

Mangini has a plan, though.

What kind of plan?  

A retirement plan?  A plan for world domination?  A plan to make a treehouse?

It sure as hell doesn't seem like his plan has ANYTHING to do with football.

Do I sound angry?  YES I AM.  I'm angry at MYSELF for being duped by Randy Lerner and the rest of his cronies that they have an NFL Franchise in Cleveland, OH.

I don't know, did the league vote for contraction going into the 2009 season?  Did NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sign something that says the league was going to go from 32 teams to 31?

It sure seems that they now have just 31 teams and then something in Cleveland where they dress like NFL players, they get paid like NFL players and they even try to act like NFL players...but they're not NFL players.


Enough is ENOUGH.  I'm sick and tired of watching the POOR product you cart out there every Sunday for us.  I don't know if its bad luck.  I don't know if its incompetence.  I don't even care anymore.  

This team is WORSE than the EXPANSION team that got waxed on National TV in game 1 of the return.

You remember that score don't you?  In case you were watching a soccer game at the time, they got beat by the Pittsburgh Steelers at home 43-0.

This bunch you have now is even worse than that.

When are we going to get direction instead of excuses?  When will the team be able to do the basics?  Is it too much to ask that they can run, pass, catch and tackle effectively for 4 quarters?  

I saw a very sloppy performance by Pittsburgh today with all the turnovers they had but it didn't matter!  The Browns were not going to capitalize on anything because they're simply not capable of doing so.

I've got some advice for you Mr. Lerner.  Maybe take a little more time before hiring your next management/coaching team.  Something longer than say, 2.4 minutes or a month or whatever it was you took to get this crew in here.

Then again, maybe it doesn't matter.  

Apparently the NFL left Cleveland after the 1995 season and were still waiting for its return.

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