Monday Berea Report

Mangini speaks after yet another loss to the Steelers, hitting on topics such as Josh Cribbs, trade rumors, standing by his QB, and the non-first down that was...

BEREA—Most Browns fans would agree the Browns need to use Josh Cribbs more in the coming weeks, in whatever way they can.

Eric Mangini said the Browns will continue to use the package in their offense. Many feel for the set to be effective, there has to be an element of a passing threat.

Against the Steelers, Cribbs threw two passes with one being intercepted by Troy Polamalu.

"It's been part of our package and will continue to be part of it," Mangini said. "We're not gun shy with him throwing and we'll continue to take risks."

Cribbs has 101 yards rushing on 12 carries for an average of 8.4 per carry, over double that of RB Jamal Lewis (3.5) and RB Jerome Harrison (3.7).

In many of the situations with Cribbs taking the direct snap, Derek Anderson is on the field flanked out as a wide receiver. Mangini was asked if that limits the choices available. He said one of the reasons was the defense only has 16 seconds to respond after teams break the huddle, as opposed to the 45 seconds after a play.

"(The quarterback) doesn't need to be on the field, so you can do it however you want to do it,"  Mangini said. "When you break the huddle at 16 seconds, it's different than doing it with 45 seconds."

Trade Talk: A lot of conversation has been about the Browns making a trade prior to Tuesday's trade deadline. Mangini said nothing is on the front burner, but wouldn't confirm anything anyway.

"We don't have anything imminent, but if a call comes in, we'll listen," he said. "But I don't anticipate anything happening."

Most of the talk has been regarding WR/KR Josh Cribbs, as well as DL Corey Williams.

"All of the contract things are internal," he said. "But, I really like Josh. He does so many things and his special teams value and I like the way he's worked at wide receiver as well. He's still working on that."

On Williams.

"Corey has played more and more as we go on," he said. "Not only in the sub defense, but the base."

Flu Bug: LB Kamerion Wimbley missed Sunday's game with the flu and DL Shaun Rogers played much of the game not feeling well. Mangini said he didn't think there was a widespread epidemic going around.

"Kamerion was sick on Saturday and he wasn't able to go," he said. "Big Baby (Rogers) started to feel it Sunday morning.

"We've taken every measure to stem it there," he said. "We've talked to the guys about trying to take measures to prevent it by making flu shots available."

Wounded Warriors: There was no update on LB D'Qwell Jackson who appeared to injure his shoulder against the Steelers.  He did not return.

"We'll find a little bit more today,"  Mangini said.

DB Brandon McDonald also injured his shoulder and Mangini said he will be evaluated on Wednesday.

"We'll see where he is Wednesday

The Kosar Factor: Mangini acknowledged that Bernie Kosar was in a position as a consultant, but said his role would be more informal. Word of Randy Lerner hiring Kosar as a team consultant came out over the weekend.

"I've enjoyed getting to know Bernie and spending some time with him," Mangini said. "Whether it's from a quarterback perspective or from a defensive perspective in terms of what was frustrating to him as a quarterback."

Mangini said Kosar's role is more informal than hands on.

Still DA: Despite having a QB rating of 41.7, compared to a 62.9 of Brady Quinn, Mangini said that Derek Anderson was still the starting quarterback.

"I think there are times when we've moved the ball effectively," he said. "We have to do a much better job of tightening things up. There have been times that Derek has done a good job of moving the team."

About the Drops: After having eight dropped passes last week, the Browns still had trouble hanging on to the ball against the Steelers at the receiver position. Mangini said the receivers spent a lot of time working on that phase of the game.

"It's about fundamentals and when you get away from the basics you still have problems," he said. "You saw Mohamed (Massaquoi) make some outstanding catches and then some cases where he started looking to run before he secured it."

He said the group will continue to work on catching the ball.

"There's a lot of room for us to improve in that area," he said. "We have shown some good improvement. We've seen some things, but it's consistency that we need."

The Call: Mangini was asked what the call was when the Steelers were ruled short on the fourth-and-one, but then given the first down. The television replays looked as though the ball was short.

"We'll get some more clarity on it, but nothing can change," Mangini said. "We just have to deal with it and move on."

Regressive Secondary: After several weeks of progress in the defensive secondary, the secondary gave up over 400 yards in passing to the Steelers.

"There were some big plays that shouldn't have been that way," Mangini said. "Santonio Holmes had a catch where he should've been tackled and the one with Hines Ward, as well."

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