Offensively Offensive Offense... Again

Lane takes a look at an offense that's been somewhere south of "horrendous" a good chunk of the year. Needless to say, he's not liking what he's seeing on the idiot box...

In yet another mesmerizing display of offensive football, the Cleveland Browns have reached new heights in their quest to become the worst football team on the planet.

Dropped passes, inaccurately-thrown balls and the inability to run the football effectively, the Browns did what they do best in the 2009 season.

They lost.

Outside of the showing against the Cincinnati Bengals a couple weeks ago, this Browns offense has been pitiful, pathetic and embarrassing.

A QB change, check -- that worked for a game. The statistics show the change has not been really effective, unless you count a win in what many around the league claim to have been the worst football game played in decades.

Replace the starting RB due to injury, check -- that worked for two games. Jerome Harrison on Sunday? He was a true ghost. Jamal Lewis?  Enough said.

Still, a win is a win. We all remember our first, so happy trails on that front; the team is now 1-5 and headed nowhere fast.

Theories of a new coaching staff, a first-time offensive coordinator and a change in mentality have all been lobbed as a basis for the struggles of the Browns' offense. All have merit to a point, but six games into the season, some sense of change and stability is expected.

In Cleveland, that simply hasn't happened.

The Browns coaching staff can huddle again this week and attempt to come up with the next grand scheme. Hell, now they have former Browns QB Bernie Kosar in on the game.

Don't expect immediate change; the issues are deeper than hoping Kosar's mindset about offense can change the direction of this unit.

That itself should be quite an interesting addition. Maybe, just maybe, the organization has decided something is amiss within the walls of the Browns' training facility in Berea, Ohio.

There are issues within the fundamental scope of the Browns' offensive philosophy. Where youth and inexperience swarm over the important WR position, indecision and a lack of touch persists over the QB's.

A passing game which displays every tendency of an innate inability to operate outside of 10 yards is left in the hands of a QB (Derek Anderson) who displays little touch and is relatively inaccurate when delivering the football.

With Anderson under center, the threat of the downfield game does improve, as does the running game due to such a threat.

In 10 quarters of ball with Brady Quinn under center, the Browns' offense was just as poor, and the overall stats are deceiving. Quinn did his best work in the season opener when the Browns were multiple scores behind with the clock running out.

Quinn's strength is the shorter passing game, but teams failed to feel threatened and loaded the box believing the QB would not or could not challenge them over the top.

Mission accomplished, Quinn and the offense failed.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has been under scrutiny due to the lack of offense and imagination displayed by the offense. As a unit, the failure to execute on a consistent basis has only compounded the swirling belief the coach is not quite ready for primetime.

In the one game against Cincinnati in which the offense displayed the ability to execute on a moderate basis, the Browns were competitive.

During the other five contests, the Browns' offense has been as ineffective as any in the league.

At least on Sunday, jack-of-all-trades Josh Cribbs ran the Wildcat formation effectively and showed that his athletic ability should not be discounted, especially for an offensively-challenged team such as the Browns.

So, following another sixty-minutes of football on Sunday, we've learned the following:

- The Browns still are unable to execute.

- The QB remains erratic and the supporting cast should take a bow for their undivided attention.

- The receivers remain unpredictable.

- The offense remains predictable.

And all the above equate to another disappointing loss.

Or, as I call it, just another fall Sunday afternoon in Cleveland.

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