Browns-Steelers: Gameballs and Goats Results

Week Six turned out much the same as Weeks One through Four...

SUMMARY: The Browns failed for a twelfth straight time to beat the Steelers in what is quickly becoming the most irrelevant rivalry in sports.

Who deserves acclaim in the midst of such a season?  The Browns special teams, which continued to be the most impressive part of the team in Pittsburgh. The special teams performance was led by Josh Cribbs and his unsurprising but still spectacular 98-yard kickoff return.  The Browns special teams ace and all around MVP won the Gameball voting this week.  It wasn't even close really.  How long 'til he starts playing defense too?

Derek Anderson will wear the goathorns for the second straight week and he can expect that trend to continue as long as his completion percentage is below 50%.  The Browns seem content to stick with Anderson but the participants in G&G are less sanguine about his long-term prospects as the Browns QB.  In fairness to DA, it would help if his receivers had hands instead of ping pong paddles.

Player Gameballs
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 240
Joe Thomas (OT/73) 44
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR/11) 34
David Bowens (OLB/96) 29
Brodney Pool (S/21) 23
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 22
Lawrence Vickers (FB/47) 17
Fans 17
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 17
Refreshing Beer 16


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 215
Brandon McDonald (CB/22) 107
Officiating Crew 63
Brian Daboll (OC) 54
Eric Mangini (HC) 43
Chansi Stuckey (WR/88) 31
Entire Defense 21
Entire Organization 20
Entire Offense 20
Randy Lerner (Owner) 10
NEO Steeler Fans 9

Fan Gameballs To... Goat Horns to...
chowdogg Wild cat The bribed refs
jaxxon Daboll
OklahomaDawg Passive Recreational Eugenics The JUGS Machine
brownsfan88 DA's dry cleaner
topdawg29 NyQuill The entire freaking organization
64superfan Refs who still blow calls (like 4th down measurements)
BuckeyeInDenver Josh Cribbs' soon to be much richer bank account
cribbs again t
ruffin2000 watching the complete history of the browns dvd to dull the pain hines ward's stupid grin, everything associated with the pittsburgh steelers
thehollismaniac miley cyrus
kshkolnik Offensive Line
LiveDoctor Wide Receivers
footballwave Randy Lerner
salemdog Robisky The chain
bill01 Josh gribbs
rutger TV announcers
slapster Eric Wright
APVIC DQ's shoulder !!! Kam's flu !!!!
GregTNG Jessica Alba
DAWGDC Brian Robiskie Eric Wright, Brian Daboll
Naxos DA's mom
80sBoy George McDonald
Mangini & coaching staff Purdue Boilermakers
Braylon for f*$#kin up another quarterback, Browns corners play like they have no game"balls", the future 11 draft picks Everyone and the pig flu.
PerrysburgGuy The UFL Jamal Anderson
rbj40 Entire coaching staff
Dolphins - for showing Mangini the wildcat can be run more than once every 3 games! I know women from Pittsburg already have goathorns, but give them all another pair!
Offense & Defense for minimal penalties Entire WR & TE corps
eezer Weldon
Steelers turnovers keeping them from beating us worse
cbrowns44 The O-Line
IPWinsor All receivers except Mo Mass
Runner27 The ref that gave the Stoolers that phantom first down
DixieDawg Chip n Salsa Cantina Bruce Arians
Phil Dawson offensive line
reverendvargo miller high life officiating crew
mtsames Losers get nothing Art Modell and his Baztard David
Big Ben, Hines Ward, Lawrence Timmons, Troy Polamalu everyone on the Browns except Cribbs
Yet again we don't have 3 worthy people. The entire organization
TIE: The bartender at the joint where I watched this crapfest, and Barry for adding "Entire Organization" to the list... Everyone involved with this team except Josh Cribbs can officially pucker up while I bend over.
BernieK19 Braylon Edwards
underdawg55 Joe Thomas Brandon McDonald
McDonald and Eric Wright both stink
dawgonit0207 Brady Quinn
CharlieScales mangini

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
bohns75 Cribbs is the only legitimate threat the Browns have.
This team doesnt have talant to compete with the Steelers, yet! But it does have heart. Im proud that they didnt quit, as bad as we played we hung around till the end. I hope we continue to play tough, hard and scrappy for the rest of the year. We have a few more winable games the 2nd half of the season.
dirtydave98 No Win...No Gameballs
jcart57 He's the man! pay him
chowdogg Even if it was Out of bounds He caught the ball
OklahomaDawg I wanted to be drunk before the game, but by the time I got around to it I was depressed to a degree usually only achieved through medication. I decided not to drink for fear that the combination would cause me to stop breathing in my sleep. For what it's worth, I thought about giving the fans a gameball; but, I'm starting to wonder if our persistence in rooting for this team means we are all, collectively, too stupid to live.
brownsfan88 DA's dry cleaner has a monumental task this week facing his undies after that gutless performance. While interviewed the cleaner was happy to point out that it will be another bright spot (neon yellow to be exact) on his "Dirty Jobs" application. DA's solely supported his business since November '07.
Lynxis cribbs is the man
bluezhound Lifelong Die Hard Browns Fans . Be Patient our Time will come sooner than later .
64superfan Gameballs? Josh was the only Brown who played decent football today.
BuckeyeInDenver I'm sure they'll do it after the season, but Mangini & Co. really need to pony up the cash and pay Josh Cribbs. The guy is just an amazing player, probably the greatest Brown of this generation.
houndfromhell Team is improving v.s. all the best teams so far this year that the N.F.L. has thrown at them.
Browns needs- Q.B., R.O.T., R.O.G.,
L.B.S., A C.B. that isnt scared to tackle, and a teacher like Kosar to help out the pass offense. (includes
W.R.s and the Q.B.).
The only player that deserves a game ball is Josh Cribbs!
brownsclown Josh Cribbs, what can you say? Take Care of his contract as soon as you can.He is one of the few upper level NFL players. Joe Thomas kept up his end on James Harrison and David Bowen was all over the place. Again not many positives.
though he will be gone on tuesday Cribbs is truly the only football player on this team
IkoIko Royal gets a gameball for getting injured and off the field
ruffin2000 josh cribbs (kent state's own) is the only player on that field that continually shows up and plays like a man. there is nothing left to say about anyone that man and be done with it.
BeerMan13 Ryan for still being the best longsnapper in the league, maybe next week you could also line up as tight end.
thehollismaniac Cribbs gets the ball for his effort and toughness- as well as that kick return TD. Cundiff for making both extra points. Thats all that went well. MO MASS looks like he'll be a #1 for this team for a while. Nice to see Robiskie catch a pass as well.
Pay Cribbs the money. He is the only pro besides Joe Thomas that even resembles a pro player
salemdog How many 92 yd TD reurns is Cribbs good for in a game? That sad question sums up our offense. MoMass caught more than he dropped. Vickers caught everything thrown his way. Even when his pass was incomplete, Robisky at least caught it.
markbucki Other than Cribbs, Massaquoi and of course the noted receiver Hank Farley (our newest top secret pass catching weapon)what's to cheer about? At least the defense hung tough especially during the "keep away" turnover fest. But a special thanks to Seely for OUTSTANDINGINGLY consistant special team play
rutger Cribbs, Thomas and the fans for putting up with this sh*% for ALL these years.

My son is a Browns fan because I've been one for over 50 years and I feel sorry for him, I really do.

Thank God my grandson from my daughter is a Colts fan.
Alex Mack did great against the steelers front.

Elam was the only DB who tackled today.

Cribbs, well come on he is the only one who is earning his paycheck.
CREATURE Only one gameball for Josh Cribbs.
He's the only guy on the roster who actually can play AND gives a damn.
I'm sure we'll trade him next week.
APVIC everyone took turns sucking... and they all succeeded !!!!!!!!!!!
I would have given Josh a gameball but he threw the pick.
FreddyBear19 I used to think Josh Cribbs was selfish and hypocritical to be whining about his contract. I now say: Mr. Lerner, pay the man.
vonhoover Josh Cribs is our only hope of scoring consistantly. He is really fun to watch!
DAWGDC Josh Cribbs is a beast....Randy needs to honor Josh Cribbs because he wants to be here. Braylon and K2 didn't...PAY HIM!!! Mo Mass had some drops, but those will go away with more confidence..5 catches for like 83 yards good day for the young man. Can someone tell me why Jerome Harrison didn't get more carries? He average about 4.6 yards a carry today but only got 5 carries? Dumb!!! Congrats Brian Robiskie for 2 catches today...he needs more chances!!!

80sBoy George McDonald first joined the Browns' staff as offensive quality control coach on February 11, 2009, and was promoted to wide receivers coach on May 6, 2009.
It is nice to see that there is still a lot of fight left in theses dawgs. If we play like this the rest of the season the Browns will have wins to show for their efforts.
Browns corners play like they have no game"balls".
Braylon for f*&?in up another quarterback today.
The future 11 draft picks.
PerrysburgGuy No Gameballs ever!!!!
This team is getting better. Like to see the young guys are working hard to get some PT. Kudos to the kids like Mack, Massaquoi and Robskie - even the guy from USC got in there. Growth is slow but it's going in the right direction.
NaplesRBR Josh Cribbs is the only NFL football player on our rooster.
Willy15 What more can you say about Josh Cribbs. The unsung hero is Brad Seely, who puts the plan together for Special Teams.
Freddie Mitchell for having the GOD-given ability to catch balls that the Browns' WR don't have; Time to pay Josh Cribbs; Joe Thomas for being the only one on Offense with any heart & emotion
thebrowns cribbs hands down best player on team
roscoe2009 give Josh his new contract, he is by far our best player. i wish other player's had as much heart as Josh.
I'll give Cribbs a free pass on the INT he threw. He more than made up for it with his KO return and the fact he plays hard EVERY DOWN!
DixieDawg Thank God for Josh Cribbs.
TattooDawg Josh Cribbs 98 yard TD return enough said.
Tim Couch gets my gameball for being the last browns qb to get a W against the steelers.
reverendvargo miller high life gets a gameball for numbing the pain. also Rob Ryan gets a small gameball simply because you can see him mouth F*** Yeah!!! on tv.
GertBFrobe Cribbs Thats all
Josh Cribbs, the best player on the team, by far....PAY THE MAN Gini!
Josh Cribbs in the best player on the team. Period.
Hey Barry - Bernies back - gotta add him here. :)
mddawg28 Josh Cribbs is THE MAN. He needs to get paid. Brian Robiskie - one pass thrown his way, one catch. What an AMAZING result. Do you think that the other receivers took notice? Then there is big Shaun. The only real man on the defense as exhibited by the fire and passion that he demonstrates.

Goat Comments
Fan Comments
After 2 1/2 games, Quinn is benched for bad play; after 2 1/2 games, Anderson is still throwing bad, throwing,long, throwing interceptions, and throwing games away. Quinn is just another QB destroyed by the stubbornness of Cleveland coaches. Wasn't it stubbornness that kept Favre playing while injured; so Mangini could have someone to blame for his implosion? Mangini should be fined and thrown out of the NFL.
bohns75 Anderson sucks. He's no leader and he sure isn't an NFL quarterback. What a loser. Ship him and ManStupid off the Mars.
Worst call I've seen in years. Absolutely terrible!!
dirtydave98 3 picks are just not enough for goathorns...This team is pathetic from the owner on down.
jcart57 Brandon Mcdonald has quit the team, the worst tackling display i've seen. He needs to be benched!
chowdogg When is a great defensive stop not a defensive stop?
When the Ref's wear Pittsburgh uniforms

The Ghost of Edward Scissor-hands
jaxxon Daboll is hte worst OC i've ever seen. Jamal Lewis's longest run was 4 yards. Daboll stayed committed, never wavier, and certainly never feeling he should give Harrison a carry. Who by the way averaged over 5 yards...again.
OklahomaDawg What use is a JUGS machine if it doesn't shoot balls at people's feet from point blank range? Neither Quinn nor Anderson can put a ball in a good catchable place, let alone somewhere that would allow a receiver to do something with the ball. I hate Roflburger but after watching the guy I know how a real NFL QB throws a pass.
brownsfan88 JaMarcus Russel may have passed DA this week, making DA the worst starting QB in the league. I hope Quinn is sitting for financial reasons.
I'll give a goathorn to Brady Quinn because everyone knows its all his fault :D.
Lynxis free first downs - steelers only plz
bluezhound Must of been the same offciatiung crew that the Stoolers used to beat the Hawks in the Super Bowl.

cBS TV Crew Sucked Canal Water .

Rot in Hell Art .
64superfan Not sure if it's Ryan who's insisting on the deep coverage nonsense or Mangini who won't turn him loose to attack the opposing QB, but this game was about the 14,000th time we've seen Toothlessburger allowed to stand in the pocket for an eternity and pick the D apart. Either get folks in this dude's face, or mail in the game checks and raise the white flag. ENOUGH of letting this dude look like Otto Graham by not getting in his face (which, when it's done, makes him a very, VERY average QB)
BuckeyeInDenver Could Anderson throw a less-catchable ball if he tried? Receivers come and go but the drops persist--perhaps the one constant, Derek Anderson, has something to do with that. And Brandon McDonald needs to have his ass nailed to the bench. He looks like he couldn't care less about what he's doing out there.
houndfromhell Still a couple trash players on the team. I have faith the coach will take care of that this comming off season.
Next year, with the same improvement and Browns return to playoffs.
brownsclown Why does Brady Quinn have a short lease but Anderson can be TERRIBLE two straight weeks and he doesnt get pulled?I dont understand. Kamerion Wimbley for getting sick on Steeler Week. Soloman Wilcox is a Browns hater and makes me sick. He was joyous almost orgasmic a couple of times when the Browns make a bad paly. He should never be allowed to do Browns games. Stay on Seriuos NFL radio and leave Browns fans to their misery.
IkoIko Learn to #$%@* tackle!
ruffin2000 corners that can't tackle; get their sorry *** off the field, lb's too slow and out of position, blitzes were lazy and ineffective, in 10 yrs we still haven't stopped crossing routes and scrambling qb's, we don't need another northcutt(stuckey), this is complete trash to watch every sunday and this is randolph lerner's fault
BeerMan13 Chansi catch a pass, you are becoming the joke throw in on the Braylon trade.
thehollismaniac This team still sucks in its 11th season since the return and the Give-a-S&$% Level of the fan base is below zero. It just gets old seeing an opponent's QB have all day to throw and watch its receiver catch the pass and break 17 tackles and run until he doesnt want to anymore.
MacDonald should be cut. He can't cover and he can't tackle. He missed 2 tackles on the same play....dump him for someone who can actually do something
footballwave What a performance by Derek Averageson!! Brady Quinn may not play another down as a Browns QB, but, He will always have better stats than Derek Avergeson.
Pipehitter09 When are we going to stop giving Derek Anderson the opportunity to show us his passing skills in the Red Zone.
Browndawgs32 Anderson makes too many diseasterous screw ups. He's definately not the answer. Mangini should play Quinn and
let him grow for the rest of the season,
then decide his future.
salemdog Gee, could the TV announcers be bigger homers( or Hom..nevermind). McDonald should go back to the farm.EIEIOCAN"T TACKLE. What a disgrace. NFL refs are not good. Or maybe I just looking at them from the wrong angle. Cribbs leading rusher-need we say more?
markbucki Great job of catching and fighting for the ball by this group of non pass catching receivers. And that steller non tackling CB McDonald who tackles like Daboll calls plays..... safe and sorry. Note to mangenuis: ya might want to consider drafting a couple of O-Lineman.. just saying!! There should be a special GOAT BALL to learner and lil boy mangenuis to sit Quinn and save 9 mil in salary... 'cause after all da gives the clowns the best chance to win. Right? Of course right.
rutger The only person on ANY NFL field today worse than the Ref's in this game was Brandon McDonald. How that guy remains on the field after some of his gutless flag football attempts at a tackle (and even those are in insult to all flag players), is mind boggling.

That entire officiating crew should NEVER be allowed on another NFL field after that 1st down call.

Number three is a toss up between Mohamed Massaquoi and the TV announcer that needed something to wash the sperm down their throats for the BJ's they were giving the entire Steeler team all day long. But that doesn't change the rational that you NEVER draft a receiver that has the college rep. for dropping throws.
Appraiser McDonald either cannot tackle or does a good job of avoiding it!
craiggee001 brian daboll is an idiot.
DA Sucks!!
Daboll can't call a game
Mangini is just way out of his league
CREATURE MacDonald and Wright are both vag$&%s.
We already knew that they were poor tacklers. However, after today's game, I'm convinced that they intentionally avoid contact. If you don't belive me, watch a replay of the game!.. They're both an embarrassment to the uniform, and an antithesis to the way the Steelers play.
slapster Trying to be reasonable and resisted the teptation to vote three times for DA Stuckey deserves a goat suit also.
APVIC McDonald is a piece of sh*t pu&^%a*% little d$%k afraid to get dirty.... what a no tackling waste of a roster spot. why don't we blitz every play? can't be any worse than 7 seconds of time for the jackoff toothlessburger.
WestonBuck Anderson is a disgrace to the QB family. He is crapping all over the field and Mangini must like cleaning it up...losers.
FreddyBear19 I have a brilliant idea: keep calling plays to send three or no more than four pass rushers so Roethlisberger has all the time he needs to find an open receiver.

I have another brilliant idea: Keep calling plays to run directly into the immovable Steeler defensive line for a one yard gain.

CBS could walk into any sports bar, grab two anonymous guys at random and do better than the bozos who get assigned to do the Browns' games. The announcers' mouths are not connected to their eyes or brains.
vonhoover Our coaching staff sucks! We have taken several steps backwards this year and I can't understand why Mangini still has a job!!!
DAWGDC If Brandon McDonald doesn't want to be here or play football take my order at McDonalds and I'll have #4 Large with and apple pie. Jamal Lewis and the tap dance steps is getting old VERY OLD!!!! Hit the Hole. DA took another 5 steps back...we need a QB. Eric Wright another CB whose scared to tackle we need tough cards. Daboll after we score a touchdown the next possession you don't run your first 2 plays..go for the juggler!!! Especially after they just scored on us!!!
brbbva We could really use Steptoe just about now.
thanx osu & cleveland browns for ruining my weekend!
PerrysburgGuy I can't take it much longer. I fear I will lapse into indifference.
dawgshelter Brian Daboll will be on this list every single week.
rbj40 These Browns don't even belong in the NFL!!!!!!!!!
DA is such a tease. McDonald makes just enough plays to keep his job...but his preference to arm tackle everyone should cost him his starting job! Mangini needs to roll the dice more if he wants to win with THIS team.
NaplesRBR Will this generation have any Browns fans?
Rather Obvious!!
Willy15 Derek Anderson looks like on short to medium passes, he's just trying to avoid a sack or an interception, never that he's really trying to complete a pass. Brian Daboll keeps calling those short passes even though Derek is lousy at throwing them. He threw one interception, but he's much better throwing downfield...but Daboll didn't call many of those. The Defense just could defend the pass.
Offense for not having a playmaker & not moving the chains; Defense for poor tackling especially the DBs
thebrowns last 2 games 11 of 41 ,da throws a hard usually off target rock ball thats numerous receivers find simply hard to catch.2 years worth of excuses for this guy,enough already..
roscoe2009 Derek is terrible, but better than Brady.were screwed.
McDonald couldn't play for my pee-wee team, get him out of there now.
Daboll need's to go, terrible at ccalling play's.
jmazzulo920 Eric Wright continually makes no attempt to tackle.
DA putting up numbers AGAIN that a high school QB would likely get benched for (I'm glad he gives us a better chance to win). NO fire, NO excitement, NO anything from Mangini--other than maybe looking COMPLETELY out of it. The way this team is playing, we wouldn't have beaten Purdue either.
kevinmrohr Where is the effort? (Brandon McDonald, Chanci Stuckey, I'm looking squarely at you). Between guys not even trying to be in position to catch a ball to guys refusing to attempt to tackle players, it's a little more than I can stand.
what a pathetic excuse for a quarterback
DixieDawg Another pathetic performance. Thank God for Saturdays. ROLL TIDE
TattooDawg DA for throwing at the recievers feet, behind their back, over their heads and out of bounds.
Eric Mangini for not having the "stones" to pull DA.
TV announcers for being so one sided towards the steelers that it was not even funny.
not cashing in on all the chances browns had to win a game against the steelers.
Brandon McDonald is a big sloppy vagina.
Cut this pussy now.
Harpster Brandon McDonald tackles like a giant puss.
egillen Sure all NFL teams miss tackles, but the Browns DB's have taken the wiff to a whole new art form.
redright annoucers (tv) explaination needed
mtsames Brandi Mac this years cowardly Lion. Dquell to slow too stupid Heath Miller embarrassed you.
lilysman not enough room to put coach and his meat headed offence brain storm
Derek Anderson is the worst quarterback in the NFL and is still starting. Unbelievable. I hope Quinn is being held out until his incentives cannot be reached, otherwise I'm scared of how horrible this regime's player evaluation is.
Fraley does a great job for two straight games, so you put a big slow weeble coming off an injury back in for the Stoolers?!?!? So many great decisions... So little time...
McDonald should not be allowed on the field. He is coward.
mddawg28 DA the reason that you cannot adjust to blitzes is because you take too damned long to get out of the huddle. Getting the snap with less than 10 seconds on the game clock allows the defense to adjust to the formation at the last second and leaves you and your offense swinging in the wind. Stuckey get some damned stickum-maybe that will help you catch the ball. Brandon McDonald if you are so injured that you cannot use your shoulder to tackle, get off of the field! A corner who cannot tackle is worthless in this defense. A dishonorable mention goes to the other corner, Eric Wright. Way to just watch Hines Ward catch a pass next to you and waltz into the endzone without you making so much as an attempt to prevent it from happening! The attitude of "let someone else make the play" will get your ass out of the league.

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