Browns-Packers: Gameballs and Goats

Who deserves praise after Week 7? Who gets the blame? Browns fans find few to single out, but are unhappy with the entire organization in this week's results. Refreshing beer, however, is zooming up the charts.

SUMMARY: There's really three kinds of losses in the NFL.  There's "we shoulda won", "we coulda won" and "Good Lord, what has my life become that I root for a team like this?"  Browns fans have had plenty of experience with the first two kinds of losses in years past.  This year, however, has been a lesson in the third kind of loss.  All over Northeast Ohio folks are re-discovering the joys of Sunday chores.  Lawns are cleaner and garages are less cluttered.  Unfortunately, the OBR is predicting this "fall cleaning" trend will continue for the rest of the year.

For the fans, this gameball is really a reward for enduring so much suffering.  The consensus seems to be that Browns fans are either too loyal or too stupid to move on from the team.  Speaking for myself, it's definitely a case of stupidity.  Dave Zastudil makes another honorable mention appearance, as he looks to be putting an early bid in for team MVP.  Another notable name on the list is Michael Gaines, a player so new to the team his number is still not up on the team's website.  He led the team in receiving yards this past week, which would have been impossible to predict even three weeks ago.

Derek Anderson wears the goathorns for an unprecedented third consecutive week.  Eric Mangini must be aware of this Ripken-esque streak, as that constitutes one of only a few possible explanations for his continued support of the completion-challenged quarterback.  We're also continuing to track the week-by-week increase in votes for either "Entire Organization" or "Randy Lerner."  Last week, the tally was 20 for the organization and 10 for the owner.  This week, we saw a jump in both numbers.

Player Gameballs
Fans 84
Dave Zastudil (P/15) 54
Michael Gaines (TE/86) 51
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 50
Refreshing Beer 42
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 30


Player Horns
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 275
Eric Mangini (HC) 117
Brian Daboll (OC) 83
Entire Organization 79
Entire Offense 41
Randy Lerner (Owner) 38
Entire Defense 34
Write-in Votes
Fan Gameballs to... Goat Horns to...
Entire team

Whoever missed the game Our JV QB

Anyone who could stomach watching the entire game. FLU
idrthrbncleve Gameballs? Gameballs? Are you nuts? Everyone associated with the Browns and their grandmother.

every freakin'-body
redright BERNIE
D.... A....
Brady Quinn's $11 million bonus
mdoogal FOX & CBS for still televising this crap we call football. Way too many to name but how about Jim Donovan coughing & clearing his throat when the radio station went back to them too soon at the end of the game.

Fans Randy Lerner
Brady Quinn

the fans
Al Lerner

Derick Anderson

The Officials

NO ONE!!!!!! Entire team

eric mangini and randy lerner
BrownieHat Charlie Brown Game time
Mangini and the OC

hegemonic Phil 'The Mayor' Dawson 'Kaluka Maluka'

The Swine Flu

everyone trying to come up with who to give a gameball to the whole team, can we have another expansion draft?
Willy15 No-One Tom Condon, Phil Savage, & QB Coach's
JerseyBrownFan The Fans, The Fans, The Fans Offense Sucks and Defense Sucks
bamatic that goal post that gave us 3 points
13anneduser the grounds crew City of Buffalo, NY
Anderson he is awful
icucomp there is only 9 games left thank God
packers rg on offense/db for hitting harrison late
houndfromhell Im grasping at straws here. Whole team? sucked Entire offensive line plays like school girls.
Mark Shapiro
GregTNG Jessica Alba, Hermione Granger Lord Voldemort

Otto Graham Brian Daboll

Coaching Staff

The Fans Eric Mangini's mother

My Family and I


Bernie Kosar, for having anything to do with this team!
DixieDawg Terrence Cody Bruce Arians

*****I wish I had more GOATS to give out*****
PitbullTerrier Berney Kosar Entire Organization
kkool None of the above Direct Tv, National TV and all other communication organizations that cover this pop warner team and organization (SORRY POP WARNER, didn't mean to demean you I know your a better organization than this bunch.)

BQ's clipboard The fans that continue to support this garbage

Orange cones with numbers
Joey Porter
the whole team
Browns Fans Everywhere......

To Randy Lerner for realizing his mistake and firing Mangini ASAP Donte Stallworth for not being able to drive Eric Wright home from JayZ
TpostDawg No One. The whole team and staff.
egillen Goalpost
whoever is supposed to be coverin the rb's cut back lanes... s#*t.. we suck so f*%king bad... AARRGGHHHHH!!!
The officials tried hard to match last weeks retard calls.

OSU The Ghost of Braylon's Hands
derek anderson
UKDAWG whiskey Brady Quinn
RyanAdkins Billy Cundiff Everybody(That ref that called Harrison out of bounds too)

The players wives This team is worse than 99. I miss Tim Couch

No one!
SpectreDawgTalk The fans who put up with this crap every week. ManKok for destroying an already barren roster.
eric mangini

This season one week closer to being over.

1964 Championship Team Butter on the fingers: passer, receiver, and tackler


derek anderson

The Groundskeeper Officials In All Sports

Josh Cribbs
Entire Management (that's a joke, managenent ???).

the Fans who left at the half
donodawg none daboll

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments

Gameballs? It takes a lot of balls to even ask for gameballs for a debacle of this magnitude!

Billy Cundiff for again coming through
The fans for putting up with the garbage

no one deserved a gameball this was an embarassment
salemdog Well, at least Gaines caught the ball.

Future TV Blackouts that will spare our eyes from this Obscene Team! Until then I can only hope for a well-timed power outage.

No player really deserves to get a gameball. I watched Mangini's post game interview and he didn't seem like he knew a whole lot of what it takes to be a good football team. He must be the best interviewer in the world though to get hired after just being fired. All I have to say is 2010 Super Bowl Baby
BeerMan13 Michael Gaines, best mid week pick up. He can catch.

I can think of many other interesting ways to spend my time than watch this garbage. This game ball is for all the fans that continue back this lousy team.
DAWGDC Michael Gaines is the only player worth giving a gameball too....for a couple of days off the street he's the only one that did anything!!!
dp10451 The fans for sitting through this horrible excuse for a game. The fans that had sense enough to leave early and beat the rush to the parking lots.
brownsclown I usually look for positives in any loss. Lets see, Oh I know, the TV announcers this week were much better than last week. Thanks Fox. No other positve anywhere in this game.
idrthrbncleve Not a chance. This team deserves no gameballs. It has no balls. It has nothing anybody wants. How about this. Release everyone except Shaun Rogers and Josh Cribbs and start over.
redright BERNIE the last best hope

The gameball to Jackson is for being able to watch the whole game without vomiting
BuckeyeInDenver Nobody deserves a gameball for this pathetic performance.
mdoogal Good job camera guys and instant replay guys. Way to go Billy Cundiff on that almost missed FG. Wow we got three points by the direction the ball bounced once it hit the crossbars. Great game Browns.
chowdogg goal post for giving us 3 points
Appraiser No one! Lousy performance, by all!

for putting up with this so called football team...

atta Boy!

Th Officials for getting our defense off the field with correct measurements.
rutger Game balls? 31 - 3?

The only gameballs should be given too the poor fans that endure watching this awefull offense / team that the Browns Management has assembled. They are hard to watch is an understatement.

Gameballs? GAMEBALLS????!!!! For THIS?
bohns75 You've gotta be kidding? A game ball for this s**t team?

I'm shocked I have to pick players in this area.
hegemonic Long live The Mayor.

Gives The Browns a cheap excuse for losing and looking so bad
Willy15 They win and lose as a team and no-one seemed to stand out today at least in a positive way.

I feel sorry for all the Cleveland Brown Fans who deserve much much better then this crap football that is dished out to us each and every Sunday. Again I must mention that I will not be getting the NFL Package next year in 2010 from Direct TV to watch this Cleveland Crap type of football anymore. I rather go out on Sunday and rake leaves then watch this Comedy Show of a bunch of over paid want to be football players trying to play football. What a joke anymore it's sickening.
IkoIko I'm telling you that Fraley guy has a future at TE! Glad to see that Mangini fleeced the Bucs for a bench scrub and a 5th for that stiff Winslow!
JerseyBrownFan The fans deserve a gameball every game for putting up with this Crap we see every Sunday. Enough is enough already. I can tell you I am getting real tired of watch a bunch of overpaid men look like they are playing foot ball for the very first time in their lifes.
froggy60 josh is always giving 110%

shaun for having heart

zastudil continuing to be a great weapon
houndfromhell In the last 2 weeks, the Browns have
rubbed off onto Josh Cribbs. Now even he
is becomming fumble prone.
I should give a game ball to each of our best players, who are always overlooked. Ryan Pontbriand and Dave Zastuidil.
PissonPitt Another punter as team MVP this year. Maybe co-MVP with Cribbs.

So when does Randy sell the team?

For driving three and half hours to watch bad football. This team is worse to watch in person then on TV. I will not go back this year. They are horrible.

CaryNCBrownsBacker Game ball? You want to give a game ball to this S&%T ... I don't think so.

If you have to give a game ball it better go to the FANS for watching this CRAP

no one gets a gameball. this team is garbage.

Didn't we trade the game ball for a player to be released later?
glousterbrown Zastudil is really the only worthy game ball this year
strain456 nice to see a guy that can hold on to the ball, and the other guys give 100% every game no matter the score. also give the tv announcers credit for being able to watch this filth without leaving at half-time, I would.

Why is there a game ball option???
JasonAllen Nobody that is paid by this organization should ever receive a gameball.

Randy Lerner for hopefully firing Mangina immediately taking Koknuts with him.
ruffin2000 no one associated with this excuse of a team gets gameballs this week from me.
TpostDawg Just bad football, no execution, no
production from the QB. Just bad football.
APVIC I'm gonna give Robiske one because if our a**h*le QB does his job the kid is in the end zone celebrating a TD !!

vick When the Cleveland Browns get a quarterback, then I think will start winning games but they really need a quarterback.
UKDAWG Whiskey, beer and the Browns - leading to suicidal tendencies prevented by our wonderful webdork's efforts.
dbruns97 Nobody deserves a gameball for that peice of s&$t effort put forth yesterday.
RyanAdkins The only player of ours that put a score on the board, Cundiff, gets the only gameball this game.
SpectreDawgTalk I can't believe it's taken the fans this long to revolt on this pathetic excuse for a regime.

Derek Anderson for the 99 yard pass... Oh sorry it was 99 yards total, my mistake. Ok, Cribbs and the guys on the practise squad.
SPICYDEIGO Why is this even an option anymore?

gameballs are you kidding me did you say gameballs gameballs thank you coach mora sr. oh wait the spinning has not stopped hey randy blackouts are not a good thing no matter what dr.lipsh$#s tells can not hide in the tv from the people watching we can see you.

I was looking forward to each and every commercial. I'd rather watch the home shopping network.
bluezhound Game Ball for falling and they cant get up ....This is Frigging Ridiculous ..How can one franchise fall so far that they cant get up ?
Save the Browns Lerner .......Sell the Team!!!!
tdh48 No game balls. Nothing was good. Offense, defense and special teams play was pathetic. No flu excuses allowed. Randy Lerner needs to sell the team and the new owner need to start from scratch, they already have 11 draft picks to build with. Isn't that what Pioli wanted?


Goat Comments
Fan Comments

Rebuilding or not, you have to play like you've at least seen a football field before. The entire organization, from the owner, to the entire coaching staff, to every player on this roster should issue an official apology to the fans of the Cleveland Browns for this disgraceful "performance". Just start playing the rookies and be done with this miserable season.

what can one say about ineptitude

Anderson has to be the worst qb ine league. His pro bowl year was a 10 million dollar mirage
salemdog Good God men, learn to tackle. The most hapless display of football I've seen in a long time. It rivals the 1st game in 1999

Wasn't it PATHETIC watching Wright play "pattycake" instead of tackle on that long Packer TD-TOTALLY PUTRID!!!!!!

Derek Anderson is a poor excuse for a QB. If I was Quinn, I would be demand to be traded just to get out of Cleveland and the perpetually sadness that is perpetrated by Lerner.
BeerMan13 Derek Anderson is the worse QB in Browns History, bring back Philcox, Goebel, Wynn, or Booty.

I can no longer enjoy beers on Sundays. I fear I'll throw something heavier than a pillow at the TV.
fishman DA

No excuses on fdrops this time! Looking 20 ydrs down on a 3rd and 3 with a blitz coming is amazing.
DAWGDC Where do I start? That's it we suck....In 1999 we didn't expect to win we were just happy to have a team again. Right now I have no clue what's plays in the uniforms called the Cleveland Browns?
dp10451 Dabol still doesn't know how to call a game. Anderson still isn't a starting QB. The defense can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, and can't stop the other team from scoring.
brownsclown This team was terrible. Period. The offense sucked and the defense was worse. No way are we this bad. If Mangini is a genius, we will know soon because it appears the team has packed it in. Keep clearing cap room and collect draft picks. Brodney Pool whiffed over and over. I am depressed.
idrthrbncleve For obvious reasons

Mangini has got to go, along with his lack-luster coaches, his lack-luster QB, and all his lack-luster Jets has-beens. Shut the whole mess down and start over with a coach who is not so great a megalomaniac that he refuses to use/hire those whose stars shine brighter than his own less-than-mediocre abilities.
dirtydave98 too disgusted to bitch anymore about how bad we are. Our QB throws for less than 100 yds. Time to put DA back where he belongs, the waiver wire.
redright the art modell tree, modell, lerner, lerner
Naxos Worst QB I have ever seen = DA
Mdawg I don't know who is the bigger goat this week Daboll for his weak play calling, Anderson for stinking the place up again, or Mangini for bringing in Daboll to run the O and keeping Anderson on the field no matter how bad he is. I guess I will have to go with Derek because of just how bad he played.
BuckeyeInDenver What an absolutely pathetic all-around display by this team. Derek Anderson is beyond horrendous. He starts the game 6 for 6 for 55 yards, and goes 6 for 23 for 44 yards the rest of the way without a drop in sight. He's by far the worst QB in the league. And damn Brady's giant bonus--if it wasn't for that, he'd be in there at QB instead .
mdoogal My days are numbered watching this crap on T.V. What a waste of time, and raising my blood pressure. They really need someone else to call the offense and replace the QB, and make a trade for a RB that doesn't studder step before entering the hole which by that time isn't there anymore.
chowdogg who ever that was supposed to be in the middle of the field on defense
Who ever was supposed to tackle a packer
Can't give Goathorns to the offense...for we had no offense
networkned Brady because he can't beat out Derek for the job.
Appraiser Quitters! Start again.
DawgBoat I thought we have had the worst OCs since our rebirth, but this guy is absolutely horrible. I would prefer Woody Hayes be our OC, unbelievable. We need a REAL EXPERIENCED OC like the ratbirds have....
80sBoy Yeah, I said AL Lerner.
rutger Lerner, Mangini and Anderson - the reasons are obvious

This was disgusting!

Randy for the love of God,,please sell this team.As for you eric think diet!!
BrownieHat Why does it take so long to make the inevitable official?
rambodawg Daboll
bohns75 This entire organization is the joke of the NFL.

Fire the QB and put someone in that we don't know about. Like Quinn and Ratliff.
hegemonic Did anyone pronounce his name right today? Also L2 play zone coverage, young man.
Willy15 Mangini for playing the wrong players, such as Jamal Lewis who couldn't gain yds., Brandon McDoanld who missed a lot of tackles and covered poorly instead of Coye Francies, who CAN Tackle and runs faster. Daboll for calling wrong plays in red zone. I also include Condon & Savage plus QB Coaches who so far have ruined Brady Quinn in the NFL.

Mangini, Daboll and Anderson need to go. This is where a good part of the problem lies. Don't you think it is time to replace Anderson already Mangina? Heck if you don't want to use Quinn then bring in Ratcliff. How much worse can it get? Anderson will never be the answer to this teams woes. He doesn't deliver a spark he puts out the flame from the get go. It took half a season for Romeo to see this last year finally. Stop making excuses like Crennel did every week. This team is getting worse by the week. Replace Anderson and get rid of Daboll. Give Quinn another chance so we can finally see what we have. We the fans already know about DA and that DA SUCKS.
IkoIko This team sucks worse than 1999. And we have Joe Thomas and Josh Cribbs. Fire Mangini and his entire staff!
JerseyBrownFan Mr.Learner please fire Mangini, Daboll and get rid of Anderson. Mangini in case Learner holds on to you for awhile aren't you tired of DA yet? Trust me Anderson is not the answer to the Browns woes. He is a big part of the problem. He is not your spark. He is a fireman he puts out the flame and the team goes nowhere. Quit thinking he is Pro-Bowl material. That was a freak thing in 2007 as us fans all saw the last 5 games of that year. 2008 already proved again that DA sucked and so far this year he hasn't proven a thing to the fans other then what we already know DA SUCKS!!!! I had faith in you Magini at the begginning of the Season. Now I realize that you SUCK TOO. You are no better then Romeo Crennel. Heck you even remind me of Romeo with all your excuses. Maybe you should go back to becoming a BALL BOY because from what I can see you really are not good coaching material. Maybe you should try High School Coaching if someone would want you.
vadawglb This team is worse than the 1999 team
roscoe2009 Randy for hiring Mangini,Mangini for bringing all the ex jets (backup's),Daboll for calling such great offensive play's (Lewis for 1,Lewis for 2,Lewis for no gain, punt.i have been a Browns fan for 54 year's thank's Randy, why don't you sell the fucking team.
froggy60 DA...just plan horrible preformance no one else to blame for this one.

Brandon you could find the receiver or ball with a GPS....

Coach you just need to put in BQ and be done with it....

the rg on offense of green bay for punching shaun rogers in the belly during a pass play....that's low....
the packs db for hitting harrison well after the play was over. c'mon ref have some b***s and toss them from the game. that is how a defenseless player gets hurt.....league should fine them and suspend them.....

houndfromhell Even #1 pick, Mack was tossed around like a bear throws around a dead freightened rabbit. Anderson is about as blind and dumb as the lord will allow. If he even plays in the next game, then we will know that the N.F.L. is out to destroy the Browns great fanbase. Easier to move that way to L.A.
or London.
PissonPitt They were all bad, but Anderson is the worst.

How long before Randy MOVES the team to London?

"Offensive" coordination


gelsingerj The TV announcers kept calling for the Wildcat...I wanted to choke someone.

is it true players were more fired up yelling at the coaches on the sideline than on the field?

At least Derek got his interception in. That's the only constand in this offense. PS I've never seen two CB's as bad as these, they can't cover or tackle!
DixieDawg Again, thank God for Saturdays. Sundays are pathetic.

As Gunny Highway stated, "this operation is a clusterf...! Nothin' about this team is professional. Where was Quinn? Anderson is such a joke, pathetic! Defense sucks, offense sucks, coaches suck... suck, suck, suck!!!
kkool (SORRY POP WARNER, didn't mean to demean you I know your a better organization than this bunch.)

$11M bonus is only worth about $5.5M in this economy.
glousterbrown Double the goat horns for each of these POS's
strain456 Lerner should be ashamed that he is holding back a great franchise from progressing as they should. Open up the pocketbook and pay quinn the 10.9 million for playing this year, and let him at least try to progress with the young recievers. Some quarterbacks take longer to progress than others, look at drew brees, and he only has a handful of starts.

Goathorns to everyone that has ever worked for the Browns since 1999, it has all built up and lead to this point.
DixieDawgg ..... for putting up with this team for so long and so hard.

Modell left with our team in '95. The NFL screwed the city and fans who had made a nuisance of themselves in their efforts to get a new team back in Cleveland, by giving the new owners less than a year to establish a football operation (less than have the time other recent expansion teams were given to field a team). It has been downhill from there. The fans that follow and support this pathetic team are to blame, because if not for them, there would be no Cleveland Browns imposter dressing up in brown and orange each Sunday.
ruffin2000 it's obvious this team laid out there and died on sunday. and to think i felt 4-6 wins was possible...i highly doubt we'll win another game this year. ultimately, this is randolph lerner's fault, and he needs to do something about it...FAST
TpostDawg Just bad football, no execution, no
production from the QB. Just bad football.
BeerMan13 Brandon McDonald is a special teams player and nothing more on defense he is TOAST.
brownzjunky Party like it's 1999 - that's how these losers play anyway. I bet Rosie Palmer could kick Mangini ass!
egillen Are we gonna shoot for another 10 games without an offensive TD again?
APVIC WHAT the hell is wrong with our DB"S???
F*ck catching the flu...Wright now has caught the same hand tacking virus that plagues Mcdonald!!! And its also time to call out Steinbach's ass for missing so many blocks.. can't block laying on your back!!! get your ass in gear.. and the same song different verse for the goofy fu*kin Anderson !! he needs to go..and if Quinn is no better than get rid of him too !!! but lets find out for sure. We know anderson for sure SUCKS !!!
houndfromhell Anyone thats left,fan or not, that spends a nickle for any merchandise or anything remotley associated with these Cleveland Circus Clowns.
Derek (no touch what so ever) Anderson
is the Head Clown in charge, of the offense anyways. The Head Honcho of the Clowns is still, Manqueenie, for now. GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, we are awful!
Offense has no chance. Defense cannot do anything consistently -- besides sucking. This is a lost year. Fire Mangini, Hire Parcells and give him the keys.
WestonBuck Flush this turd down the Cleveland Canal along with his b***h Eric Mangini.
UKDAWG Brady, for not keeping the job and subjecting us to DA.
dbruns97 Everybody associated with the team.
casper44 Contrary to popular belief...Shit rolls upward, especial in Cleveland!!!
lilysman this coach is so stuck on his self that the light will not shine over his ego.ilove the browns but this really is junk and the pro bowl man at qb is the main reason we suck. birng back romeo be more than glad to have him
RyanAdkins Everybody sucked(Except Cundiff). Plain and simple.
SpectreDawgTalk How the hell can Derek Anderson keep starting when his QB rating is one point higher than it would be if he chucked the ball into the turf on every throw? (as though that's not the case already) This whole organization is rotten and it's time to clean house. I never advocated a one-and-done but I have never seen such a disaster of a product. Fire them all.

To hear Mangini in his postgame talking about seeing several things he "likes" over the past few weeks is a joke. He doesn't have a clue what he's doing, the team looks un-inspired at best. I don't think it's too early for a coaching change: this season is blown already, get rid of Mangini NOW and start building for '10.

Wow, there must be an endless amount of goat horns... we should have ran out last year. I think I'm going to open up goathorn chains in Cleveland, Tampa, Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, and soon in Carolina.

I thought I hated Modell. He's starting to look good compared to this DB of an owner. Sell our team RANDY. LET OUR TEAM AND PEOPLE GO!!!
SPICYDEIGO anyone that has ever work for the Browns since and including the day Art Modell bought the team. Because of that dreadful day it we had a chain of events to lead use to this new low and frustration.

the entire worthless pathetic excuse for a football organization gets 2 pokes in the eyes. the fans get one for being stupid enough to buy tickets to watch this piece of crap.

and from classic adam's a nice piece of @#$&

The Browns organization should hire Dr. Phil to provide mass grief consulation after each's the least they could do for the fans. Oh -and all refs should be euthanized...wait...make that TORTURED!

Cribbs is upset with the fans???? WTF??
brbbva I don't know who Pat Murray is, but clearly he is the root of our problems.
bluezhound The Whole Organization gets goat horns ..Dysfunctional $%&*# ..

Save the Browns Lerner. Sell the Team. A**hole
tdh48 No progress, none. No hope this year and unless they blow up the whole organization none next year. Absolutely nothing salvageable. I had been in a wait and see posture but now I've seen enough. Even Cribbs was less than stellar but I can't really blame him. This organization would drain the best.



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