Adkins: What We've Been Told

Lane offers up the very latest on the QB situation, the negative effects of Fraley's benching and a certain QB who could've been wearing Brown & Orange this weekend...

- Despite the productivity issues on the offensive side of the ball, head coach Eric Mangini is not pulling the plug on QB Derek Anderson -- yet. Mangini believes Anderson provides the greatest opportunity to succeed, though Anderson's four-game run under center is arguably as poor as any in recent memory.

- Plenty of speculation has centered on the benching of QB Brady Quinn as being a financial move. True, it's unlikely Quinn will reach contract escalators (nearly 11 million dollars) if he rides the pine, but the change was not necessitated by dollars. Quinn wasn't playing well -- within the scheme. Financially, this head coach finds little reason to play the QB and pay him the incentives of his deal, if he is not deemed a worthy candidate. Plain and simple, Mangini has little faith in Quinn, as well as Anderson, and the likelihood is a new QB will be under center for the team in 2010.

- As the team continues to lose in embarrassing fashion week-in and week-out, the majority of players in the locker room remain upbeat. While discussing the head coach is something very few want to do, there is a sense the players want to win for one another, as the respect between the men in locker room remains steadfast.

- Though RB Jerome Harrison displayed the ability to be a potential every-down back during the absence of starter Jamal Lewis, his playing time has diminished considerably with the return of Lewis. Expected to gain opportunities and an increased role throughout the season, Harrison's lack of playing time has been unexpected and unwarranted.

- Defensive end Corey Williams would like the opportunity to play a greater role. Let's just say, Williams was open and receptive to a trade prior to the deadline, but a deal did not transpire and the lineman is disappointed his role has been reduced -- without explanation.

- With offensive linemen Hank Fraley lining up at RG next to rookie center Alex Mack, the Browns offensive line displayed the ability to pass protect effectively and the running game showed promise. Upon offensive lineman Floyd Womack returning from injury, Fraley was removed from the starting line-up and the issues which hampered the Browns' line play early in the season started to reemerge. Despite the issue, the Browns do not appear poised to put Fraley back into the starting line-up, a presence which also greatly assisted the rookie Mack in learning and handling line responsibilities – which further enabled his progress.

- Leading up to the game against the Bears this weekend, sources close to new Chicago QB Jay Cutler tell this column the Browns – and Eric Mangini in particular -- were hot in pursuit of the former Denver QB, but the club was unwilling to give up multiple first-round draft selections.

- In preparation for the game against the Bears, the Browns have worked on numerous 'Wildcat' package schemes featuring Josh Cribbs as a QB, RB and receiver.

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