Ask the Insiders forum a beehive of activity in recent weeks, it's time to again offer up some highlights. Mike and Lane answer a wide variety of questions regarding possible trades, draft picks, and free agents."> Ask the Insiders forum a beehive of activity in recent weeks, it's time to again offer up some highlights. Mike and Lane answer a wide variety of questions regarding possible trades, draft picks, and free agents.">

Highlights from Ask the Insiders

With the <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> forum a beehive of activity in recent weeks, it's time to again offer up some highlights. Mike and Lane answer a wide variety of questions regarding possible trades, draft picks, and free agents.

JMazzulo: What is the probability that we will re-sign Earl Little, I think he was a big part of our turn-around in the second half of the year and love the way he plays, I would rather see him start and bring along a rookie than sign another player. what do the insiders think?


Mike McLain: When I talked to Earl the day after the sesaon ended, he expressd a desire to return next season. I think the Browns want him back, but they're not going to overpay for his services. A deciding factor could be what happens in free agency and the draft. If a player capable of starting at free safety is acquired, then I don't think Earl will return simply to play special teams.


ArtBtz: As an FYI, here is the latest listing of unrestricted free agents at safety: Kwame Lassiter is the cream of the crop, but he'll probably want around $3 million per year. Dexter Jackson will be the most likely to be overpaid. Donovin Darius and Tebucky Jones are the most interesting to me, and both are likely to move. As you can see from the Hot News, the Steelers might be interested in Darius.


Lane Adkins: Little believed that he si a starting type player in this league and wants the opportunity to start. From a couple discussions, he would like to remain in Cleveland, but will not stay here if an opportunity presents itself for him to seriously compete for a starting position.



Lumpy: From the chat the other night and my communication with Ram, there was indication of the FO going after a young LT who could play in Cleveland for the next 8-10 years. Is this information correct? How strong is the rumor?


Lane Adkins: The organization would like to obtain a LT that they could pencil into the position and not worry about that area for a significant period of time.

This is not a rumor, it is what the front office would like to achieve.

There are some players in FA, Pace, Jones, Petigout to name a few that are appealing, but most likely will be tagged by their respective teams.

A player like Bryant McKinnie is an intriguing name and player, the question would be can the Browns pry him from Minnesota and at what cost. There are concerns in Minnesota about McKinnie, he did not win over the front office, coaching staff, and teammates with his prolonged holdout and reporting to the team seriously out of playing shape.

Then there is the draft, we'll likely hear much more about the direction taken towards the offensive line in the near future.


Anti-Jeff: Insiders, I'd assume that the Browns at least have discussed internally the possibility of getting McKinnie, just as they might discuss the possibility of trading for or signing other prominent players. My question is whether you have a sense of what the Browns think it might take to get McKinnie. Would our first rounder be enough if we threw in someone like KJ? Or maybe this year's first and next year's second? Or do they suspect it may take two first, etc.?


Lane Adkins: Various and intriguing info has been passed along to us at Bernie's Insiders over the past 7 months or so on this topic. Some of this info leads us believe that the Vikings, if they desired to deal McKinnie would have initially asked for multiple draft selections from a team.

Another thought was that the Vikings initially would have required a first-round draft pick as well as high-quality player to improve an area of need on their roster. They have issues along the defensive line and in the secondary.

With the Browns not having a standout or potential standout player along the defensive line or secondary, I am not sure what the thinking may possibly be, if the Vikings intend or desire to deal McKinnie.

Minnesota needs additional depth at wide receiver to team with Randy Moss, so a player of KJ's ability may be an intriguing match.


Mike McLain: If -- and it's a big if -- the Vikings are considering trading McKinnie (I can't see why they would), I know the Browns would be keenly interested.

I'd have to think that the Vikings would want a number one, which the Browns might go for. A veteran player would also have to be included in the mix. Gerard Warren isn't going anywhere. The line isn't strong as it is, and Butch isn't going to deal away potentially the best of the group.

I think Butch would be willing to trade KJ. In fact, I'm positive of that being the case.



TDawg81: With the 21st pick, the Browns select........  OLB Boss Bailey from Georgia. What do you guys think of this pick. This guy is a tremendous athlete with lots of speed. Sounds like the perfect fit for what Davis/Campo want to do. What are your thoughts????


Mike McLain: I'm thinking that Bailey might be more of a mid to late second-round choice. He'd be an excellent pick if he's still on the board when the Browns select in round two.

I'd like to see offensicve guard Eric Steinbach slip to 21. If an offensive tackle isn't secured in free agency or via the trade route, Verba stays at tackle, which means the line needs a left guard.

Keep an eye on defensive tackle William Joseph. He's a Miami guy and looks like a late first-round pick.



JMazzulo: Insiders, I have been reading some absolutely crazy rumors both on these boards and in news papers, of the following which is most likely if any to happen:
1. Couch to Cincy for #1
2. Couch to
for #6
3. Couch to
for Leonard Davis
4. Couch to

5. Couch to Chi for Urlacher and swap of picks- this makes less than no sense to me, it would be the greatest trade of all time for us but this trade wouldn't even fly in madden!! any help would be great


Mike McLain: I would say none of the above.

If I had to make one choice, I guess it would be Couch to Denver. Shanahan is a great offensive coach. He might figure he can get more out of Couch than Bruce and Butch have been able to get.



Robdawgie: Brian Urlacher to Cleveland??? Here is a thread with the scanned article in it... Is there any truth behind this??? I'm not sure if Chicago would like this but I know we would


Lane Adkins: The 'word' coming from the Windy City is that the team has no interest in dealing Brian Urlacher, period. This does not mean that the Bears and Browns have not discussed some options, but I do not know what those may be, including the ever-running rumor mill of teams interested in Tim Couch. Nothing would surprise me though!



Klaatu: Hugh Douglas and other FA's  Wouldnt it be a good time to bring this guy home? Does any insider know if the FO is interested? I think he would fit real nice... and if the FO can get Jamir Back ..imagine the possibilities? On the other side of the ball... how about Wayne Gandy... ? It would really be nice to strip from the Steelers again


ArtBtz: While it's intriguing to think of Douglas tearing up the field for the Browns, it's my guess that his price is going to be prohibitive. While Policy denies that the team has cap problems, they clearly need to be very careful as they have dedicated large future sums to players who are currently playing at an average level.

Regarding Gandy, I think that the Steelers would let us take him, particularly if we over-spend. The Steelers aren't making much of an attempt to keep him and are going with Oliver Ross.

If we really want to nail a division opponent with a kill shot, it would be to grab McAllister from the Ratbirds, IMHO. He's a key component of their defensive future, and would be filling a point of need for the Browns.

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