Fan View: A Letter to Mr. Lerner

Jeff Biletnikoff, like a lot of Browns fans, has some advice for the 1-7 Browns team owner...

Excuse me Mr. Lerner, what I have for you is below but first I have to do my game report. 

Game Report

The Browns lost again.  The defense wasn't bad.  The offense was abysmal.  Overall the team is one of the worst in the NFL.

Letter To Mr. Lerner

I've been a Browns fan for over 30 years.  My father has been one for over 55 years.  We bleed orange and brown like so many other Cleveland fans and we are frustrated and disgusted with the 2009 team.

I have a question for you.

Why didn't you, when you hired Mangini/Kokinis, say to them:

"I've made an investment in Brady Quinn.  I want him to be the starter in 2009.  We may have to go through a rough season or two .  It happened in Dallas with Troy Aikman who won 1 game in his first year.  Peyton Manning went 3-13 his first year.  I expect Brady Quinn to have similar struggles but you will stick with him and I will give you cover with the fans by communicating that to them."

If you had done that Mr. Lerner at the beginning of the season, your real fans would have understood that and supported you.

Everything starts from the top. 

I don't blame Mangini or Kokinis as they're trying to find a way to win, NOW.

They needed you to clarify the Brady Quinn situation at the beginning of the year and let them know you would back them in explaining the Browns long term goals.

Without that clarity, you have the current mess.

You need to call a press conference and explain to the best fans in the NFL that you are going to start Brady Quinn for the rest of the year, win or lose (because he deserves a full season just like Aikman and Manning had).

Tell the fans there are no quick fixes but from this point on you are going to be transparent and build for the future.

Then give the team over to Mangini and let him coach it while you back him and Kokinis 100%.

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