Browns-Bears: Gameballs and Goats

The Browns have been outscored by the Saints defense this year. Who do you think wears the horns? Meanwhile, Rob Ryan wins a gameball on the strength of his trash talking.

Gameballs Query

SUMMARY: The Browns couldn't beat the Bears, even though the Bears were coming off a beating by the Bengals and turned around and got beaten by the Cardinals in Week 9.  The real story is that the Bears defense isn't stopping anyone, giving up 45 to the Bengals and 41 to the Cardinals.  In Week 8, however, the Bears only gave up 6 points.  If you watched the game, you realize that it wasn't the Bears stopping the Browns but the Browns stopping themselves.  That's the theme of the first half.

The Week 8 gameball winner is Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator everyone wishes was the head coach.  He won on the strength of a defensive performance that seems like it would have kept the Browns in the game, if they had played offense rather than punting on first down every series.  The fans also rewarded Shaun Rogers for another dominant game, Zastudil and Cribbs for continued special teams contributions and others on the defense for their performance.

Derek Anderson wears the goathorns for an (still) unprecedented fourth consecutive week.  However, the fans also recognize that the offensive ineptitude is not entirely Anderson's fault, as Mangini, Daboll and the entire offense claim the next three spots.  It's a historically inept offense for the Browns and for the NFL and, as the comments show, the fans are beyond fed up.

Player Gameballs
Rob Ryan (DC) 80
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 66
Dave Zastudil (P/15) 50
Entire Defense 49
Kamerion Wimbley (OLB/95) 49
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 45
Fans 42
Jason Trusnik (LB/93) 40
Kenyon Coleman (DE/90) 33

Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 284
Eric Mangini (HC) 169
Brian Daboll (OC) 146
Entire Offense 50
Entire Organization 45
Randy Lerner (Owner) 34


Gameball Comments
User Comments
Griz13 Randy Lerner gets a gameball for "glaring" at the coaches and players as they exited and entered the field at halftime.

That's what I'm talking about, Randy! Get psycho, man. Sever heads. You're literally the only person on the planet who can fix this thing. So, please. PLEASE. Fix it.

About time Lerner shows up and shows some emotion. Keep Ryan and can those other three no four bums. Daboll Mangini Kokinis and Anderson. He gets no pass. He accepts no responsibility and blames others for the turnovers. You will NEVER hear Quinn hang a teamate out to dry!

Gameball to Randy Lerner for showing he actually cares about the team. Gameball to Rob Ryan for cursing at Cutler.
SupDawg4Life Beer is the only reason that we can make it through a Browns game anymore.
jaztip Good effort by Defense but your still significantly short on talent and play makers.Better scheme with the pass rush.
rambodawg I loved the heart of our defense. I cannot understand whatever Mangini trying to do. Putting Quinn in so late in the fourth quarter is simply beyond ridiculous.
bmw2001 Rob Ryan for making our Defense look respectable
bmw2001 Go Ryan. You made our Defense look respectable today
salemdog At least the D was in the game. Too bad the O couldn't hold on the ball.

Solid defensive effort undermined, once again, by anemic offense.
bohns75 Art must be smiling from his high rise, luxury condo in Florida. What a prick.
OPENUP These guys are trying. Biggest enemy is the offense.
houndfromhell The longer that Josh Cribbs is on this team, it seems that hes starting to fall apart and screwing up, like the way the team plays is rubbing off on him.
64superfan What happened to the defense today shouldn't happen to a slug. What an effort they made, only to be sabotaged and hosed by the offense!
BuckeyeInDenver Rob Ryan's got this defense playing with real teeth. It's just s shame such a good effort, especially early, was wasted because of the horrible offense and all the turnovers. And thank god for Brad Maynard's 12-yard punt, or I don't think the offense would have crossed the 50 all day long, much less scored.
brownsclown Chansi Stuckey caught a ball so heres to him. Rob Ryan showing some fire, missing by most of the team and giving Cutler an F U. Bet he writes a check to the commish. The defense had a nice goal line stand and played OK. Our offense is just bad.
Naxos I give props to Rob Ryan and his defense coming to play. That's about it though.
wolfdjp I'm sick of mindless offense and playing not to win.
rutger Refreshing beer is the easy winner, Rob Ryan and then the defense as a whole played pretty well considering where the offense kept giving the Bears the ball.
gunner2 If Lerner fires Mangini He will get a game ball for the rest of the year
reverendvargo saved me from having to watch the shamockery known as "an NFL offense" for the entire second half.
markbucki If this defense had ANY support from an anemic offense, they wouldn't be last in so many areas. This is most likely a mid level defense whose holes can be plugged through the draft and FA.
footballwave We have a defense, we have special teams, now we need an offense. And a head coach that gives a shit.
Keith322 A better defensive effort
DAWGDC Rob Ryan for being the only thing worth watching all freaking day...Thanks ROB!!! Keep on cursing my dawg!!! The Fans of the Cleveland Browns for putting up with this crap...GOD BLESS YOU!! OBR Webdork for making me being proud of being a part of social network that suffers with me on Sundays...THANKS OBR!!!
ruffin2000 what is a game ball?
OklahomaDawg Quarterback pressure. Thank God. When we can fill the rest of the holes to stop those big plays, this defense will be scary good.

Finally! He's pissed.
adamkilgore for continuing to put up with this shit

See the goats section of why we have gameballs going to our punter..... At this pace we're going to wear out Dave's leg!!!! The Dfense played well considering how many times our offense turned the ball over.....
PerrysburgGuy The is no spoon, or game ball.
SPICYDEIGO Didnt waste the time to watch the game, so I get a gameball.

Way to keep the penalties down; Hats off to the OL which played their best game thus far...still below par for NFL O-Lines but improved; Prety effective running game between Jamal "Butterfingers" Lewis, Jermone Harrison, and Josh Cribbs; wondering what Tebow could do in place of DA or Quinn
JSinCT Because we paid to support this embarrassment
jmidd44 Rob Ryan- you get an Attaboy for telling Cutler and the bears to F-off and F-you repeatedly on television after stopping them at the goal line . Hope YOU'Re hear next year.
DA-thanks for the typically crappy performance so we won't have doubt Mangini or Lerner puts Quinn in 2weeks from now.
Lerner: for facing down the team and coaches in the tunnel. Good for you!

How come the NYJ cast-offs are the best players on this team?
mtsames Just sickening.
roscoe2009 i am so glad Randy let player's and coaches no he is not happy. so Mangini think's Randy is looking over his shoulder, bend off dumbass you are getting the boot. maybe Randy will finally get some real football people here from top to bottom.

what a great game by the defense.. the d-line and backers were the best I've seen by the browns in years..
ghostwolf Just wanna thank: DA, Daboll, and the Entire Offense for being models of consistency. We know what to expect from them every game!
froggy60 Rogers continues to play hard.

Kamerion is quietly have a good season.

Rob defense played well but, cann't keep it up if on the field long periods of time.

Myself for watching the entire game.

Bout time the owner calls out the coach.
TpostDawg I gave a gameball to the entire Defense only because I felt that the Offense put
them in a "bad situation" most of the game and they finished with a very good goal line stand only to have Anderson give the TD away with a poor throw.

no comments can be given

GAMEBALLS?!! GAMEBALLS??!! Don't talk about gameballs. Seriously, notwithstanding Coach Mora's famous outburst, the only solace any Browns fan can take is the fact that the defense, as a whole, fights just about every down, every game. The unit is simply on the field too long every freaking game.
DrMemory Derek Anderson - for playing so badly that even the Mangenius realized it was time to put Brady Quinn back in, albeit for the meaningless final offensive series of the game.

Randy Lerner - for finally publicly expressing your displeasure with the direction the team has taken.

Rob Ryan - I like this guys fire and passion, but dude, could you keep a linebacker playing centerfielder on 3rd and longs so the opposing QB doesn't dance like cinderella to a uncontested 1st down or worse. That's happened like 20 times this year.

themainman2004 At least the defense gave it all they had! They at least tackled people - hard! Pass coverage still stinks; but, they at least never gave up. Ryan finally came through with an aggressive game plan.

Lerner for getting upset enough to do something about it.
casper44 Are You Kidding!! This is a TEAM sport...LOSERS are LOSERS!!!!
DixieDawg I smell Corn Dogs.

Defense did well.
swb They have to watch this ... and report on it ... and not turn in an article consisting entirely of swear words. Game balls for all!

Randy Lerner should get a game ball for having a pulse. I thought Randy Lerner & George Kokinis were dead.
redright zas....mvp
redright zas....mvp

Can't vote, can't take it any more
I am out! Done

What's that? Ah -- gameballs? Don't talk about -- gameballs? You kidding me? gameballs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game.
casper44 Furrey for playing both ways and Quinn for publicly staying above the Browns sh&*ty way of treating him and being a better man for it. I for one would have started making demands after the 3rd game and raising all kinds of hell...but then that's why it's not me!
Shrooney Where's hard liquor?!?!?
JSinCT They actually paid real money fro this disgrace. At least a virtual gameball is wirth something. More than their tickets that is.
dp10451 The defense finally looked like the NFL defense I want to see. Wimbley is showing again why he was a high draft pick. Rob Ryan is THE man. I love that attacking defense. No more sitting back letting the QB feel secure in the pocket. Hooooray!


Goathorns Comments
User Comments
Griz13 Coach Mangini, you've become indefensible.
SupDawg4Life Randy Learner gets my goathorn because he is the only one with the power to fix this and he has let this go on far to long.
jaztip Not sure even after 8 weeks I can see what the plan is on offense.
rambodawg The light at the end of the tunnel has the word Amtrak under it.
salemdog Foolish me, I thought a backward pass was a free ball. C'mon guys, how hard is it to make a catch and hold onto the ball? Daboll must go.

Spineless Mangini waits until three minutes left to pull Anderson? Useless, except he can now come out and say that he gave Quinn "A fair chance to win the QB competition." Massaquoi has got to learn to run his routes.
BrownsFan1313 3 picks and a write in are not enough
lilysman great that he put in quinn sure gave him a lot of time.brain robiskie sure must suck to play behind massaquio. wonder who made the call to put quinn in
bohns75 Eric Mangini ... the worst Browns head coach every .... EVER! Those that disagree -- look at the record, morons.

Same stuff different week for the 6th time this year!!!
OPENUP That substitution of Quinn in the last 3 minutes was a SLAP IN THE FACE to the
fans. Most discusting move I've ever witnessed in NFL. lOUSEY couch playing CYA.
houndfromhell The fans want to stage a protest on the
Monday nite game, cause they think the team quit?
So lets show them by quitting on them?
What the hell sense does that make?
64superfan This offense needs to be blown up and totally rebuilt, starting with the QB. If I see Anderson trot out there as the starting QB one more time, I'm going to heave! The D coordinators in this league broke his code back in '07 and they just keep pressing the "repeat" button. He's pathetic!
BuckeyeInDenver The whole offense, from top to bottom, is completely broken. However, I've given up on blaming Anderson. He's terrible, but the real problem is with Mangini, who keeps putting him out there. Plus, Daboll, who makes Maurice Carthon look like an offensive genius, runs a short passing attack that's totally unsuited to Anderson's skills.
brownsclown If Derek Anderson isn't bemnched after this I will quit watching the Browns, and I been watching since mid sixties. A pick six after a defensive goal line stand? I know he's a talented rookie, andthe future, but Massaquoi fumble really hurt. I rarely put coaches here but our OC has to bare some blame somewhere.
Naxos I want to give Randy the benefit of the doubt but he is the one who hired the train wreck that is Mangini.

Mangini for thinking Anderson was moving the team, Anderson for not moving the team, and the boys in the booth for thinking the D is really good. Doesn't matter how many yards you give up...the only stat that matters is the one on the scoreboard, and they gave up 23.
rutger Lerner, Mangini and Anderson once again this week and in that order, just like last week.

Lerner for hiring Mangini.

Mangini because he's a phony as well as a fraud as a HC and for putting Quinn ointo the game down 30-6 with 3 minutes to play. That alone should get him fired. Actually I'd have loved to have seen Quinn telling him to stuff it and that he'd had enough and wanted out of this city. I have no idea whether Quinn is ever going to be any good or not, but that was a deliberate slap in the face to him as well as of every Browns fan.

Anderson because it's mind boggling to believe that any QB on an NFL roster can possibly be that bad as many weeks in a row as he has and still be on an NFL roster let alone starting.

stupid play calling,stupid head coaching
gunner2 This Team needs a new Head Coach this week FIRE MAngINi before he does anymore damage to this long suffering organization
markbucki Smart move to insert BQ with 3 min to go. Just goes to show the disarray and a complete lack of understanding of this team and lack of talent... especially on the right side of the line. Why isn't Fraely strating at RG? Hadnot at RT? Why not use Harrison and Jennings in order to evalulate them in this dismal season? If learner ran his business the way he runs the browns.... his company would be bankrupt. learner doesn't CARE about OUR team. WE pay thr freight, leaner simpley laughs (at US) all the way to the bank. The lack of success since 1999, millions of $ in payouts to failures AND learner is JUST NOW thinking about a head of football ops? I'm tired of hearing about how much learner and his daddy love the Browns... his consistant failures prove that he is an absentee owner who loves the $$$ he rakes in.. from US, the fans.GO BROWNS and send learner packing.. the sooner the better.
footballwave I blame this whole mess on the man responsible for destroying football in Cleveland, Ohio: fArt modell.
Keith322 Anderson is terrible, keep him on the bench
Mdawg The biggest goat for this game has to be Mangini. How could any coach with even one working brain cell keep Anderson in the game? As bad as Anderson was Mangini was worse for not beanching him by the end of the first quarter.
DAWGDC Dawson for missing an extra point, Jamal Lewis for being the worst tap dancer ever and Mr. Anderson for being the worst QB in NFL HISTORY. Mr. Lerner either sell the team or grow a set and being more visible and make us fan believe again in FOOTBALL!!!

derk anderson
ruffin2000 mangini, daboll, kokinis: they have all failed. i don't care how you do it randolph, but whack 'em. any respect you lost will be gained back in time.
OklahomaDawg F@#k Derek Anderson, and f@#k Mangini for continuing to play his useless a**. Even Brett Ratliff can't possibly be THIS bad.
164266 Mangini and Daboll must be necrophiliacs only explanation for sticking with that stiff DA

What a clown.

How can they continue to start Anderson?
adamkilgore We have to have the fattest Head Coach/OC/DC combo in the NFL. These slovenly fucks have no clue. Rob can stay because of his good hair. The other two must go. NOW

Our offense phylosophy is horrid! We're running the ball half way decent and we call a pass play to our fullback and hit him in the thighs for another incompletion???? Why do we never hire anyone with OC EXPERIENCE! How many games is it going to take to figure out we got the wrong guy at the helm of the offensive game plan....? Hello????? How many games do we have to see with a QB rating lower than the age of my son? (who is 12 by the way....)
NJBrownsfan Time to make a statement Randy. Daboll makes Mo Carthon look good. He has to go and if Mangini won't do it--say good bye to both of them. Put Rob Ryan is as interim coach and see what happens.
PerrysburgGuy It's the bye week. Fire Mangini, Kokinis and hire a football man to run the team.
mes92658 I'm gonna shoot myself. AAAHHHHHH !!!!!

Officials sucked, thought Chicago held at least half a dozen times - at calls to say the least; Wimbley played agressive but thought it was too close to tell he led w/helmut...looked like he hit the front of the pads and helmut at the same time; Chicago blocked a def player in the back in the back on the play & the defender got hurt;
JSinCT It doesn't matter who we blame,it won't change anything. I fault the owner for keeping the coach who obviously has no clue. Bad, bad, bad time to be a Browns fan

Utterly disgusting!!
Mangini has to go NOW.
He has lost this team.
He can't be allowed to be here for the next draft. He will butcher it.
Mr. Lerner needs to hire a WINNING head coach.
There are winning head coaches and winning GMs out there, quit hiring the bums.

This organization is as embarassment.
mtsames The three stooges play better than these CLOWNS.

vadawglb We're a joke as a whole organization and the fans deserve a better owner.
roscoe2009 let's hope this is the end of the three stooges, Derek, Eric and Daboll.offense, what offense,do you mean offense, we don't have a fucking offense.Jamal retire now, some of the hole's you had yesterday, a good back would of had 20 or 30 yard's.

what a pathetic game by the offense.. the absolute worst I've seen by the browns in years..
ghostwolf Defense: Quit making plays, forcing turnovers, making the offense look bad. You are violating the process!
froggy60 DA needs to play touch football at the YMCA.That's even flag football too.

Do you have a clue how to run an offense?

Chansi do you even have a spot on this team? Go pack groceries somewhere.

Why do we keep giving 1st year offense coordinators a job and secondly keep doing the same thing over and over without regard for results. Daboll & Anderson run the "prevent offense" to perfection.

What exactly does Kikinis do?
TpostDawg The Bears Offense tried to give the Browns a win but
our Offense was even more inept than theirs.

Mangini and Daboll suck working together period. Mangini is lost at calling offense and his OC is also

this thing "organization " needs a good fumigation

Let's say that I'm the defensive coordinator for a team opposing the Browns. What am I going to do, as far as my defensive calls on first and second down? Obviously, I am going to stack the box and call a run blitz because that IDIOT Daboll calls a run on first and second down somewhere in the neighborhood of 85% of the time.
Mangini gets goathorns because he stands there with his headset on and does not intervene. Couldn't the conversation go something like: Mangini, "uh, Brian ... didn't you just call 38 toss sweep on first down the last series?" Daboll, "Yeah, but we just missed one block. I feel that it's going to pop big!" Mangini, "Brian, we lost 3 freaking yards the last time and they have 9 men in the box. CALL SOMETHING ELSE." But no, our fearless head coach allows Daboll to sink the good ship Browns with horrendous play calling. Maybe Daboll should play some Madden 2010 to learn some new strategies. Or maybe Daboll should redirect the 18 hours a day he spends in the office towards more productive pursuits such as, I don't know, playing solitare on the computer. He obviously isn't understanding the basics of N.F.L. offense. Hell, he doesn't understand the basics of a good high school offense.
DrMemory Derek Anderson - for sucking so badly that even the Mangenius realized it was time for you to go sit on the bench

Randy Lerner - seriously dude, seven weeks into this train wreck and you're mad?!?!?! Why the F*** weren't you mad last year at this time?!?!?!?

The Mangenius - for waiting until the meaningless final offensive (and when it comes offensive offensive play the Browns have set the standard)
series to bench Derek Interceptison

Daboll the Clueless One - for his mere existence as an Offensive Coordinator, emphasis on the word "offensive"

themainman2004 This is the worst excuse for an offense I have ever seen -- and I have been a loyal Browns fan for 50 years! It is increasingly difficult to remain loyal with each week's embarrassing performance. Daboll could not coach a CYO team's offense.

Anderson...the worst since Ryan Leaf. Daboll & Mangini for misusing players.

Eric Mangini for his total disregard and disrespect for the fans of the Cleveland Browns. We are not the press. Either communicate with us or get the hell out of Dodge.
WestonBuck Mangini...Done
casper44 Randy Lerner, For God's Sake....DO SOMETHING!!!! ANYTHING!! You are the only one that can do something.
And a goathorn for all the fans that show up for the Monday night game! Let Lerner know how you feel by doing something that may hit his wallet!!
DixieDawg Who to vote for??? Hmmm... Throw a dart, hit a Brown, I'm sure he deserves goat horns.

Mangini is lost.
swb (insert article consisting entirely of swear words)
redright mangini...time to fall on your sword
redright mangini...time to fall on your sword

I give a goathorn to myself for becoming a Browns fan in 1985.
casper44 Does Mangini actually think we believe him when he says he does not give Anderson a bigger margin of error in comparison to Quinn.
casper44 I am boycotting spending anymore $$$ on any thing having to do with the Cleveland Browns including cancelling my subscription to Orange and Brown until they show some effort to stabilize this thing...9 years of 'rebuilding' is all I can take.
chuckwildcat Just no consistency in the flow or any go to plays to convert 3rd downs into first downs .And not playing harrison at RB more to get more bigger plays .And also playing cribbs in the back field as a rb back to get the defense to spread out the field .
JSinCT Anyone who picked Cleveland to finish anywhere but the bottom of the league.

One down, two to go! Three including DA
dp10451 DA still isn't a starting QB. Dabol still isn't an offensive coordinator although his play calling is offensive. Why can't the RCVR's get open?

Who really gives a good G......... damn at this point! All of these clowns deserve "goathorns" as they don't even belong in the NFL. Just more of the same 'ol spin from Mangini and his deciples. RBJ
thebrowns da 0 qb rating at half ,,10 for the game


User Gameballs Write-In Goathorns Write-In
SupDawg4Life Beer Randy Learner
rambodawg Ryan and the DEFENSE - if the O had 1/10 the heart...... Kokonuts the mute boy.
My Television for working
hands(or lack thereof)

Brad Maynard shanking his punt that gave us the ball deep in Chicago territory.
Mangini still being the HC
OPENUP Tired, tired Defense that Huffed and Puffed to the end Head Coach and Offensive coordinator
houndfromhell Jason Trusnik and Robaire Smith right there. Heiden is past his time!

Randy Lerner
64superfan Rob Ryan Entire Offensive Unit
BuckeyeInDenver Brad Maynard
The Belicheck Coaching Tree

Dave Zastudil Brian Daboll

the fans
reverendvargo live internet feed that got shut down.
footballwave Josh Cribbs Randy Lerner
Keith322 Brady Quinn - start him the rest of the season The O-Line - poor pass blocking
Randy Lerner

derek anderson
ruffin2000 all fans who put up with this crap, the impending bye week donovan asking dieken repeatedly, "4 yards passing?"
OklahomaDawg Rob Ryan Derek Anderson

Randy Lerner Eric Mangini
adamkilgore me Fat HC/Coordinators
PerrysburgGuy No gameballs until Mangini is gone Eric Mangini;Randy Lerner

CRTL-A (select all)

Pass Rush...where did that come from...weird All receivers; DBs improved but still don't play at the pro-level
JSinCT The Fans Everyone

defensive line

Slow Lerner
mtsames Losers get nothing



fans who had to watch owner,coachs,and players
bamatic me and all others who decided not to watch it usual suspects
roscoe2009 Randy Lerner

mangini for ridiculously waiting until the end to insert quinn.. what an asshole..
froggy60 MYSELF

Me for watching.
The Chicago Bears Offense.

merciful ending of the game
Daboll the Clueless One

entire defense

Randy Lerner

eric manging

eric mangini
DixieDawg Terrence Cody Bruce Arians
swb Barry McBride, John Taylor, Lane Adkins

Jason Trusnik Eric Mangini

Randy Lerner
LiveDoctor Brady Quinn
brianpw Jamal Lewis (for announcing his retirement)

*****Go Fans!***** *****It's all on Mangini*****
BlennyBaller Refreashing Beer Eric Mangini

The Water boy The whole team
Eric Mangini

The browns' Defense, for having to play the whole game. Randy Lerner for hiring Eric Mangini.

brian daboll offensive cordinator
JSinCT Season Ticket holders The guy who picked Mangini

Goaline D

getting pressure on opposing QB


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