First-Half Browns Numbers Staggering

To understand exactly how far the Browns need to go, consider their statistics...

There's no cute, entertaining, interesting way to say it, other than to just say it:

The Browns' negative numbers through the first half of the season are just staggering. By looking at them, it's easy to see why the Browns are 1-7 and, with three straight losses, fading fast.

The Browns are about half as good – if that -- as their opponents thus far statistically, which seems appropriate since we're at the halfway point of the year as they speed toward setting some team records for futility. What other conclusion can you arrive at after looking at the following facts and figures?

The Browns:

*Have been outscored overall by 209 points to 78. They've been outscored 33-9 in the first quarter, 75-30 in the second quarter, 44-20 in the third quarter, 54-19 in the fourth quarter and 3-0 in overtime.

The team record for fewest points scored in a season is 140 in the strike-shortened 1982 campaign, and for a full season, it's 161 in 2000.  For most points allowed, it's 462 in 1990.

*Have scored in single digits five times to just once for the opposition. The team record for scoring in single digits is eight, set in 2000. The second-worst is six, set last season.

*Have a season-high in scoring of 20 points (twice) to 34 (twice) for their foes. The lowest high-scoring game for a season occurred in the strike-shortened 1982 campaign with 21 three times. For a full season, it's 24 in 1956 and 2000.

*Have 103 first downs to 179 for their opponents, including 40 rushing to 74 for their foes, 54 passing to 89, and nine via penalty to 16.

*Have converted 24.8 percent (27-of-109) of their third-down chances to 39.8 percent (45-of-113) for the opposition.

*Have converted 25 percent (1-of-4) on fourth down while giving up 50 percent (5-of-10).

*Are averaging 26:39 per game in time of possession to 33:21.

*Have gained 1,769 total yards while surrendering 3,273, averaging 221.1 yards per game, to 409.1 for the opposition. The Browns record is 220.6 in 2000.

*Are averaging 3.8 yards per play overall to their foes' 5.9.

*Have rushed for 797 yards, an average of 99.6 per game, to 1,364 (170.5).

*Are averaging 3.8 yards per running play to the other teams' 4.9.

*Have a long run of 31 yards to the opposition's 64, for a touchdown.

*Have passed for 972 yards, averaging 121.5 per game, to 1,909 (238.6) for the opposition.

*Are completing 48.1 percent of their passes to 59.7. The team record for lowest percentage of passes completed is 46.9 in 1972.

*Have 112 completed passes while allowing 154.

*Are averaging 9.7 yards per completed pass play while giving up 13.0.

*Have thrown 13 interceptionås to their opponents' four. The team record is 31 in 1977.

*Own a 42.7 percent quarterback rating to 90.6 for their foes. The team record is 49.4 in 1975.

*Have a long pass of 43 yards to the opposition's 72, for a TD.

*Have scored seven touchdowns to 24 for their foes, including two rushing to 12, and three passing to 10. The team record is 17 in the strike-shortened 1982 season, and in 2000.

*Have attempted 10 field goals, hitting all of them, to 18 (10) for the opposition.

*Have lost 10 fumbles to eight for their opponents.

Yes, "lost."

That's a good way to describe this season for the Browns thus far.

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