off-season Newswire. Ah, Glasgow in winter...."> off-season Newswire. Ah, Glasgow in winter....">

Off-Season Flyers

Old friends try to find prominent new gigs and lesser-known Browns players get Supersaver fare tickets to Europe. It's all to be found on the typically barren <A HREF="">off-season Newswire</A>. Ah, Glasgow in winter....

Dwight Clark, coming off a less-than-stellar three years in Cleveland, is looking for a new gig. After trying his hand at announcing, Clark is currently a candidate for the Seattle Seahawks GM job. That's the job, if you recall, that Mike Holmgren isn't doing anymore. I'm sure there wouldn't be any stress there.

Meanwhile, old friend Romeo Crennel, who was our defensive coordinator two defensive coordinators ago, is considered highly enough by his peers that he's a candidate for the 49ers head coaching job. It doesn't look like he'll get it, though, which is considered to be a relief to Patriots fans in New England. Crennel, if you remember, was bounced for Foge Fazio, who was bounced for Dave Campo, who was an ex-Cowboy and can therefore consider it safe to get an extended lease on a winter-weather car.

The players the Browns are sending to Europe have been named, although not by the team directly. A day after a story appeared in the Columbus (Nebraska) Telegram with Chad Mustard pondering a continental sojourn, the NFL Europe site adds the names Kalvin Pearson (DB), Jay Taylor (PK), and Dimetrius Breedlove (WR) to the list of Browns getting exposure to the delights of the Europe.

The weather has got to better than here. Man, it's nasty, cold and windy, in Cleveland this morning.

Anyhow, we've got a ton of stuff queued up for later today. Another must-read from Lane, more on draftees, and more hooting from the Owl is on tap. Stay tuned!

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