Quinn In For Round Two

The QB merry-go-'round continued today as Quinn officially replaces DA under center. Plus, talk on Barton's future and a new player added to the 53-man roster.

BEREA—The Browns are right back to where they started from—at least at quarterback.

Brady Quinn was officially re-named the starting quarterback for the second time this season by Eric Mangini on Wednesday.

"I sat down and talked with the quarterbacks and Brady will start," Mangini said. "He's had a good week of practice and I look forward to him taking advantage of the opportunity."

Mangini was asked what makes him think Quinn will fare better than in his first 2 ½ games.

"He's worked at a lot of things and the key for being the starter is getting better," he said.

Quinn was 45-of-75 for 400 yards with one touchdown, three interceptions and a QB rating of 62.1 before being replaced by Derek Anderson at halftime of the first Ravens game.

"I'm excited to play on Monday Night," Quinn said. "Every team is tough. We will have our hands full as a team."

Quinn said he doesn't know if he would've fared better if he had kept playing, rather than sitting on the bench the past five games.

"That's a tough question," he said. "It's hard to know and I haven't really reflected on that."

Mangini said nothing is etched in stone, but he is not looking at flip-flopping the quarterbacks the rest of the season.

"I'm not looking at making any changes."

Quinn was just 6-of-30 on third down conversions during his time before he was pulled and Mangini cited that as one of the reasons to change to Anderson. However, the Browns are just 21-of-79 since the move was made.

"Obviously I'd like to throw more touchdown passes and have more production," Quinn said. "It's been tough all year on third down, not just when I was in there."

Quinn said he isn't looking at this as his last opportunity with the Browns, as some have said it is.

"I wasn't looking at it in that way," he said. "I just take it day-to-day. That's how I look at it. It's hard to view it as a second chance.

"It's not my mindset," he said. "I just want to go out and play and have fun. Why should I be concerned? That's the way it's been since I've been in the NFL."

What makes Quinn think things will be better this time around?

"I have a positive attitude and faith in Christ."

Quinn said he has worked hard to stay ready in the event of another opportunity.

"I did reflect and watch a lot of tape of games and practice reps," he said. "I didn't necessarily go back to be critical, but what could be done different."

Some of the offensive players didn't know the change at quarterback was made. Joe Thomas said he didn't hear the news of the press conference concerning the quarterback. When told Mangini announced his quarterback, Thomas said ‘Who is it? Maybe I should've been in the press conference.'

Thomas thinks the change might help the offense get going.

"I definitely think we will get better," Thomas said. "Brady does a good job running the offense. We have to improve our running game."

Quinn will be working with a young receiving corps, minus Braylon Edwards, who was playing for the Browns when Quinn was playing.

"We need to make plays for him," Mohamed Massaquoi said.

Massaquoi leads the Browns with just 19 receptions for 328 yards with no touchdowns.

"Coming off the bye, with a new quarterback, hopefully, it will jump start us and get us going," Thomas said.

Mangini stood by Anderson despite his struggles and compiled 66-of-154 (42.9) with two touchdowns and nine interceptions and a QB rating of 36.2. Anderson was the quarterback of the 6-3 win over the Bills, the Browns only win of the season.

He was asked how Quinn has improved since he's been here and says he thinks Quinn can get the offense going.

"It's hard to put in terms of long term because this is my first experience with him," Mangini said. "His comfort level and control of the overall offense has gotten better. The past two to three weeks he has become more efficient in practice. There are a lot of tools available in this offense that he has to use.

"Collectively, all of us have to play better in all three phases," Mangini said. "There are times I think he knew where to go with the ball and he didn't go there quickly enough. I have seen improvement in that area and I have seen him make a lot of decisions and be comfortable with his thought process. I've told him to be comfortable with what you see and go with it."

Mangini said this doesn't necessarily mean the end of Anderson, as well.

"In fairness to Derek, there were a lot of things that played a part in this," he said. "He has put balls in places that could've been caught. I really like Derek and the way he's handled himself. By no means is this a final statement on who he is, but an opportunity to grow."

Mangini said he has been impressed with the way both Quinn and Anderson have handled the situation this season.

"Quinn's been consistent the whole time," he said. "So has DA. It doesn't always go the way you want it, but it was important to be ready when you get another opportunity."

Barton's Future: Mangini refused to say whether LB Eric Barton's injury to his neck needed surgery or if it was career threatening.

Regardless, Barton is out for the season after being placed on injured reserve.

"It's something he's looking at with the doctors and discussing," he said. "Again, there are a lot of different opinions on injuries and it's important to keep working with him and make the best decisions for him."

With Barton out, he indicated that LB David Bowens and several other linebackers will help out there.

"Bowens has played inside and worked inside quite a bit," he said. "Ideally, those four linebacker spots, it helps being versatile in this defense."

New Guy: The Browns added LB Josh Stamer, 32, to the roster to take the final roster spot on the 53-man roster. He is wearing No. 53. The 6-2, 242 pound Stamer previously played for the Titans.

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