Outside the Locker Room

Speaking outside the locker room, and under the cover of anonymity, a few Browns players have told <I>Bernie's Insiders</I> what they really feel about recent changes and those to come. Lane Adkins brings us their thoughts as the time for key off-season decisions nears...

Is the Browns locker room in a state of flux?


Changes are coming and have already made their way to Berea. Not everybody in the brown and orange is happy with the current state of affairs. Discussing the changes that are expected under new defensive coordinator Dave Campo and defensive line coach Andre Patterson, a few players seem leery of what the offseason has in store for the Cleveland Browns. 


"What are they planning on doing?" comes from one player that wishes to remain unidentified. "Coach Foge (Fazio) is a good coach, not was a good coach. He's been around the game for a long time, he knows what it takes to win in the league and its bullshit that they (the Browns) have made him the scapegoat. He deserves much more respect than what the Browns organization has shown him."


"But getting right down to it, Davis had the opportunity to get his man. That may not be a bad thing, but it has been portrayed that Foge was the blame for the defensive collapse we suffered. He (Foge) wasn't on the field and he isn't expected to make plays, it was all on us."


Talk of what could be in the works in Berea did not end there. A veteran member of the team had more than a few harsh words for the way the season ended. Also, speculation as to what the future will hold for more that a few players on the roster happens to be the topic of more than a few players.


"I can tell you just from what I was told late in the season that there will be changes this off-season," the player said. "Guys that are making good money are going to be released or asked to give back to the team and many of us are not going to buy into the plan. Cleveland is a great place to play football, but there is much more to what goes on with a team than the city it is played in and for."


"Coming to Cleveland, I was excited about the opportunity to be involved in something that was looked upon as an opportunity to grow and win. We have some dissention here, from the issue at quarterback to the finger-pointing about the defense. All said, they (the Browns) are going to have to make changes because not everybody in that locker room is behind the appointed players at key positions."


Coming Thursday, more from outside the locker room and what is next for the Browns.

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