What We've Been Told: Chucky Time?

More Cleveland Browns scoop you won't get from the mainstream media. This time out, Lane talks about Jon Gruden's potential fit in C-Town, locker room "revolt", changes on offense, and a lot more!

- Some within the media, especially those infesting the local airwaves, continue to chug along with their agenda solidly in place. This time, the discussion centers on the head coach's grand scheme of muting in the locker room, along with exaggerating Jamal Lewis' statements to the media.

Despite the way that the mainstream media is playing it, make no mistake that there are plenty of players in the locker room that do actually like the head coach. There are numerous players waiting the season out in hopes of escaping Camp Mangini, but the locker room is not "in revolt", nor has the personal feelings toward the head coach and coaching staff led to the players quitting.

- Contrary to the apparent belief of a local beat writer, the Browns have had little trouble gaining a positive perspective regarding the potential candidates for the "football czar" team owner Randy Lerner intends to hire. Behind the scenes, there are a number of experienced and successful football executives who have an ear to the ground as to the potential role in Cleveland.

- At present, Mike Holmgren remains in the spotlight as the Browns seek a veteran and successful football mind to lead the team's football operations. A former head coach of the Green Bay Packers and head coach/general manager in Seattle, Holmgren has been highly respected by Lerner for years and was sought by the start-up Browns organization in 1999.

- Current ESPN analyst and former Oakland and Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden has ties to Holmgren. Gruden was on Holmgren's staff in Green Bay and has a very good relationship with the former coach. While Gruden is not actively pursuing a head coaching position, there are two jobs in the coaching field he is believed to be interest in: At the collegiate level in Notre Dame (if head coach Charlie Weis is fired as many speculate) and at the pro level in Cleveland.

- Eric Mangini has conducted a couple interviews of late with media outside Cleveland, which has created some buzz in the local media circle. Mangini, at the recommendation of Lerner, has been slightly more forthcoming about the team, his philosophies, and himself.

- Despite Lerner's claim that he expects Mangini to be the Browns head coach in 2010, the anticipation is the fate of the head coach will not be known until a front office executive is in place and the evaluation process is conducted. At first glance, retaining Mangini appears unlikely, but the final word on the head coach's fate has yet to be written.

- Lerner wants to get football man in place soon in order to gain a perspective on the head coach, the roster and those within the football side of the organization prior to the end of the season. The team owner would like to have this stabilizing force in place to gain an early edge on the direction of the organization and team.

- As reported by theOBR early in the week, RB Jerome Harrison is slated to gain additional playing time on Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens. Harrison's increased role in the offensive scheme is not due to Lewis' outburst on Thursday directed at the head coach. As Harrison's play and potential was evaluated during the bye-week, the staff liked the quickness and decisiveness he displayed in his opportunities during the first eight games.

- Heading into the Monday night battle against the Baltimore Ravens, QB Brady Quinn has been given the green light to simply "play his game". The Browns offensive gameplan has been re-tooled to play to the strengths of the third-year player and supporting cast. The major theme coming from Mangini this week to Quinn has been to protect the football.

- Demoted QB Derek Anderson has played the role of the "good soldier" this past week, but remains very unhappy at being pulled from the starting line-up.

- Hank Fraley was pulled from the starting line-up at RG when Floyd Womack returned from an ankle injury and was utilized as a blocking TE due to the rash of injuries at the position earlier this season. The veteran could once again find his way back into the starting line-up. Fraley, Womack and Rex Hadnot all took snaps at RG and the staff will evaluate which player provides the best option at the position and helps provide the best continuity along the offensive line. 

- Rookie WR's Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie had solid practice session this week, but the immediate beneficiary of the QB change could be WR's Mike Furrey and Chansi Stuckey, should he be able to play. Quinn often looks to the slot receivers, as well as TE's, which could provide improvement in the short passing game.

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