Fan View: Running Out of Words for "Bad"

How many ways can you re-state that a team appears to have no hope of success? Jeff Biletnikoff ponders the futility of even trying to see progress on the 2009 Browns.

It's tough to write this article weekly because the team is so painfully bad what else can you say about them?

The mantra "throw down field, please, please please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE " is ringing in my head.  I wish my buddies played Madden as bad as the Browns play football in real life because then I'd have better results against them.

I don't have access to the inner workings of Berea or the coaches' tape.  Are the receivers not getting open?  Have they instructed Quinn (and before him Anderson) to take nothing but checkdowns?  Is the offensive line not giving enough time?

The Browns offense is worse than, what, some now defunct team from the 1930's?  Did you hear that on the broadcast last night?  I don't remember the team because at that point I was falling asleep on the couch but the Browns actually have the worst offense since a team that folded in the early 30s.  Before the days of the modern....anything!


These guys are NFL players, right?  The Browns do have people on the offense that were drafted high and Cleveland does have a Pro Bowl LT, correct?

What is the problem?  I appreciated Mangini being candid in the Clark Judge article on CBS Sportsline but you know what?  I don't care. 

I don't care if he's warm and welcoming to Clark Judge (as Judge claimed he was). I don't care that he's a good family man.  He probably is.  Whatever.

All I know is he is presided over the worst offensive team since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  About 75 years ago. 


They were listening to records on turntables 75 years ago.

Back to the future, Browns fans.  Sorry, back to futility.

Nothing personal against Mr. Mangini but he's got to go.  He didn't do that well in NY and in Cleveland, well, let's just say that the team has work to do so they can get to the level of putrid.  I have zero adjectives left for what I see week in and week out from this franchise.

Did Jon Gruden sound like a man in the booth last night that wouldn't mind being the coach of the Browns?  Sure sounded like it to me.  At this point a Mike Holmgren/Jon Gruden pairing doesn't sound half bad to me.

Will it work (if it comes to pass)? 

I'm not sure.

Will it be better than our current pre-WWII team?

It's got to be.

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