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Last Week's Result:

SUMMARY: The poll went up late, and Browns fans had suffered a lot already, but 150 or so Browns fans trudged through voting in this week's Gameballs and Goats. The results are mixed, but refreshing beer continues to break into the top ten as fans found liquid escape from the 2009 season.

Player Gameballs
Rob Ryan (DC) 50
Entire Defense 48
Kaluka Maiava (OLB/56) 43
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 37
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 34
David Bowens (OLB/96) 31
Fans 28
Protest Fail 19
Refreshing Beer 17

Player Goathorns
Brian Daboll (OC) 128
Eric Mangini (HC) 84
Entire Offense 59
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 48
Brandon McDonald (CB/22) 36
John St. Clair (OT/78) 27
Entire Organization 15

user gbWriteIn gtWriteIn
DixieDawg Protest fail (my 4th vote for that one) Bruce Arians
FreeMumia216   Dawg Pound Mike
oldbrownsfan Alex Mack, Eric Steinbach,Joe Thomas
PerrysburgGuy No gameballs until Mangini is gone Daball
gelsingerj   Right Side of the O-Line
forumfreek   Brian Daboll's mom
K24US My stomach, It can take more than i thought  
bobbyflats ZKramp Koesters
    Me for not even being able to vote.
SpectreDawgTalk The knowledge that this disaster is now past the halfway point. Randy Lerner for forcing us to watch this Mangini crap another week.
The season is more than half over The final, completely stupid-ass play
snoopdawgydawg   Ray Lewis's whining
derek anderson  
Brownsphenom   Eric Mangini
swalidawg   Joey Porter
RyanAdkins Rob Ryan, entire defense. Brian Daboll, Brady Quinn, most of the offensive line.
roscoe2009   Mangini and Daboll
jaztip Cleveland Rams ,we miss you.  
ruffin2000 the pitchers of christmas ale that kept me amused during the game brandon mcdonald's attempt at flapping his arms and legs like a fish out of water
eezer   Weldon
shakadawg   Dawgpound Mike
Jon Gruden  
lilysman   brian daboll
rambodawg   Paul Tagliabue and the NFL front office in 1995-9
  Entire D-Line Entire O-Line!
UKDAWG kenny Rogers second career. Brian Daboll
floucka   DPM - need I say more?
ghostwolf Jon Gruden for being in HIS seat before kickoff! QB, WR, RB, TE, Oline coaches, OMGWTFSOB!
Naxos   Whoever hired Daboll
dawgonit0207 John Gruden for making the game bearable to watch My willingness to waist 3 hours watching this crap
dbruns97   Everyone associated with the Browns.
Runner27   Brian Daboll
  defensive line entire offense
JerseyBrownFan Rob Ryan Offense Sucks
64superfan   Randy Lerner
164266 Josh Cribbs Agent  
hoopsdowntown12   Braylon Edwards
salemdog Defense minus McDonald  
dawgIN rob ryan  
xdawg   Brady Quinn
  Steve Young For Ripping GQ Daddy's Boy Lerner


Gameball Comments
DixieDawg Nothing good came from this except the protest fail. It got all of my gameball votes.
oldbrownsfan Watching the Defense play and Shaun Rogers in particular, keeping their efforts at peak when the other part of the team stays in the locker room gives me much repsect for them.
gelsingerj You have to give the Defense credit, they played well.
cbrowns44 Great D this week. Only thing worth watching...
brownsclown Shaun Rogers and Josh Cribbs are always ready, give it all up and play at a high level. You could have give these two a gameball every week. Invisible Bob (GM) did not bring in any of these players.
DawgHowl Entire Defense

I feel bad for the defense, they played thier tails off for 60 mins. Too bad the offense laid an egg for the entire 60 minutes.

Rob Ryan

He did a nice job of mixing up the blitzes and putting the players into position to make plays.
chowdogg DA's best outing of the year
redright Rob Ryan He does his job
rogern Rob Ryan underhanded had them prepared. Minus Mcdonald of course. Once again the dude abides!
rogern Rob Ryan underhanded had them prepared. Minus Mcdonald of course. Once again the dude abides!
SpectreDawgTalk Jon Gruden sure sounded like he'd love to coach the Cleveland Browns... wish that extension he signed indicated otherwise. At least he and Jaws were willing to call this offense out as the joke that it is; it made the torture a little less painful (like if you were in an iron maiden and then someone put a popsicle through the mouth hole for you. Cherry. Yum.)

Now it's just depressing to fill out this survey....

Defense played an overall solid game, sans one really bad brainfart. We should just punt on first down and count on the defense to get a turnover and run it back: it's our most realistic scoring threat.

you have blamed anderson for all that goes wrong with this team and really it is an offensive coordinator that is lacking and in way over his head - daboll's an idiot!!
djw333 Nice effort, Rob Ryan. You should be interim head coach already.
mtsames Brady Quinn. For taking out Suggs' Knees to bad he did'nt Ray Ray
RyanAdkins The defense was good this game, most of Baltimore's points came from the inept offense.
roscoe2009 Rob Ryan you are doing a hell of a job, i wish they would fire dumbass and let you coach the Browns.
ruffin2000 well, at least the defense looked like they were trying to play hard
APVIC it's hard to know just how good this defense could be if they did not not to stay on the field so much due to the most pathetic offense in the NFL !! The
"D" stays on the field the most in the NFL.. a whopping 57% of the time.. compared to the Giants NFL best of 42%..
tmac4 The DEF was respectable.

Bowens played really well inside. Cribbs gets one because he is Cribbs. I thought Maiava played well for a rookie, and the defensive line held their own for the most part. One of their best games yet.
UKDAWG Without that D this team would be getting beat 50-0 each week.
RuinMySundays Maiava - nice game rookie.
Bowens - nice game oldtimer.
Robaire - could've hung it up after achilles injury, not only came back, but starting and playing well. Wish the whole team had his work ethic.
floucka Props to the fans who showed up - the turnout and the noise generated for a 1-7 team were impressive.
ghostwolf Good Job D, too bad the O sucks so bad, if you had someone decent to practice against the D would probably be even better!

dawgonit0207 Way to go Brady... Looked like a good hit to me.
BrownBleeder Defense is growing. Rookies and newbies brought in are stepping up. Rob Ryans commitment to be aggressive is Brown's football.
JerseyBrownFan At least we can see improvement in the defense. Rob Ryan and his defense I feel can keep us in games. Its too bad we don't have any offense to score some points. There must be a receiver out of work that the Browns should be able to pick up. Heck, Contact Jerry Rice and get him out of retirement. He would still be better at his age then what we have now in these Rookies. lol
rutger Rob Ryan, most of his defense except for McDonald and Pontbriand,
DawgEDue only gameball goes to the best long snapper the game has ever known
64superfan The D deserves better than to be paired up with this putrid "offense" (quotation marks intentional).

Please forfeit the rest of the games.


Goat Comments
DixieDawg Swing a dead cat, hit someone in the Browns organization, give 'em goathorns. They all suck.
oldbrownsfan I've tried to be supportive to the coaches and organization in conversations with all the local fans, but no more.

Listening to Mangini spin the results of the game makes me wonder whether he actually sees the team we watch, or whether he's watching an NFL network rerun of the Patriots Super Bowl teams in his mind.
PerrysburgGuy Pathetic, again
gelsingerj OK...note to Offense. 1) Put Fraley back in 2) Try to have an offensive game plan the is not offensive to the fans. 2)a) look at the game plans that quinn ran in college, that is what he is good at. It is better than what you have.
cbrowns44 Hold on to the football!!!
brownsclown The offense sucks. Plain and simple, not even a high level. It is embarrassing. I was in Vegas for the Monday night game, wearing a Browns Shirt. People didnt give me s**t, they told me they were sorry because we are so bad. Thats pathetic. Daboll must be in over his head and on a side note John St. Clair was the worst player on the field.
DawgHowl Entire Offense

Do we even have an offense? it sure didnt show any signs of a pulse on monday night

Brian Daboll and Eric Mangini

Two weeks to prepare and that is all you can come up with offensively? why isn't Harrison more involved in the gameplan? Just an awful gameplan offensively.
chowdogg we can't give goathorns to our offense for we don't have one

2 seconds or less is all the time the O Line gave Quinn to throw. Where is Thomas and Steinbach? Get rid of the entire right side of the line. This line is impossible to run block and pass protect. Overhaul from Mangia-mangia and De-balled.
redright Randy Lerner, Mangini, Daboll...they do not even know what their job is.

Ah, screw it. Who even cares at this point? It's gone from disappointing, to somewhat comical, to hilarious, to now I can't even ring any humor out of the complete despair in this situation. Did Stephen King write the script for the 2009 Cleveland Browns?
rogern Whatever optimism I had for Qinn, which was certaily more than deserved, is long gone! Daboll, Mangini, and Lerner blow.
SpectreDawgTalk I mean honestly, how bad does it have to get before SOMEONE on this putrid coaching staff is held accountable? Daboll, Mangini, someone? If I have to listen to Mangini talk one more week about how we did some "positive things" on offense, I may have an aneurysm.

This isn't fun anymore.

I'm really happy the bye-week was put to good use. Pathetic is an understatement. The '99 team at least played with heart. That the defense hasn't completely given up is a testament to them. The offense looks like eleven guys running eleven different plays at the same time.

have you read daboll's coaching background sheet - he is not qualified to be an offensive coordinator - it amazes me that he is in charge of an NFL offense with such a limited resume-he is in over his head and it shows to the point of being ridiculous!
djw333 An embarrassing franchise somehow gets worse by hiring the worst head coach in NFL history. Hey Randy, can we get this clueless loser Mangini out of here already?

Nice arm, Brady.
mtsames Art Modell and his Baztard.
RyanAdkins Just. Plain. Awful.
roscoe2009 Mangini and Daboll have to go, you dumbass's run a grade school offense and sure don't know what the hell you are doing. Randy this is all on you, you hired these turd's.
ruffin2000 offensive line is in shambles (yet again), running backs can't block, run or produce effectively, receivers can't and won't get open, can't catch, don't have the confidence to do anything productive, the browns haven't seen the memo from the nfl that says, hey you can have a pass catching te...qb's are ineffective, devoid of confidence & either can't throw the ball more than 2 yds or can't keep the ball out of the opposing team's hands, our off. coordinator has no heart, no mind & no business still having a job, belichick's estranged son lives off the past...STOP TELLING US WHAT N.E. OR NYJ DID...this is CLEVELAND!!!

fire them all. please, just fire them all...
APVIC Mcdonal really needs to sit down until he learns to tackle. Hell he needs to learn how to defend passes too !!! The o-line is so much worse than I can remmeber in recent years. Steinbach is really looking bad. St. Clair is a joke.
We had better find a right tackle for next year...
lilysman how can you fault quinn when players wont catch and this nut calls the great two yard pass play and has the team jump around like crazy people at the line really fooled them keep up good work we can get first pick in draft
rambodawg Randy Lerner for not getting us Larry Johnson to run the rock - you frickin cheapskate

the entire organization needs a reality check--kicking fans out of game because they didn't like the signs the fans brought to game. Maybe they should realize who's paying their salaries

Offensively, the absolute worst game I have seen in my life, truy offensive and embarrasing! Mangini and Daboll are lucky to be employed. Hard to believe we are an NFL franchise right now...
RuinMySundays McDonald blatent block in back on punt return, cannot cover or tackle, does not belong on the field.
Lewis cannot cut-back anymore, can only run straight ahead, and does not block any better than Harrison
St. Clair has serious trouble blocking anybody quick off the edge.
ghostwolf Big shout out to the refs for the extra timeout giving us the opportunity to get Cribbs killed. Good call idiots, if you can't count to 3, you must be an NFL referee. %(
Naxos Just fire Daboll and Mangini and lets play out the rest of the year.

dawgonit0207 Just when you thought it could not get any worse... The thug Ray Lewis is laughing about our offense on the sideline. Ughh
dbruns97 Most pathetic excuse for a football team anyone could ever imagine. Can't believe they actually beat Buffalo this year.
mes92658 MANGINI MUST GO !!!!!!!

Need I say more?
BrownBleeder Where's the pass protection? Daboll, call more deep a routes - Spread the field a little. WR's be aware of the blitz and cut the route off early to accomodate.
JerseyBrownFan The Browns Offense sucks period. They need to find a Receiver who is out of work who can get lose and catch the ball. It will be awhile before these Rookies will be able to do anything. Until we have a threat out there that can catch the ball we are going nowhere with this offense. Need a decent tight end also. Robert Royal is not the answer.
rutger Mangini - what a mistake hiring this guy was?

Daboll - Rob Ryan could set up a better offense than Mangini and this guy do.

McDonald - making a play on the ball my ass. The guy fell asleep out there and then woke up after the ball was caught.
64superfan I've been watching NFL football since 1958 and I've NEVER seen anything as toxic as the Cleveland "offense". Offensive is what it is! Lerner either needs to get a genuine "football czar" in here soon, or sell this team to someone who can put some genuine leadership in charge here.
164266 Suckapalooza 09 continues to roll on.
salemdog This offense is just sad. Please hire a monkey to fling its dung at a play chart. It would have to be better than Daboll "play calling"

pathetic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please forfeit the rest of the games.

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