Fan View: Who Do You Want with the #1 Pick?

Fan columnist Jeff Biletnikoff is ready to start the off-season...


Your starting QB goes 21 of 33 for over 300 yards and throws 4 TD's against zero INT's and you lose.

Must be Browns football!

Let's not let Mangini and Rob Ryan and the rest of the Browns coaching staff tell us how much "improvement" they saw.

Fellas, you had a 24-3 lead and got ROLLED by the team that:

*Went 0-16 last year (1st and only team in NFL history to go 0-16 in the regular season).

*Has won once in the last 25 games (well, now twice, after today).

If the Browns aren't in the top 5 of BAD FRANCHISES in the history of the NFL after today's performance, then I don't know who would be.

We are talking 1970s Buccaneers/Saints bad here.

In fact, I'm not sure how the Browns even won this year.  That Buffalo game was a total fluke.  The Browns had a legitimate shot to match Detroit's 2008 futility and go O for the season.

Now they have a legitimate shot to get the overall #1 pick. 

At least Mangini and staff changed things for the Browns.  Last year they had the #5 pick and this year, they can move up 4 notches.

I just wonder how many times he will trade down THIS year with that #1 selection. 

Here's hoping that there is a new coaching and front office staff by the time the Browns are "on the clock" in April, 2010.

On a brighter note, how about them Steelers?

I accepted long ago that the Browns would be bad but what made last season particularly painful was watching the Steelers march to the world championship in the midst of another pathetic Cleveland performance.

Well, Pittsburgh fans, you're not out of it by a long shot, but may I say:


How does Kansas City's foot taste in your mouth? 

Pittsburgh loses in OT to a team that had 2 wins coming in? 

I was able to see the final plays of the Pittsburgh-KC game and it put a smile on my face that probably won't leave until Friday (at the earliest).

I cannot stand the Pittsburgh franchise and each and every time they lose, especially when its a game that they're favored in, it makes it very sweet for me.

It is sad that instead of being able to root for my team, I can only root against it's biggest rival.

The life of a Browns fan, eh?

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