Browns-Lions: Gameballs and Goats

Brady Quinn is a hero for a day, and Hank Poteat learns that the overlap between cornerbacks and WWE wrestlers is small for a reason. It's all in this week's Gameballs and Goats.

SUMMARY: Browns fans are still hanging in there and voting for Gameballs and Goats, as well as offering their thoughts. Brady Quinn's breakout game earns him a stash of gameballs (for now), whereas Hank Poteat probably went overboard when he got a folding chair and konged Calvin Johnson over the head with it in the end zone. On the upside, his WWE audition tape is in the can. Here's this week's Gameballs and Goats....

Player Gameballs
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 211
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR/11) 88
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 41
Michael Gaines (TE/86) 20
Entire Offense 19

Player Goathorns
Hank Poteat (DB/23) 129
Eric Mangini (HC) 98
Entire Defense 84
Rob Ryan (DC) 51
Officiating Crew 33
Brian Daboll (OC) 27

user gbWriteIn gtWriteIn
thebrowns quinn ryan
DrMemory Entire Detroit Lions Defense (or lack thereof)
fArt Modell
the fans
swalidawg Joey Porter
Daboll opening the playbook to Page 2
Mohamed Massaquoi
Mark Zickefoose Eric Mangini, Brian Daboll, Rex Ryan, Referees
Remaining Browns Fans XXL Mangini Shirt
The Saints: They are where we need to be! Couch, Brown, Warren, Green, Faine, Edwards
adawgslife poteet
Did I say Eric Mangini
PerrysburgGuy Randy Lerner Aston Villa Song Guy
Whoever called the timeout on the last play.
wskeezer Offensive Line
dirtydave98 Rob "I've always have stopped the run" Ryan and his master Man-g-butt
164266 The disease infested hog that fathered Mangini
hoops The Kansas City Chiefs
mddawg28 Mohamed Massaquoi
brodney pool
chowdogg Stafford when the game doesn't matter that was a gutsey play at the end
Runner27 Rob Ryan
PerrysburgGuy Randy Lerner
accepting that these guys cant win is the final stage right? the nfl should have put this game on thanksgiving day
Keith322 Phil Dawson kicking the ball out of bounds after the Browns last score was unbelievable.
brady quinn
*******Poteat needs cut******* *******Poteat needs cut*******
DAWGDC Brady Quinn Eric Mangini
64superfan Entire Offense
entire offense entire defense
ruffin2000 i will give no gameballs other than cribbs hank poteat's excuse for the penalty
mtsames Art Modell and his Baztard
jeepdawg daboll dqwell for gettiing hurt and not able to play...ggrr
TpostDawg Rob Ryan


Fan Gameball Comments
BulldogDad Jamal Lewis is the consummate pro: always is prepared to play and gives 100%. MoMass is going to be a fine #2 receiver one day. BQ may have alleviated us from talking someone like Colt McCoy with the #1 or 2 pick of the draft and having him be a dazed and confused shell of himself by next season's end, and instead fill one of our other needs (there are many) with a stud.
thebrowns the o-line gave quinn time to throw ,being a young qb it will really help his confidence,wouldn't it be nice not to go qb with our first pick..if quinn could pan out.,a good feature back would sure help the offense..
dawgonit0207 Hey Mo, If you would have caught the difficult passes, we would be 2 and 8
brownsclown Quinn finally got a chance to show us something. Was that a fluke or is that a sign of things to come? David Bowens was the only defensive player that stood out. Josh Cribbs carried off on a stretcher and then back putting his body on the line at 110%. Just a tough lost.
Massaquoi gets docked half a point for his Braylon impersonation in the second half. At least the rest of the division lost yesterday, too....
Mark Zickefoose Suicidal Tendencies? I've got most of their albums!
Summary of 2009 Cleveland Browns:

Even a cave man could beat the Lions.
gameballs? are you kidding me? we lost to a team that had lost 25 of its last 26 games. thank god the lions defense was last in the leauge in passind d or we would have gone blown out.
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, yep that is throw up.
One good game for Quinn does not grant a game ball. Cribbs & Rogers show up everyweek. Wimbley's been coming on strong.
PerrysburgGuy No gameballs while Mangini is still here.
You guys finally got some good offensive game film to see what worked.
wskeezer Granted it was Detroit, but seeing some decent play calls, the O-Line blocking, a decent running game and the WRs actually holding onto the ball, we got to see some of the promise Quinn may possess.
DaRageDawg BQ, wow, 4 td, but "at least you didn't have 6, which you shoulda. Costanzo, you a stud on special teams, JL, wish you were in the whole game. Thanks for playin'hard given the situation.
IrishUFGator It's amazing what A GOOD QB can do if yu don't tie one arm behind his back with your offensive game plan. Quinn showed real potential, and losing with 37 points, 300+ yds passing, 4TD passes, no picks, and a 131.5 QB rating suggests something very wrong at the heart of the organization.
Nice job Brady
mddawg28 Amazing what Quinn can do when that idiot Daboll takes the handcuffs off of the QB. This game would have been a win if Jennings doesn't drop the TD pass at the end of the first half.

Shaun Rogers game in and game out is absolutely amazing. All game long he ate up two and three blocks. It is too bad that the rest of his teammates couldn't beat their one on one match-ups.
Bendal Quinn gets two gameballs for his good game today. Wright gets one for his INT.
chowdogg Dropcutt doing his normal thing

Lewis had a good game
I like Gains as a bottom of the roster player
bohns75 Finally, someone opened up the offense and we played like we wanted to win the game. It's about time. Obviously, Dumbell Daboll wasn't calling the plays. He's not smart enough to mix it up.
Willy15 Shock!!! The Offense was good today.
PerrysburgGuy No gameballs until Mangini is gone.
ltnd10 Too bad that Brady's effort was wasted. All you hear about on ESPN et al is Stafford's heroics!
The Ratbirds loss to the colts that was a given.
pukesburg losing to the chefs HA HA HA.
The Bungles loss to oakland nice to have you back D-BAGS !!!
DAWGDC Michael Gaines is probably the only TE on the Roster who can catch a football. Plus he's fat as hell and he blocked dude out and fell in the endzone. Reggie Hodges look like Dave Zastudil today. Trusnik for the safety even though he got beat for a touchdown!! Brady for having a descent game!!!
64superfan What a turnaround from last week! From goat to hero for the offense. So, Brady Quinn "can't throw the long ball", eh? Guess again! Maybe when he gets something resembling protection, as he did in this game, he just might be a better QB than the wonder boy N.Y. Jet Sanchez who tossed FOUR INTs in the Jets loss to N.E.
ruffin2000 the 37 points was against a defense that is almost as bad as our own. that is to be expected...but not counted on and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves until the team proves differently.
mtsames Losers get nothing
jeepdawg finally lettin reigns off of bq so he could play and show what he had...
TpostDawg I gave all three and the write in vote
to DC Rob Ryan and his blowhard promises of improved D. Hell Mel Tucker's D had more passion.

Fan Goat Comments
BulldogDad Brian Daboll pussed out after the 1st quarter, going run-run-pass until the final drive; a 3-touchdown lead is peanuts when your defense sucks as bad as ours.
Rob Ryan: talks the talk, but the product on the field is beyond putrid. Eric Mangini: if this was the Third Reich one of your junior officers would be offering you a pistol in one hand and a cyanide capsule in the other. I thought for sure your sideline would have it more under control than Crennel's, and I was oh so terribly wrong.
thebrowns def. needs to get ryans spirit ,and its ryans job to see that they do.
they made stafford look all-pro..
dawgonit0207 Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.. Wait until Next year. Ha!
Best offensive showing of the season and the defense caves. WOW!!
brownsclown Hank Poteat- Toast- I am sure he feels like crap He should STUPID Play. I have never seen that. Maybe we will owe him for getting us the #1 pick. My prediction, Browns trade down, get a talking bass and a used Toyota and then draft a punter with the first pick.
Why the hell would you call a timeout like that? Oh, yeah: he's a Man-genius! Trying to up his mentor with the worst coaching decision of the year? What a waste of 300+ yards and 4 TD's by Quinn....
No one could stop the short over the middle passes---Jennings & Massaquoi had passes go right through hands
egillen Way to go Toast. Why not just mug the guy?
Summary of 2009 Cleveland Browns:

Even a cave man can beat the Lions!
This is the worst team in cleveland history. they make me want to puke. mangina better not have a job after this season. that was a great time out douche bag!!! Lerner better figure it out for next year!!!
Mangini has no clue whatsoever
Every coach and executive since 1999 get goathorns and a kick in the pants!
adawgslife There is always pass interference in the end zone on hail mary passes. Yet, this is the first time that I have seen or heard of it being called during an nfl game in more than forty five years of watching the games.
Mangini especially for the end of game timeout
PerrysburgGuy Will to live...fading...
For everyone who said the defense was the unit holding this team together, well...the Lions exposed them. It doesn't matter if you give up 2 yards 2 out of every 3 plays, if you give up 20 on the 3rd. That's not good defense. That's one that gets burned every third play, and that's about how often Detroit burned Cleveland today.
With the Lions sideline in chaos after Stafford injury, in typical Browns fashion, someone calls a timeout. Only to allow the Lions to catch their breath, allow Stafford to return, and to allow the TE to get open.
wskeezer There was really no reason for the Browns to be in the position they were at the end of the game. Daboll should have never called a pass play on the 3rd down with the Lions having no timeouts and being under the 2:00 min warning. More time should have been run off the clock and the Lions would have only had about 80 seconds left to go 90 yards. Mangini should have recognized this and put a stop to that call.
DaRageDawg Dawson, seriously? Game on the line and you can't kick a f****n ball in bounds??? Rob Ryan... wow, I'm spechless. Poteat, why the f**k are you on this team???
dirtydave98 UnF'ing belieavable, up 21 in the 1st half and then lose because a dumb ass who shouldn't even be on the team is called for PI in the End Zone with no time left on the clock
jonahm740 Passing with a 5 wideout look on 3rd and 5 AND detroit has no timeouts? Does Daboll draw up his plays in f*****g crayon or what? Oh, and f**k you refs for the PI in the endzone.
164266 FIRE MANGINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Running the ball on 3rd down with 2min left and Detroit with no timeouts should be a no brainer. With 40 less seconds that game isn't close.
Great 4th TO the refs gave the Lions to end the game!
IrishUFGator How to you get called for PI on the last play of the game when Stafford is essentially throwing a Hail Mary. Only the browns
a touchdown pass in your hands and you drop it
How do you let your players get a pass interference penalty in the endzone on the last play
IkoIko Pathetic clock management by Mangenous plus what a bone-headed move to call the time out that let Stafford back in the game. He needs to be fired. Arrogant and incompetent is a poor combination.
mddawg28 Where to begin? How does Poteat end up anywhere near Johnson at the end of a game? Why is he on the field at all? Hell, why is on the team at all? Then there is Maiava. In high school football, we teach our inside linebackers that they are responsible for the back on their side of the field in the passing game. How does a BACK have 100 yards receiving? Massaquoi deserves mention as well. Sure he had a nice first half, but he decided to mail it in after his TD. He made such a poor effort on two catchable deep balls. As it turns out, if he makes those plays, the Browns win. Someone needs to remind him that YOU PLAY EVERY FREAKING DOWN! Finally, the head coach must be acknowledged. He still allows his OC to call running plays on first down 77% of the time (23 out of 30 first down snaps). He forces his DC to rush only three on the last play of the game, giving their QB an opportunity to make a play. He calls a timeout after the clock reads zero, allowing that same QB to come back in the game instead of forcing a cold back-up into the game to try and win it. Ultimately, Mangini must be held accountable for his personnel decisions both on game day and over all. How do you have Harrison and Robiskie inactive on an indoor track? You are telling me that Veikune wouldn't have done a better job at inside linebacker than Maiava? If my beloved Browns were on Amateur Night at the Apollo, they would have gotten the hook long ago.
Bendal Entire defense because it sucked all game. Daboll for going conservative after hanging 24 pts on the Lions. Mangini for calling a TO at the end of the game and just in general.
chowdogg MM and Jennings for doing their best Edwards scissorhands imitation

Who ever called that time out should be strung up..we could be 2-7-1 if we wouldn't call time out when we have the opponent right where we need them
bohns75 What a moron Hank Poteat is. Nothing like blowing the friggin' game because of some dumb ass pass interference penalty. Bye, bye .. Poteat.
Willy15 Where did last week's Defense go???
PerrysburgGuy Randy Leaner gets "the finger" for not firing Mangini immediately in the tunnel at Ford Field.
ltnd10 How can the defense be so good last week and noe stink up the joint?
Defense sucks, giving up 35 points when you're up 24-3............get rid of Mangini, Ryan and anyone else that has anything to do with coaching the defense. Does anyone but me hear Romeo, Phil Savage, and Mel Tucker hear the voice mails, texts, and e-mails back and forth that start with ROFLMAO....
Keith322 I voted for Hank Poteat 3 times.
DAWGDC MoMass has to learn how to read defenses and know situations he lacks that!!! David Bowens for not being able to stop screen plays. Hank Poteat and Eric Mangini for coming to Cleveland
64superfan Question for Eric Mangini: How is it possible that Coie Francies doesn't suit up and Hank Poteat is still even on this roster? No way Francies could have cost us the game. Poteat needs to be selling insurance starting this week and Francies deserves a shot at some playing time, now that this season is far, far into the toilet bowl.
ruffin2000 say what you want about injuries, opposing team's struggles, but the coaching staff needs to have these players ready to play, and for the 9th time this year that was not the case...i am not impressed at all by this effort. i have nothing more to say
roscoe2009 Mangini and Daboll have to go, score 24 point's in first quater passing the ball,then start running twinkle toes rest of game.Lerner should fire dumbass today for not having Jerome Harrisin on game roster.
mtsames This Defense is terrible. Can't cover, can't tackle, can't rush the passer and can't win. Just a bunch of worthless pussies.
jeepdawg dqwell wouldn't have let that happen today
"No Clue" Mangini

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