Fan View: Daboll Likes Quinn? Does It Matter?

Fan commentator Jeff B. wants to hear plaudits from someone else before he cares...

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll is talking about Brady Quinn.

Apparently the kid (Quinn) "has it".

Daboll thinks that Quinn has the intangibles to win and that the Cleveland signal caller compares favorably to Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman.

Can you feel your excitement level building?

A ringing endorsement from the man who has presided over the worst offense since the early 1930's.  Daboll has failed in every offensive category you can imagine.  Not just failed, but led a unit that resembles an offense from pre-WWII before the forward pass was in vogue!

Well, that excitement was short lived!

In reading Daboll's quotes you'd think he was a veteran coordinator that had tutored several Pro Bowl QB's and had a few Super Bowl rings as offensive coordinator.

He's a tad away from that goal.

Daboll should go with baby steps on this thing.  Last week he figured out how to get one of his wideouts in the end zone.  Let's see how he does with the concept of a running back crossing the plane of the goal line before we allow him to tackle bigger offensive strategies.

If I were Daboll I'd be embarrassed to talk about anything related to the offense, especially the QB that he benched after 10 quarters.  Were Manning or Aikman benched in their first season?  Or did their teams recognize that they were young QB's that had a lot to learn and that the team had to grow with them?  Ok, maybe it wasn't all Daboll in the benching decision but he certainly was a part of it.

As far as Brady Quinn having a future, if its on Daboll's word, Quinn might as well put it on the same document that had Romeo Crennel making him the starter entering 2009 (shortly before Crennel got fired).

What's just as painful as watching the on field product this year is reading quotes from Brian Daboll and Rob Ryan because the offense and defense STINK.  Let the head coach speak to the media.  Let's put Ryan and Daboll under wraps for the rest of the season because we don't need them to explain anything about their units to us.  We can see the results and they're pretty poor.

I wish they'd stop interviewing Mangini as well but I guess you have to have some quotes from the team.

I'm sure both Ryan and Daboll are nice, hard working guys but in the NFL doesn't reward nice or hard working.  According to a lot of what I've read, Dick Jauron is one of the nicest guys in the business and I'm sure he put the proper time in to get the job done.  However, Jauron is now out in Buffalo.

I expect this regime to be out in Cleveland.  Mangini.  Daboll.  Ryan.  All should be shown the door at season's end.

At least 2 of them should stop talking on their way out.

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