Fan View: Zzzzzzz ZZZzzz ZZzzz

Jeff B says the Browns sleepy offense needs a wake-up call. Namely the coaching staff leaving, noisily.

169 and 212.

169 yards is how many yards the Browns could manage offensively.

212 yards is how many yards the Bengals ran for against the Browns.

So, the entire Browns offense can't match the Bengals running game.

Good job Brian Daboll.

Good job Rob Ryan.

Good job Eric Mangini.

And why should Randy Lerner keep you 3 again?

This is absolutely the most pathetic Browns team in the history of the Browns franchise.

They are literally unwatchable week to week.  Enough is enough.  We don't need Mangini's short term plans.  We don't need his long term plans.

We just need him to..........leave.

Stay the course, better days are ahead, we have a plan.

I've heard variations on this theme from Mangini all year.

Not buying it.  Sorry. 

He did not light things in New York and his claim to fame in Cleveland was to turn the lights out.

Even Oakland put up a fight against Cincinnati.  You can see improvement in other bad franchises like Tampa Bay and Kansas City as the season wears on.

In Cleveland, you get regression.

And excuses.

And more promises that sticking with the plan will bear fruit.

The tree is bare and rotted.  No fruit will be coming forth.  I hate to advocate ANOTHER clean sweep of the organization but this regime is completely lost. 

I don't see how a "serious, credible, football leader" could take Eric Mangini and his coaching staff seriously or find them to be credible at all.

The Cleveland franchise is irrevocably broken and the only way to fix it is to give Eric Mangini a new title.

I suggest:  "Eric Mangini, former Browns coach"

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