Browns-Bengals: Gameballs and Goats

The Browns offense retreats back into hiding... who's to blame?

SUMMARY: The Browns are one Thursday night game against Pittsburgh away from going 0-6 in the division.  Since Randy Lerner is also an owner in the English Premier League, maybe he thinks thats uch a dismal in-division performance will lead to the Browns relegation to the NFC West.  We all wish that Randy, but it's not going to happen.  Just go out and hire Bill Parcells already.

Matt Roth received a welcome basket of Gameballs this week in honor of his fine performance against the Bengals after only being with the Browns for two days.  The Gameballs should have probably gone to the Dolphins coaching staff, since his performance with the Browns is more a result of their excellent coaching and fickle favor than anything else.

Brian Daboll, Eric Mangini and Randy Lerner all made the top of the Goathorns list.  Every time you forget about what a huge decision Randy Lerner faces in hiring a football executive, there's a new reminder waiting.  If he whiffs again, there's fans in the comments threatening to root for the Packers.  He'd better not whiff.

Player Gameballs
Matt Roth (LB) 103
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 38
Jason Trusnik (LB/93) 37
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 28
Fans 26
Kamerion Wimbley (OLB/95) 22
Refreshing Beer 18

Player Goathorns
Brian Daboll (OC) 116
Eric Mangini (HC) 103
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 64
Entire Offense 39
Hank Poteat (DB/23) 34
Randy Lerner (Owner) 27
Entire Organization 26


Fan Gameball Comments
sheila3321 For sitting out this game!
Aarondawg Roth and Rogers were outstanding on Defense and played hard despite the loss. Quinn has the worst set of receivers in the league. How can Brady be consistent when his receivers run the wrong routes and can't catch?

For not collapsing under the weight of Shaun Rogers.
houndfromhell I feel for Quinn or whoever is under center in the future. We need to hire Mr. Weis, like yesterday.
After the third quater ended, most of the Browns players quit!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant blame the defensive backs, cause we only got 1, and thats W.R. Mike Furrey.
Actually, I should have put Shaun Rogers and Jason Trusnik on the above list. They played very well all game.
jenjkc19 Epic Fail
80sBoy George McDonald first joined the Browns' staff as offensive quality control coach on February 11, 2009, and was promoted to wide receivers coach on May 6, 2009. He embarks on his initial NFL coaching position.

I'd rather get an enema that watch another game like this.

Quinn will be good if given enough time. He doesn't have much to work with but is a kid who doesn't make a lot of mistakes and will keep battling for you. If you build him a team, he'll see to it that we are winners eventually. I firmly believe in Quinn.

The good news - all our best players are first year players on the Browns. Going in the right direction. Rogers gets BIG POINTS for horse collaring that spoiled brat Carson Palmer...what a wuss he is!
SirPaul Wimbley and Roth brought it all game and as always had to give one to Pontibrand. Perfect like always...guys a stud.
SupDawg4Life I made it through the game and consumed NO alcohol!
rutger Zero.
DAWGDC It's really sad when you have to search to give gameballs away, but that's what it comes down too this season!!! Matt Roth for being an animal in putting pressure on Carson Palmer. Shaun Rogers for playin on this sorry team and probably having his career ended. Stuckey for kinda catching balls thrown at him. Trusnik for for tackling. Chris Palmer for coaching better than the JERK whose the coach now and Kamerion Wimbley for playing his heart out
mtsames Losers get nothing
APVIC it is a sad commentary for our team when two starters on "D" (a waiver wire pick up and a special teams player) end up being our best players. F*CKIT.. blow it up and start again...
dawgonit0207 Shaun Rogers... we're gonna miss you. Jason Trusnik and Matt Roth look like great additions
Mdawg Had to give Quinn a gameball just because he made the best catch of the day.


64superfan Finally a bit of luck for Cleveland! This Roth kid looks like he can play.

Roth gets a game ball---2 days on the team and he makes an impact
PerrysburgGuy No gameballs while Mangini is still here.
nostalgia222 DA for having the decency to let Quinn play himself out of Cleveland too.
Keith322 Roth looked good. The man's been in Cleveland four days and he played like he's been there all year.

You know, it seems like we had a pretty good foundation that has been blown apart by poor player management and just plain ol' bad coaching.

how much longer do we have to put up with this crap?

At least there was some great college football this weekend.
salemdog There are none.
Willy15 Trusnik and Matt Roth did well for just coming in.

Welcome back Phil Dawson we missed you. You have been the only player on the team since 99 to maintain production thoughout. No matter how bad the coaches, disfunctional the locker room, or how lopsided the scores you are there kicking field goals. Thumbs up to Reggie Hodges we are definately getting our moneys worth out of him; punting after every third play. Being a Browns punter can wear out a leg. Hank Fraley- way to get on the field, I love it when the player is all about the team and getting on the field at any cost. Unlike the players such as Donté Stallworth and Courtney Brown.
houndfromhell Only a few players left on the team that havent quit already. The pickups of Justin Trusnik and Matt Roth have been solid pickups so far. Keep it up, and maybe in 5 years we`ll have enough good throwaway players, too actually compete with the Lions and Rams.


Goat Comments
User Comments
164266 Worst Browns team in history
Aarondawg The Head Coach and the Offensive Coordinator have no imagination on Offense and we rush 3 on defense how many times? Hank Poteat is playing and Coye Francies is not? Poteat couldn't cover my grandma and she is blind! The Head Coach has put together a roster of special team players and little else!

No expanation necessary.
casper44 Massaquoi needs to learn fast.
footballwave Fire Mangenius, Daboll and the bum in the sixth row.
houndfromhell It`s terrible when your Q.B. is the only offensive player that can catch the ball. But, it`s even worse when the D-Line plays their hearts out, yet the linebackers and defensive backs cant not only not catch the ball, but are too freightened to try to tackle or even block any of the other teams players.
And let me add, Braylon (must jump for every ball thrown my way)Edwards is still the best player that the Jets opposing team has. Bar none.(boo hoo).
jenjkc19 Epic Fail

Fire Mangini...We deserve better.

I'm sooo sick of watching our DB's play patty-cake with ball carriers instead of tackling their legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sooo sick of watching our DB's play patty-cake with ball carriers instead of tackling their legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Mangini is back in 2010 I swear I won't be. I can root for the Packers just as easily.

Brady Quinn, Quinn fans, Quinn friends and Quinn family members - IT'S TIME TO ACCEPT THAT BRADY QUINN CAN'T PLAY IN THIS LEAGUE. Not saying DA is better (he's worse), but don't let that abberation (Detroit game) fool you. HE IS NOT ACCURATE.
SirPaul Cribbs uninterested, MM can't run a pattern, Daboll hasn't been fired though he should've been a year ago.(Yes I know)
shavendawg Or whicever witch doctor put the stone-hands curse on this football team
SupDawg4Life I think Brian Daboll is so bad that I voted for him three times for the goat and wrote him in!
rutger Every one of my votes including a write in goes to Randy Lerner. Do the NFL and the Browns a huge favor. Sell this team and get the hell out of Cleveland. You're every bit as big of an embarrassment as your hand picked coach is.
TpostDawg Rob Ryan gets all four goat horns for
telling us at his first presser that his
defenses have always stopped the run and will here.
DAWGDC Please explain to me why Hank Poteat is an NFL Corner? We are 1-10 and Coye Francies should be playing at some point I rather see him out there than his sorry arse!!! Brian Daboll couldn't call a Pee Wee league game....he sucks!!! Eric Mangini WOW Great coaching dude we suck and will suck for another 5 years because this team has no system at all and no talent!!! Massaquoi needs to learn the position because he runs routs instead of understand what the defense is doing. If there blitzing learn to give you QB an out instead of the play that's being called, NcDonald is dime corner...I've stuck by him too long time to realize what he should be in this league.
Red Rover Barry said "Absolve the innocent. Persecute the guilty."

I say, "I think we need to build many more prisons."

Mangini and Daboll--one a self-proclaimed genius fallen to the depths of the idiotic and another in-over-his-head Mo Carthon type, who is so bad at his playcalling that the other team knows what play we're going to run at least 50% of the time. Two losers leading our beloved team into the record books as one of the worst NFL teams of all time. This is what happens when your owner hires someone who has been fired from another position before he even thought about hiring a credible, experienced GM or team president.
164266 Fire this abortion of a head coach and his entire offensive staff.

Please fire someone! This is what happens when you draft out of need, Brian Robiske, and David Vekune don't even play. What about drafting players like Rey Mauluga, and LeSean Mccoy that were available and start for their teams.

Coaches coach and draw up plays; and the players have to execute. But we have coaches who can't coach or draw up plays according to the strength of the players on the field. You can't fit square pegs into round holes. The game plan was made up for a different group of players playing on a different team.
mtsames A total disgrace. This team really sux. The defense is a bunch of overpaid PUSSIES.
roscoe2009 Randy you caused this mess,get rid of these jackasses now. i can run your draft from home and do a better job than all these so called g.m have done.mangini has two second round pick's that can't even be on the roster's on Sunday. please tell all Brown's fan's you are not going to let this dumbass be in charge of 11 draft pick's next year.
APVIC the "d" had actually not made any significant progress this year under Ryan.. I really like his attitude but it does not spill over into the "D"..

Po-ass-teet = sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, etc.!!!

We need to find players that tackle "rip their frickin legs off" instead of playing arm slap.... (aka adams, mcdonald, wright, po-ass-teet, and any other sorry ass Browns player.
dawgonit0207 Not much left to say. This team is awful. Wait until next year! Ha! Mangina's gotta go!
Mdawg Mangina is the biggest goat of the game like every game this season. This is the kind of team you get with an ego driven coach, that's not nearly as good as he thinks he is, has to have his nose stuck into every facet of the team.

Brian Daboll's prevent offense. You can't run an offense just so you won't look bad or the realization you don't have a game plan. Look at him on the sidlines. No presence, no enthusiasm, no idea. The head coach doesn't even get in his face to pick up his performance. Get a professional with experience.

64superfan Lewis needs to be put out to pasture. Brian Daboll needs to be replaced by Charlie Weis. Calling Bill Parcels. Please pick up your phone messages. PLEASE!!!!!!!
164266 This team will never be good again until Randy Lerner sells the team. The only constant in the crapfest that this organization has become is the Lerner Family. 5 HC's ,5 GM's/football operation guys, 6 if you count der furher mangidiot, 1 family owning team. Same results.

Hey Daboll, when you gonna get a clue?
The entire offense did their usual best stinking up the field
Does anyone know a good proctologist, so oompah loompah Mangenius can find his head?

If this guy can't make play as a NICKEL back, then bring in someone who can.
PerrysburgGuy This team is so painful to watch. They say give the coach time, but they are much worse than last year. They can't even line up in the right spot. They are no fun to watch. There is not feeling of hope or signs of improvement. Two second round picks can't make the active roster!! WTF!!!!!??!?!? Who the hell picked them then. The genius Mangini. He's more like Wile E. Coyote.
nostalgia222 Blake Constanzo for showing not only being human, but a Cleveland Brown by wiffing on that special teams tackle.

Coy Francies for not being good enough to suit up with the horrible secondary players on the team.
Keith322 Massaquoi needs a wide receivers coach. Poteat need to retire.
Quinn needs a quarterback coach.

The players are listening to Mangini.

I am disgusted with the flip-flopping between quarterbacks. I understand that Anderson would probably be a backup anywhere else, but Quinn looks like a high school guy running for his life out there. Mangini's style of coaching is shameful, and Lerner's father would be ashamed by how he has let the team founder.

i guess we'll never get to see any real blocking or tackling this year,or any offense!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putrid game. Another three-plus hours of life wasted.
salemdog I would give the run defense goathorns, but we don't have one, so I can't
Willy15 Lerner for letting this mess continue and the worst of the worst Mangini & Daboll.
redright Lerner, Mangini, Daboll, Ryan....the usuals suspects for all the usual reasons.

Donté Stallworth, Courtney Brown, William Green, Lee Suggs, Tim Couch, Quincy Morgan, Kevin Johnson, Charlie Frye, etc..........  Ok maybe I'm going overboard? No really, did we use the magic 8 ball to select players?

houndfromhell Randy Lerner, because he talks the talk then hides. Why no action yet? Does
the soccer team need a waterboy? If so,
please send them Brian Robiskie! He`s
rob-bing this teams payroll and he and his daddy are laughing all the way to the bank, and everyone outside of Cleveland see`s it.


User Gameball Write-In Goathorns Write-In
The prphalctic device that failed to prevent the conception of Eric Mangini
us for asking for this team. Why,why,why

John Deere Everything
Mohamed Massaquoi
fArt Modell
houndfromhell Here`s to the Pitt`s. We only lost by 9 points? Even Josh Cribbs waived his white flag.

The entire team
jenjkc19 WR Brady Quinn; RB Brady Quinn; QB Joshua Cribbs; QB Brady Quinn
Fraley as TE instead of RG
All pass catchers(droppers)
80sBoy WR Coach George McDonald

All Browns Fans who have endured this season from Hell. DB's

Randy Lerner Mangini's parents

Invisible Bob - the undeserved scapegoat Savage's players
Miss Cleo
SupDawg4Life SupDawg4Life Brian Daboll (OC)
Randy lerner
Rob Ryan
DAWGDC Jason Trusnik, Chris Palmer, Kamerion Wimbley MoMass. Brandon McDonald
Red Rover
This is like 31 flavors, isn't it?
164266 John Taylor Eric Fu%$#@& Mangini

The punter, take a day off, you earned it! The whole team. The 99, 00, 01 teams were all better than this one.
ruffin2000 work which kept me from watching the game
Art and his son
Lerner,Mangini and Daboll.
poteat sucks so bad.. he has got to go... NOW
The bungles team for laughing at the Browns during the game

Brian Daboll
The football czar/prez/vp/GM oh thats right we don't have one no.. we do its Mangidiot

Hank Poteat
Runner27 Matt Roth Brian F-ing Daboll
Sean Rogers' leg
Keith322 the defense played well especially when they were on the field the whole game Daboll's play calling continues to suck

the fans

The weather was nice enough so I could hang my Christmas lights. Having to endure bandwagon Bengals fans.
bleedingbrowns Halftime Nap
salemdog Barry
No one cares any longer!

Kelly Holcomb Art Modell

Offensive Line - no time for Brady
CantonDawg1228 Me For Still Being a Fan
houndfromhell Me, for still thinking this team will win someday. What happened to Cribb`s? Wants traded?


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