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Happy Recap Day on the Newswire

Regarding new information hitting the wire today, it's basically this: Ryan Kuehl doesn't have a deal, Randy Lerner paid attention in meetings, and Jim Brown had something to say about Couch v. Holcomb. The Sunday columns today contain that info, as well as a number of thoughts about the quarter-yawn-back debate. Click the title so I can prattle on more, or go straight to <A HREF="">the Newswire</A>!

I've probably said this before, in fact I undoubtedly have, but Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week. I get up earlier than the rest of my late-sleeping family, and there is peace and quiet here in the Bietz Laboratory and Brewing Complex. The morning's newswire and an actual, massive, printed newspaper await, and coffee is available at a reasonable cost.

Ah, the weekend.

Sunday morning is also a time I get to check out what our local sports columnists have said in the papers. This Sunday there isn't a lot of new information, but Pat McManamon and Tony Grossi both have items in their columns worth reading. Tragically, there remains a lot of focus on the quarterback debate - which I don't read with the interest I used to, I must admit. Grossi adds some new details to the discussion on Patrick Barnes we posted a month ago, and draws the same conclusion - yep, it's interesting. Signings like Barnes just add to the suspicion that there might be changes in the offing at the QB position.

Meanwhile, within the dark, musty confines of the Bietz Labs, we're starting to work on a sequel to the free agent tracker we built last month. This will be... (fanfare, please)... a draft tracker! Hoo wah! Basically, the idea is to integrate all the draft stuff we have here on TheInsiders (Hot News, TFY Draft, sixteen thousand college sites) into one easily digestible and constantly updated morsel of draftlicious goodness.

Since you've suffered through the previous three paragraphs, I'll reward your tolerance with a preview. Here's the quarterbacks page from the Bernie's Insiders Draft Tracker 2003 Beta Version 1.024E (XP). Dot Net.

We aren't nearly done building up our free agent and draft coverage. You should expect the draft tracker showing up via the front page starting later today or tomorrow, with enhancements on the way to both the draft tracker and free agent tracker. Plus, we will be developing free agent and draft central pages like we have in previous years. Crank, crank, crank. Off-season... what off-season?

- AB


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