Fan View: The Definition of Greatness

Jeff B. takes exception to Browns defensive coordinator's Rob Ryan's self-appraisal.

One of my favorite OBR writers, Steve King, interviewed Browns Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan for a piece entitled "Ryan doesn't fear for job."

King did his usual complete job and gave us a good article but a quote from Ryan had me playing the old C & C Music Factory song, "Things that make you go hmm," in my head.

Ryan is a GREAT coach.

According to him.

Read this gem from Mr. Ryan:

"There aren't any coaches out there who are going to do a better job than me. Well, maybe one, but he's retired (his father, former longtime coach Buddy Ryan).

"Maybe when I was a young, I would have been scared in a situation like this, but not now. I know I'm a great coach, and if I get fired here, then I'll go somewhere else and be a great coach. I know I can coach anywhere. But I want it to be here, with the Cleveland Browns."

Great coach?

His definition of greatness is obviously different from mine. Ok, he's obviously at the top of his profession since he made it to the NFL but I wouldn't be bragging about greatness if I were him.

As much as it pains me to say it, Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a great NFL defensive coach.

Since 2004 his defenses have ranked #1 (2004), #4 (2005), #9 (2006), #1 (2007), #1 (2008) and currently the Steelers are #3.

The Cleveland Browns self-proclaimed "great coach?"

Since 2004 his defenses (Oakland 2004-08 and Cleveland 2009) have ranked #30 (2004), #27 (2005), #3 (2006), #22 (2007), #27 (2008) and currently the Browns are #31.

Ryan is calling himself a "great coach" after he has turned in one top five defense in the past 6 years with the rest being in the bottom third of the league?

Well, we should be used to it by now. Typical spin from a Browns coach. Instead of giving us results they just insult our intelligence with outlandish quotes like were a bunch of dummies that aren't seeing what they're seeing in the film room and we don't really know a good product from a bad one.

Yes we do.

Ryan actually fits in perfectly with the Browns. One of the worst coaches in the league (according to his stats) on one of the worst franchises in the league (according to their wins and losses).

Sounds like a pretty good match to me.

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