Fan View: Today Could Have Been Important

Jeff B. sees some hope buried on the Browns eleventh loss in twelve games. Hope's name? Brady Quinn.

I have not backed off my stance that this is the worst Browns team in Cleveland history nor that Mangini and crew should be "one and done" at the close of this season.


The Browns have a much better chance to rebuild this mess if in fact Brady Quinn becomes the QB that Phil Savage thought he might when he traded up to get him in 2007.

We've seen in the NFL that programs in similar turmoil to the Browns can turn around faster with a quality signal caller, which is not surprising considering that it is a quarterback league.

Could you have imagined Atlanta being in the thick of things after the Michael Vick/Bobby Petrino nightmare?  Did anyone see Arizona in the Super Bowl?

In both cases, and many more, a quality NFL starting QB was at the center of the turnaround.

As I suffer through this miserable season I can at least take heart that in 2 out of the last 4 games, Brady Quinn hasn't played half bad.

Up until today, I didn't draw much solace from his one good performance in Detroit, because, after all, they are the Lions.

But the fact that Quinn played pretty well against a playoff bound Chargers squad gives me hope.

When you don't have a QB, it goes without saying that you don't have a chance of laying the foundation for a championship caliber team.

I'm not saying that Quinn is in fact that guy.  The jury is still WAY OUT but if we can just see enough to give us hope he can be THE guy, then maybe the Browns will have more options than they thought in the upcoming draft/offseason.

Just think what they can do with their top 3 (likely overall #1) draft choice if the brain trust of the organization (whoever that turns out to be) is confident Quinn is the #1 guy.

A hard hitting S?  Impact RB?  High profile T for the right side of the line?  Big hitting LB?  Shutdown CB?

Plus, you can start tailoring the offensive players you do get in the draft/free agency to the strength of your QB.  Everything feeds off of the QB and his skill set.  Obviously San Francisco drafted a certain type of OL, WR, RB, etc for the West Coast Offense and Joe Montana than Dallas did for their deep/run oriented attack under Troy Aikman.  Each were effective but required a specific player to fill the positions needed.

The Browns will be SO FAR ahead of the game if they're building the team around an identified franchise QB as opposed to looking in the draft or free agency for that franchise QB.

Let's hope that Brady Quinn gives us more performances like today, even if they're in losing efforts so that we get the best football Christmas present of all.


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