Chat Transcript: Chris Steuber's Chris Steuber visited the OBR chat room last week as we start our draft deep dive. Join us Thursday evening as long-time OBR draft guru Brent Sobleski gives us his take on how the 2010 draft is shaping up.

<csteuber> Hey guys, how is everyone doing?

<csteuber> I'm doing well guys... I'm here in Philly and the big news is Allen Iverson is back in town. I'm totally excited for that.

<csteuber> A.I. was an outstanding football player in high school. He was a quarterback in Virginia. He was a Michael Vick type of athlete on the field.

<whoknowsmore> is there a franchise QB in this draft?

<csteuber> I really like Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford. I think both of them will be franchise type QBs. Don't believe the hype on Jake Locker. Tony Pike is a quality second round pick who will develop into a very good NFL starter.

<whoknowsmore> followup question...Does McCoy, Tebow and Pike make it to the second round?

<csteuber> I think Pike ultimately falls to the second round. If the Jaguars don't take Tebow in the first round, he could fall to the second as well. I think McCoy is a mid-to-late first rounder.

<TWILL716> should we give up on Quinn now?

<csteuber> I think the Browns start over at QB during the offseason; I could see Anderson and Quinn gone.

<pennstation> ok time to break the ice...Berry or Suh for us????

csteuber> That's a good question. If the draft were today, the Browns would have the No. 1 pick. With that said, I think they would draft Suh over Berry. No safety in the history of the draft has ever been selected No. 1 overall.

<pennstation> understanding that it has never been done..would you do it?

<csteuber> I wouldn't draft a safety No. 1 overall.

<strain456> Pike or McCoy?

<csteuber> I think Tony Pike has more upside than Colt McCoy, but I love McCoy's heart and his ability to find the open man. But the draft is based on potential and Pike is drawing a lot of interest right now.

<Carnzy89> who is the best player available this year?

<csteuber> Suh is my No. 1 prospect.

<traveldawg62> How far do you expect Carlos Dunlap to drop?

<csteuber> If Carlos Dunlap declares, remember, he's only a junior, I think he will be drafted in the 12 - 23 range. He could be a top-5 or 7 pick, but this

<64superfan> Chris: Think any of the other top 5 teams might trade up to get Suh? If so, we might be able to grab Berry in round 1 and add another 2nd round pick

<csteuber> There are two top DTs in the draft, Suh and Gerald McCoy. McCoy is a junior, but if he declares he's just as dominant as Suh. McCoy is a little more athletic than Suh and that's scary. I think the Bucs are a team to watch, I know they really like Suh.

<pennstation> Where do you think sergio kindle goes??..and do you think he is a strictly 3-4 guy?

<csteuber> If it weren't for the incident Sergio Kindle was involved in earlier in the year, he would be ranked much higher. He's a first round talent, but could drop to the top of the second round. But if he has a solid Combine, he could get into the 20 - 32 range.

<mikehey> what you think of the running back from standford think browns could draft him in second round

<csteuber> Toby Gerhart from Stanford... He's such a strong runner; an outstanding short-yardage guy who picks up tough yards. I think he's a solid second rounder. A team that needs a little thunder in their backfield, he's the guy to get.

<billbrasky09> Trevard Lindley - pretty good chances he can be got in the 2nd rd?

<csteuber> Yeah, I think Trevard Lindley falls to the second round. He's very talented, but he's had a tough year. Injuries have hurt his play.

<iwannabeadawg> Do you think that DE Austen Lane can play OLB in a 3-4 Defense. From what I read he has all the tools to make the transition. However, every source swears that he is a 4-3 DE.

<csteuber> Austen Lane reminds me a lot of Jason Taylor. They have similar builds and Lane is so quick off the edge. He's made to be a 3-4 OLB.

<64superfan> Chris: Reason I asked is it might be possible to trade down with Tampa for their 2nd rounder, then we could still take Berry in round 1 and maybe a RB or LB in round 2. Speaking of which, do you think USC S Taylor Mays might be able to add some weight and convert to OLB?

<csteuber> I don't see much difference in Suh and McCoy, they're comparable. I think Taylor Mays' best position in the NFL is at OLB in a 3-4. But there are scouts out there that like him strictly as a safety.

<TWILL716> Chris, who's the best RB in the draft board? Thanks in advance

<csteuber> I really like C.J. Spiller... very, very dynamic.

<BarryMcBride> Do you think that Tony Gerhart has what it takes to be successful at the NFL level? About where do you feel he will be drafted?

<csteuber> Gerhart will be a situational back in the NFL. He's a great short-yardage guy that will move the chains. I don't like him as a featured back, but he will have a lot of value in the redzone. He has a lot of Mike Alstott in him... I think he goes in the 2nd round.

<jciardullo3> Chris - Do u see the Browns takinga RB like Ingram or any others that come to mind?

<csteuber> Ingram is a sophomore, he has another year yet. The Browns could take a RB in the second round, Anthony Dixon from Mississippi State is one to look at.

<mikehey> can spiller be a every down back

<csteuber> I think Spiller could be an every down back; he reminds me a lot of Chris Johnson. But obviously Spiller is most effective in a 2-back scheme. It's interesting that the Browns have James Davis already, why not reunite Davis and Spiller in the NFL?

<billbrasky09> would you put Eric Berry in the same breath as Ed Reed?

<csteuber> Eric Berry is the closest thing to Ed Reed that I've seen.

<iwannabeadawg> I just read that Chris Rainey, surprisingly, is likely to enter the draft (Source: TFY) if he comes out what round do you think he will be selected in

<csteuber> I'd be surprised if Rainey declared, but he's a redshirt sophomore and he's eligible. He could be a 2nd - 3rd round pick. He will post some incredible numbers at the Combine.

<billbrasky09> if you had to choose one feature back for NFL in this crop - who?

<csteuber> If I could choose one RB in this draft, it would be Spiller. But if Jonathan Dwyer declares, I like him a lot.

<whoknowsmore> so where does Mallet fall if he comes out in terms of what round?

<csteuber> I would be shocked if Ryan Mallett declared for the draft, he's not ready. He needs at least another year. But if he declared probably a 2nd rounder.

<pennstation> where do you see Heyward from OSU going?

<strain456> what position will Heyward be best suited for?

<csteuber> Heyward is a junior and still needs another year. He has great size and could play DE in a 3-4 or DT in a 4-3.

<mikehey> what you think of golden tate

<csteuber> I've watched a lot of film on Golden Tate and I'll tell you this... he's the best WR in the country. He's so explosive. If he declares and I think he will, I think Tate should be the No. 1 WR taken in the draft.

<csteuber> I think Golden Tate is a first rounder, so unless the Browns take him with a top-5 pick, which I highly doubt... they won't have a chance at him.

<csteuber> I like Golden Tate a lot more than Dez Bryant. Bryant is good and has great size, but Tate is special and very, very explosive.

<TWILL716> Chris, is WR Robiske that bad to not even be active on gameday?

<csteuber> I'm surprised that the Browns haven't really given Robiskie a chance, but Robiskie is a possession guy. He's not a gamebreaker or an elite player. He's a good player that should develop into a good No. 3 WR.

<mikehey> if you were picking for browns would you take tate at 1 first pick

<csteuber> As much as I like Golden Tate, I'd pass on him at No. 1. If I were running the Browns and I were selecting No. 1, I'd draft Jimmy Clausen.

<billbrasky09> why no love for Locker? what do you see in him that doesn't translate to NFL?

<csteuber> I don't like Locker's mechanics, throwing motion, delivery; he's all out of whack. He's a great athlete and can really escape the pocket, but he lacks fundamentals. He needs another year under Sarkisian.

<traveldawg62> Plenty of quality 2nd round corners (Dowling, Ghee, Lindley, Syd'Quan Thompson). Who's your pick of these?

<csteuber> Wow... that's a tough one, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with Syd'Quan Thompson. He's a major ballhawk. Brandon Ghee is also very good.

<pennstation> Whats the QB situation looking like in the following years draft??..I just cant condone (not that my opinion matters) drafting a QB when we have sooo many other holes

<csteuber> It all depends on who declares this year to find out what's going on in 2011.

<iwannabeadawg> Is clausen truely that special. Can't they just wait and build up the positions around the QB so when they draft a QB in a later draft that QB can step right in. I say the browns should build and when someone like Andrew Luck declares, then you go after the QB (and trade up for the QB if your not in position)

<csteuber> I like Clausen a lot and I think he has the most upside of any QB eligible for the draft. Bradford is probably the most NFL ready although his shoulder is a concern. But if you're sure about a QB, you have to draft him, because drafting a QB in the later rounds isn't a slam dunk.

<TWILL716> i really thinks solidifying the O-line and RB position and run the ball to take pressure off the QB's is our best route

<csteuber> The Browns will have the pick of the litter and like I said in my last chat with you guys... go down the depth chart, analyze all of the positions and tell me outside of the LT (Thomas) and C (Mack) what player you don't want to get rid of?

<csteuber> I forgot about Josh Cribbs... but let's see how long he's actually with the Browns.

<billbrasky09> I have a man-crush on Jerry Hughes - I like his sack total, ht, weight, and attitude - Am I giving my heart to the wrong man?

<csteuber> I don't have man love for Jerry Hughes, but I know what you mean... he's a very good pass rusher. He's my top hybrid in the draft and he should be a first rounder. He could be a boom or bust type of guy, but I see more boom in his future.

<pennstation> Whast your view on the OU kid..WR..pryce(sp)??..I have neverseen him play but have read a lot of nice things about him..could he be this years johnny knox?

<csteuber> Taylor Price from Ohio... He's bigger than Johnny Knox, but just as quick. He's definitely a sleeper and a player to watch at the Combine. He will be a mid-round steal and someone who could develop like Knox... I agree.

<64superfan> Chris: Which positions are deepest in the 2010 draft?

<csteuber> Let's revist the deepest position question in late January; I will know who declared at that point and will give you a better

<mikehey> with the three round picks in the third round who would you pick for browns

<csteuber> It all depends on what the Browns do on Day One... the Browns have a lot of holes and have to add depth.

<crazydog> Chris Jacoby ford will he be there in the third and how good will he be?

<csteuber> Jacoby Ford will probably be a 2nd rounder, depending on how he runs this offseason. Ford is good; I wish he was a little taller, he's only 5-foot-9. But he's a guy that can do a lot of things on the field. He's a poor man's DeSean Jackson.

<csteuber> Brandon Spikes is the most complete LB in the 2010 draft. He's very, very, very special.

<iwannabeadawg> 1,0What do you think of Denario Alexander, a lot of people are calling him a sleeper too

<csteuber> Alexander is moving up draft boards right now. He has great size, but the biggest concern is his speed. If he runs well this offseason, he could be a 2nd rounder. But I think he will be a 3rd or 4th rounder.

<pennstation> With the idea that there may be a rookie wage scale in effect in do you think it will affect trades involving future picks on draft day?

<csteuber> That's an interesting question, but I don't think anyone really knows at this time. I'm sure it will affect things in some capacity... we'll just have to see.

<crazydog> What about the Ol line who is available round 2 & 3

<csteuber> There will be a lot of guys to choose from in the 2nd and 3rd rounds - the OL is pretty deep in the 2010 draft.

<traveldawg62> After Hughes and Kindle, who do you like on the outside?

<csteuber> Sean Weatherspoon can play inside and outside. And, Brandon Graham, Greg Hardy and Ricky Sapp are interesting hybrids.

<billbrasky09> Anyone in this draft that would make another team trade up to 1-3 spot for?

<csteuber> At this time, I don't see a trade happening in the top-3 or top-5.

<ramllov> Chris - How good is Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech? Would he satisfy the Browns as their #1 game breaking RB?

<csteuber> Jonathan Dwyer is a legit every down back. He has great size and excellent quickness. I'm interested in seeing how he runs during the offseason, that's if he declares. He reminds me of Carolina Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart.

<iwannabeadawg> I notice you rate Koa Misi low (2 stars) many places are projecting him as a mid rounder. Is there a reason you do not like Misi or am I just misinterpreting the ranking.

<csteuber> Misi is a good player, but I worry about his durability. He has a back problem that worries me. Don't read too much into the ranking, because he is a good player, but I want to see how his back checks out.

<billbrasky09> Best overall d-lineman in college: Raji or Suh?

<csteuber> Raji and Suh are two different DTs. Although they both possess great athleticism and strength. Raji is a classic NT, where Suh can play DE in a 3-4 or DT in a 4-3. Suh is very athletic and is a very good pass rusher. I'd say that Suh was the better college player.

<ramllov> Chris there appears to be a few very promising RBs who could fall to the late first round or early second round. Could you see the Cleveland Browns using their first pick in the second round for a particular RB, that you like?

<csteuber> I think the strength of the RB class in 2010 will depend on the juniors who declare. I could see the Browns drafting a RB early, but not in the first round.

<billbrasky09> How accurate was your personal mock last year? Did you anticipate Rey Rey falling so far?

<csteuber> After the Raiders selected Darrius Heyward-Bey, my mock draft got a little messed up. But overall, I thought I did well. I grade mock drafts a little differently... it's not all about getting every pick correct

<crazydog> Chris how do you rate Myron rolle? Really would love to see him on the Browns, smart and big!

<csteuber> It's hard to project Myron Rolle. He was a good player at Florida State, not a great player. I have to see him workout during the offseason. I have no idea what kind of shape he's in.

<billbrasky09> Awesome info - thanks man

<ramllov> Chris, have you talked about Tony Pike, QB, Browns appear to be interested in him, what is your opinion and description?

<csteuber> I reported that the Browns are interested in Tony Pike and Mardy Gilyard and they will attend the Cincy, Pitt game this weekend. Pike is a very good QB, underrated in some respects. At 6-foot-6, 212 pounds, Pike has prototypical size and a strong arm.

He's patient in the pocket and has the athleticism to buy time with his feet as he waits for a receiver to get open. He has a great understanding of how to read a defense and identifies the blitz consistently at the line of scrimmage. He goes through his progressions well and doesn't just lock in on one receiver.

He tends to force throws into coverage, but usually takes the safe route if his primary receiver isn^`2019t open. He benefits from taking most of his snaps out of the shotgun, but it could be a detriment to him at the next level.

<iwannabeadawg> Charles Scott or Toby Gerhart? They are both big backs but I see Scott as more of a feature back. What's your opinion

<csteuber> I'd probably go with Charles Scott as well, but I love Gerhart's toughness. I think Gerhart fits best with a speedy RB; the Browns don't have that player at this point.

<billling> do you think tony pike could be another drew brees?

<csteuber> Pike and Brees are very different. Pike reminds me of Matt Ryan; they're tall, lanky QBs that possess great leadership qualities. The player in this draft that reminds me of Drew Brees is Colt McCoy; very similar players.

<ramllov> Chris the Browns have so many needs, maybe consider their priorities, in order for the next chat. The right side of the offensive line, QB, #1 WR, #1 RB, TE and that is just the offense

<ramllov> The defense also has so many needs S, CB, OLB, ILB, DE

<iwannabeadawg> Ram they just need a team

<ramllov> The Browns can't do it in one year, but what do they have to have.

<csteuber> The Browns have too many priorities, not enough quality.

<csteuber> The Browns need an identity and that all starts with a quarterback.

<ramllov> Chris, I am curious, what was your opinion of Brian Veikune, at the time of the draft, DE, Hawaii?

<csteuber> I was actually high on Veikune. I loved him at Hawaii. I have a good relationship with the staff at Hawaii and studied a lot of their film. He was tremendous in college. He was quick off the edge, played with a high motor, relentless. He's a very talented player, I'm not sure why he's not getting much playing time. Barry may have a better idea than me. But I do think Veikune is a player.

<tjugs> Would the Browns be better of bringing in a veteran qb and drating someone in rd 2-4 at qb. Who might fall into those rounds that could develop in a year or two?

<csteuber> I think the Browns have to start over, from top to bottom. They have to clean house except for a handful of players. I think they have to draft a QB, whether it's Jimmy Clausen in the first round or Tony Pike in the second round, they have to find their guy. And from that point, they can move forward as a franchise.

<iwannabeadawg> Can CB Sam Shields of Miami(Fl) be a player that can play in the league for many years or is he just a very unhyped version of Fabian Washington. I really have not had a chance to watch him yet.

<csteuber> Sam Shields is a likely undrafted free agent.

<ramllov> General question, if the Browns new Czar and GM & HC went to a 43 defense, could the OLBs convert to 43 DEs?

<csteuber> Hmmm... interesting question. I don't think Wimbley could play DE in a 4-3, but Matt Roth probably could. He played DE in college.

<ramllov> Chris speaking of Matt Roth, is he too slow to play a good OLB in a 34?

<csteuber> I think he's just too stiff to be a 3-4 OLB. He's a high motor guy, but not a natural athlete.

<ramllov> Chris if we went back to David Veikune, did you see him as a smart player?

<csteuber> I saw him as a player that got off the line as quick as he could, possessed a powerful bull rush and got to the QB very fast. You don't need intelligence to do that.

<ramllov> It appears Mangini is going to convert this pass rusher Veikune into an ILB, sledgehammer type playmaker.

<ramllov> This takes a very smart player

<csteuber> There are a lot of reasons why players end up at Hawaii to play football and smarts isn't one of the requirements. They believe in second chances. Veikune is an outside player, I don't know how he will fair inside.

<traveldawg62> Cleveland needs Tight Ends desperately. I like both Garrett Graham and Ed Dickson as mid round picks. Do you have a preference? Thanks for the chat Chris!!

<csteuber> I like Dickson better, but he's a second or third rounder.

<BarryMcBride> Hey Chris... thanks for hanging out with us for 90 minutes, bro. Much appreciated!!

<csteuber> No problem... I appreciate the chat guys!

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