Holmgren Pondering "Wonderful Opportunity"

On his Seattle radio show, Mike Holmgren appeared to be looking forward to the challenge of re-building the Browns. In addition to the live coverage the OBR had on Twitter (@theobr), Steve King listened in, and offers this recap...

If Mike Holmgren is to be believed, then it appears the Browns football czar position is his job to lose.

And his decision on taking it – or not – could come within a week, if not days, despite the fact he and the Browns have yet to discuss money.

The former outstanding Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers head coach, speaking via telephone from his second home in Arizona while making his weekly appearance on Friday during "The NFL Show" on Seattle radio station KJR-AM (950), said that when he left Cleveland on Wednesday after having met with the Browns hierarchy, principally owner Randy Lerner, since Monday night, "I had a pretty good feeling (that the job was his if he wanted it). I think I have a real good chance.

"It's a pretty wonderful opportunity for anybody. It's a wonderful job with a lot of responsibility. Exactly how it would be set up, is something I still have to think about and let the Browns know. I wanted time to come back here and think about it and talk with people about it."

Holmgren said that if he took the job, he would report only to Lerner.

"There would not be a lot of layers. In fact, there are none," he said.

He had considerable praise for Lerner.

"The big attraction is ownership," he said. "He's a great person and a great man. I had a lot of dealing with the owner. It was refreshing. He's an honest man. He's a real genuine guy.

"He would like the team to play well and do well for the city. He likes the area."

Holmgren also mentioned Lerner when talking about the timetable for making his decision on the Browns job.

"It will be sooner rather than later," he said. "In all fairness to the Browns, I think I need to do that. Randy Lerner deserves that. He's been more than fair with me. He's a very, very honest man.

"It's about as good a job situation as you could ask for in this business. It's why I set the timetable for myself. I think I have to make a decision and let them know."

He is well aware the Browns are a fixer-upper job.

"There's a lot of work to do with the franchise," Holmgren said. "But the challenge of rebuilding is in my blood while others might not look at the situation that way."

In having been a head coach for so long, he's sensitive to the fact that Eric Mangini has been on the job for less than a season with the Browns.

"I like him and think he's a good coach and a bright coach," Holmgren said. "But I have to see. I'd be the first to tell you (that giving a coach just one year) is not fair. But sometimes the tough decisions aren't fair."

He said he'd have to study the quarterback situation, but indicated the Browns have been hurt by going back and forth between two players in Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, a Pacific Northwest native.

Holmgren said he had also talked to another NFL team about a job, but declined to name it. He said he'd also love to be considered for a football czar-like position with Seattle, where he lives most of the year.

His grandchildren live in the Seattle area, and while leaving them would be tough, he made it would not preclude him and his wife, Kathy, from making the move to Cleveland.

"Kathy and I have talked about nothing else (other than the Browns job) the last couple of days," Holmgren said. "If we go somewhere, we go as a team. That's always the way we've done things.

"Times change, and life change, and with air travel and such, that helps things (with staying connected to the grandchildren). I have always taken her into consideration. But it will be my decision in the end. She knows I want to work again."

Holmgren said at the end of the show that he had to get ready to do "a big conference call."

With the Browns?

We'll have to wait and see.

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