Fan View: Inconsistency, Thy Name is Browns

An ecstatic Jeff B. is nonetheless worried about an absent defense and passing game.

Don't bash me over the title of the article.

I'm happy with the win.

I'm happy with the winning streak (even though it barely qualifies as a "streak" at 2 games).

I'm happy that Josh Cribbs and Jerome Harrison WENT OFF today (since you probably saw the game or at least read the game reports, I won't bother rehashing it here).

What is really amazing is Cleveland, even though KC is a BAD team, hung 41 on the Chiefs while Brady Quinn went 10 of 17 for 66 yards and 2 INT's.

I think the rest of the offense is going to sue him for non-support in Cuyahoga County Court come Monday.

Jerome Harrison is probably calling his lawyer right now although he probably went straight to voicemail because Cribbs most likely speed dialed the attorney after his 2nd kickoff return.

Last week Cleveland had a punishing defense en route to it's awesome victory over the Steelers.

This week, not so much.

Last week it was Chris Jennings and Josh Cribbs shouldering the rush load.

This week, we give you the 3rd best performance by a RB in NFL HISTORY.  Mr. Jerome Harrison.

The same Jerome Harrison that is inactive as much as he plays?

The very same one.

When you're a bad football team like Cleveland, you struggle with an identity.

Are they a running team?  Are they a passing team?  Do they play tough defense and field position?

With Cleveland it depends on the week and the opponent. 

In this lost (but slightly improving) season the Browns show us something different week by week.

The only one we can truly count on to bring it week over week seems to be Josh Cribbs (and an argument could be made for LT Joe Thomas as well).

Here's hoping that as this miserable season comes to a close, guys that step up one week, keep stepping up over and over again.

Seeing Jerome Harrison go off for 286 this week and then 26 next week would be disappointing to say the least.

As Mike Holmgren (hopefully) gets set to take over this team, it would be nice to see more consistent performers besides 2.  As many as possible, please.

The Browns have free agency and 11 draft picks next year but it won't be enough if out of 53 guys, you can only count on 2 (Thomas and Cribbs) to deliver consistent results week after week.

In spite of a 3-11 record, the next 3 weeks could be very important for the direction this franchise goes for the next 2-4 years.

Mr. Harrison.  Nice job today.  Really.

Please give us half of that performance for the next 3 weeks and perhaps franchise RB won't be on the shopping list in the offseason.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?


I'm not exactly sure what happened with Scott Pioli in the offseason but my perception was that he spurned the Browns opportunity to sign with the Chiefs.  It's a very small victory, but a victory nonetheless, that the bad Browns beat his bad Chiefs today. 

Ok, I know its petty of me to take pleasure in that but I can't help it.  Victories, real and moral, are so tough to come by with the 2009 Browns so I do admit to smiling when I think of Scott "Genius" Pioli's Chiefs losing to the team he bypassed in the offseason.

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