preseason schedule tops today's newswire. You know the drill."> preseason schedule tops today's newswire. You know the drill.">

Wire: Is It Right to Walk Away?

Stunning all of us who felt that Steeler fans could never do anything useful, has published a thoughtful, realistic look at minority hiring in the NFL and the decisions made by some coaches to turn down what they consider "token interviews". That, and the release of the <A HREF="">preseason schedule</A> tops <A HREF="">today's newswire</A>. You know the drill.

Everyone and his brother knew who was going to get the Lions head coaching job. If Steve Mariucci wanted the job, it was his.

So it's easy to understand why some minority head coaching candidates thought that the Lions might be bringing them in for "token" interviews, so that the team looked good to the league and press. It's easy to understand why some of these candidates rejected the idea of being involved in what appeared to be a blatantly transparent gesture on the part of the Lions.

The result, however, is a quagmire of conflicting demands on minority head coaching candidates, who neither want to be part of a charade or to lose an opportunity, however remote.

Jim Wexell and Dale Lolley have been doing a great job at Steel City Sports, and Jim has written a thought-provoking article, which I've put at the top of the newswire this morning.

SteelCitySports, despite being a fellow Insiders network site, is run by Steeler fans which makes the appearance of some great articles there all the more amazing. Given their lack of opposable thumbs, Steeler fans are forced to repeatedly bang their heads against their keyboards until a web site comes out. It's a time-consuming, painful, process for them, prone to mistakes and frequent headaches.

On the Cleveland Browns side of the universe, we have a series of articles about the Browns pre-season schedule, which was released yesterday afternoon. Apparently, the Falcons and Michael Vick coming to town is a big deal, except that it will be the last game of the pre-season, and Vick will show up for about two series. There's also the new tradition of the "Great Lakes Classic", where two teams worth a billion dollars apiece will fight to the death to see who gives $10,000 more to charity and gets a statue of a boat.

You can tell a lot about different writers by how they handle this story. On some sites, it's all about Michael Vick coming to town because he's a big deal these days. On others, it's about the Packers because, well, I don't know why. Here, I grumble cynically about the pointlessness of pre-season games. Maybe if the tickets cost less for a meaningless game, or if I didn't have to buy them, I might have a different level of excitement. Then again, maybe my coffee hasn't really kicked in yet.

Anyhow, there's one other article on the wire worth a little attention. Roger Brown in the Plain Dealer writes glowingly of QB Anthony Cavillo, who he feels should attract the Browns interest. I disagree with Roger on this one, because I disagree with his premise that either Couch or Holcomb will be gone by the start of training camp. Since I'm usually wrong, that's good news for Roger.

That's what we have on the wire this morning, as seen through the eyes of your humble, caffeine-deficient, Bernie's Insiders webmaster. Have a great day, Dawgs.

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