Separating Reality and Rumors

Rumors are flying in advance of the March 1 roster bonus and restricted free agent deadlines. Will the Browns hold on to Jamel White? What's the team's thinking on Earl Holmes and Corey Fuller? Lane gets you the latest...

Here are Bernie's Insiders, we intend to bring you the latest on the Browns, whether that be cutting edge reporting or some news and notes that you don't hear from just any media outlet, we are here to serve.

With that out of the way, here are some of the latest tidbits that have made their way to Bernie's Insiders.

Restricted free agent running back Jamel White is not going to escape Cleveland without a fight. The Browns want to retain the services of the versatile back, citing a team source, "Jamel (White) provides us with a very credible backup to William Green and he creates opportunities for us offensively that no other back on the roster provides."

Regarding Jamir Miller, the plan basically comes down to "No deal is no deal". The 14-million dollar bonus Miller is scheduled to receive by February 27th is not going to happen, but both sides intend on keeping the communication flow open for a possible deal.

Sources throughout the league believe that the Browns are planning on releasing cornerback Corey Fuller and Earl Holmes. A member of the Browns organization, speaking on condition of anonymity, disputes those rumors: "We have had discussions about certain players, about releasing them, restructuring the present contracts, or signing them to new deals. At this time, we have not determined with any finality what players would fall into this category."

When asked specifically about Fuller and Holmes, we were told that both players are options in the plan.

- Lane

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