Fan View: 3 In a Row. Now, 2 More

Jeff B. loves the Browns winning streak. Now he just needs two more wins. That's right, two.

3rd In A Row. Now I Need 2 More

Hmmm....could Jerome Harrison be the Browns featured back?

Could the defense be starting to gel?

Do the Browns (still) need a QB in the draft and/or free agency?

Well, I answer yes, possibly, to all 3 questions.

That's more than I would have a month ago (outside of the QB question).

I know it means nothing at all but it is nice to see the Browns win. It's been such a tough season that if I can see anything positive, even in garbage time, I'll take it.

I only want 2 more wins.

2 wins?

The Browns, you are probably thinking, have only 1 game left.

That is true.

I want to see both a Browns win against Jacksonville next week so Cleveland can close 5-11.

I want to also see a Miami win so that Pittsburgh is just closed out, period.

Wouldn't it be oh so sweet to see the Steelers knocked out of the playoffs on the final week of the season?

Wouldn't it be even sweeter to know that they could have been in (possibly) only if they hadn't lost to the Browns on that Thursday night game?

Think about it. It's nice that Steeler fan got to see their team win against the Ravens today so that they have HOPE rolling into the last week of the season.

I want so badly to see that hope denied to the Steelers and their fans on the very last week of the regular season. Let them feel what it's like to have the "only if" feeling eating away at them all offseason.

That franchise and those that follow it for sure deserve to know that one of the major factors for missing the postseason was because they were manhandled by the Browns on national TV.

It's actually set up to be one of those "miracle late season Steeler runs" where the ball bounces their way (again) on the way to a deep postseason run.

I for one am sick and tired of seeing that script come to life on my TV screen.

For once it would be nice to see them have to store their Terrible Towels until next September because the Browns stepped up and punked them just a couple weeks back.

As long as I'm dreaming I may as well wish for the playoff scenarios to set up so that the Steelers could have gotten in even if they had lost to Miami next week----that is, if they hadn't lost to Cleveland a few weeks back.

Pittsburgh just missing the postseason would be enough for me, I guess.

However, seeing the Browns game be one of the major factors for them missing the playoffs would make it extra sweet.

Wow. What a great way to start 2010 that would be!

Go Browns!

Go Dolphins!

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