Taylor's Tales From the Notebook

John Taylor may have enjoyed this game, but it didn't... complete... him. In other words, he's apparently not Tom Cruise, and this team is no Renee Zellweger. But color him intrigued. And full of adult language, as usual.

-- For the first time since 2007, we have the opportunity to discuss and wallow in the joy of a three-game winning streak.  And, for some reason, I can't find a way to get myself amped or jacked about the winning ways this season has taken.

-- No, it has nothing to do with the three vanquished foes being Kansas City, Oakland and a stunningly average Pittsburgh team.  That's not it.  At all.

-- It has everything to do with the fact that no one knows with any degree of certainty whether the current head coach, who's watched his team gel into a somewhat respectable NFL outfit, will be the future head coach once the curtain closes on the 2009 season.  Regardless of the level of competition the last three Sundays, there has been progress made since the abysmal start to Eric Mangini's tenure in Cleveland.

-- Will we see that progress continue under a man, a coach, who is as polarizing figure as there's been since… well… his mentor was vilified in the same city some 18 years ago?  Or will whatever progress has been made be handed off to a to-be-determined coach?

-- Perhaps new team president Mike Holmgren will offer some clarity when he meets with the media, via a conference call, tomorrow afternoon.  It would seem likely, however, that we'll be no closer to ascertaining the identity of the Browns head coach in 2010 than we are right now once the Big Walrus – I'll use that in lieu of the Big Show, thank you very much – is finished pissing off the assembled beat people because he didn't… well… because they are who they are.

-- Lest there be any confusion, I'm far from a staunch proponent of bringing Mangini back.  In fact, you could label me as a borderline agnostic and I would offer nary a complaint if that label were tossed in my general direction.  Or if you forwarded an argument that Mangini should be gone.  Or retained.  However, the way this team has developed and grown has me more than slightly intrigued as to what Mangini could bring to an organization – this organization – if he were to simply be the head football coach.  He's in over his head as the Grand Poobah of the Cleveland Browns, and what he did to his "friend" the ex-GM is borderline criminal.  However, if his focus were strictly on Sundays, on wearing just one hat instead of the five or ten… or twenty… that he currently wears, I think he could be an amazing game-day coach.  Better yet, I think he could be a Lombardi-caliber head coach.

-- Of course, I'm also the same person who has bitched on the ‘net and in print about how mistreated Jerome Harrison has been, and how how his talent was being wasted.  Wait, what's that…

-- Jerome Harrison, the last two weeks: 434 yards, four touchdowns.

-- Romeo Crennel, you are officially a bonafide, Peter Principle ass.  Eric Mangini, you were a bonafide ass for the first half of the season.  There is a tremendous talent literally rotting away on the bench – or on the inactive list – on a team bereft of playmakers, and you jackasses plant his butt squarely on the bench because… ummm… he supposedly can't block?  Shame on you, and shame on this organization for allowing this to happen.

-- This kid, Harrison, has deserved better for three-plus years, and while it's nice to see him beginning to blossom, the abysmal and inexplicable personnel decisions this organization has made have stripped this kid – the best kid you could ever hope to have on your team – of three years of his football career.  It's a shame, it's a travesty, it's a shamesty, what's been done to this offensive talent.

-- The word "fuck", I've heard, is rude.  What's been done to Harrison is beyond fucking rude.

-- DA, you owe Mohammed Massaquoi something.  A fruit basket, a thoughtful note, something as the first-year receiver saved your Beaver butt in the middle of the third quarter.  And this was just a segue for…

-- Speaking of Massaquoi, he's turning into a nice little (big) receiver, isn't he?  Throughout the season, the rookie from Georgia has steadily progressed, and has shown flashes that he could be an above-average playmaker at the position.  Is he a No. 1?  The jury is still out on that but, again, the flash is there.  Is he a No. 2?  The early signs would point to that being his absolute floor as an NFL receiver.  There should be no doubt, though, that Massaquoi is an intriguing prospect moving ahead and a potential playmaker this organization can build around.

-- You can take the Cleveland… and Seattle… out of Charlie Frye, but you'll never remove Frye's name from any list naming the shittiest quarterbacks of the past twenty years.  Or something like that.

-- How appropriate was it that Frye's first pass in Cleveland Browns Stadium in nearly three full seasons was one of his signature WTFers?

-- What in the name of Froggy from the Little Rascals is wrong with Don Criqui's voice?  Sounds like he's in perpetual need of Mucinex or something.  Sometimes I find myself coughing in the hopes that he somehow hears it through the TV and hacks up whatever it is that's clogging his airways.

-- Speaking of voices, referee Jeff Triplette has one that makes me want to punch him square in the throat.


-- Apropos of nothing, the Zac Brown Band – saved the DVR of the CMA's because of THIS performance -- is the best thing to happen to music, any kind of music, in a very long time.  Well, since Jamey Johnson anyway.  Oh, and Sugarland too.  No better voice than Jennifer Nettles.  Or a hotter chick.

-- I was country when country wasn't cool.  Again.

-- Just need to get this out of the way and off my chest: the entire Indianapolis Colts organization is full of vaginas.  Sweaty, nasty, salmon-like vaginas.  If I were wearing a horseshoe right now, I would be ashamed.  The commissioner didn't step in two years ago when they fucked the Browns, and they won't step in now, but they need to.  Kudos, though, to Peyton Manning for being rightfully and righteously pissed over the vagina-like tack the Colts organization took yet again.

-- Getting back to the Browns.  I don't know if Mangini deserves another season.  What I think I know is that he might deserve another one with a strong president above him and his sole focus being on the coaching side of the ledger.

-- Again, though, I'm a Mangini agnostic.  Although I do believe I think I know what he could do wearing a singular hat.

-- One thing I'm absolutely certain of: Holmgren is paying absolutely zero attention to the pundits who already have Mangini on the unemployment line.  Their premise could turn out to be correct, but it won't be until after Holmgren has done his due diligence. 

-- Three in a row.  Kudos, Eric Mangini and the 2009 Cleveland Browns. 

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