Mangini Confident in Direction

The Browns head coach believes the team is headed in the right direction. More importantly, perhaps, he believes that his new boss will see it the same way.

BEREA-- Newly appointed team president Mike Holmgren is speaking with the media Monday evening, but Mangini said he wasn't really waiting to hear what Holmgren would be saying.

"I won't be on the conference call, but I'm happy with the progress that we've made," he said. "I'm sure I'll be in contact with Mike."

Mangini said he spoke to Holmgren last week, but said it wasn't concerning his job status.

"We spoke a little last week, early in the week," he said. "It wasn't big picture things. It was where I was going and where he was going. He appreciates the task at hand (upcoming games) and that's what we're trying to do."

Would Mangini be able to adapt to the West Coast type of offense that Holmgren tends to enjoy?

"I've never gotten into all the coaching what ifs," he said. "We brought in Bill Callihan last year to the Jets and he was a West Coast guy and there are some things I liked from that. My goal was to take the best concepts from each of the systems and make it our own."

Could the West Coast be run in Cleveland with the inclement weather in the late season?

"They ran it in Green Bay pretty effectively."

Mangini said that he is not deterred by whatever happens.

"I've been in some interesting situations in my career," he said. "I have a pretty thick skin. It's the coaches and players that matter."

Mangini said he truly believes the Browns are heading in the right direction.

"It's not being flippant or arrogant," he said. "I believe in what we're doing and certain core things. Whatever decisions are made externally I will be comfortable with. Every day we come in and work hard. There has been no relaxing and a lot of tough decisions."

Mangini said that he is not surprised the Browns have won three in a row after starting 1-11.

"I go into every game believing that we can win," he said. "If you go into a game thinking any other way, the players can sense it."

Executive advisor Jim Brown has said after the past two games that Mangini deserves to continue to coach the Browns. Mangini said he appreciates his support. He also indicated that Bernie Kosar has been supportive.

"The thing about that is Jim's in the meetings and sees and experiences what's going on," he said. "Jim doesn't mince words. He believes in what he says. What's comforting is someone of Jim's status and experience respects what we're doing.

"Bernie Kosar is the same way," he said. "A lot of times people tell you what they think you want to hear."

Mangini said the Browns are playing their best football of the season. He said the 23-9 win over the Raiders was the team's best game of the season.

"It was probably our best game in terms of complimentary football," Mangini said. "It was a lot closer to what I expect each week."

If given the chance, Mangini said he'd like to continue what started next year.

"I'd like to see the continuation of what we've been doing," he said. "The players are playing together and when everyone is playing together the results are better. What I've seen develop is having people who are like-minded it's amazing what people can do."

Jerome for 1000?: If Jerome Harrison can pick up 265 yards against the Jaguars in the season finale, he will hit the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career. That would be remarkable considering he would've really only had legitimate opportunities to tote the ball in four games.

Is 265 yards possible? Yes. He did run for 286 just a week ago.

Is it probable? No.

Harrison has 434 yards on 73 carries in his last two games, including four touchdowns. He also had a touchdown run called back against the Raiders on an illegal block.

After carrying the ball 29 times for 121 yards against the Bengals on Oct. 4, Harrison only received 23 carries in the next seven games. He had none against the Ravens and was inactive against the Lions.

The Browns once anemic rushing attack has moved up to 10th in the NFL after picking up 164 rushing yards against the Raiders—148 by Harrison.

Mangini continues to insist it's the collective effort of the offense for the resurgence.

"I think it's a group effort," Mangini said. "Chansi Stuckey had a great day blocking. Mohamed Massaquoi had a great day blocking. Those guys don't always get the credit."

Injury Update: Mangini said that WR Brian Robiskie and DL Kenyon Coleman have not been ruled out for the last game but did say that Coleman had a better chance of playing that Robiskie. Coleman was on crutches after the game.

"I'm not sure on either guy definitive," he said. "I think Kenyon has a better chance than Brian does."

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