Mangini's Swan Song With the Media?

For perhaps the final time as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, Eric Mangini speaks to the media, says he won't have to sell himself to his new boss...

Here are some highlights of Eric Mangini's press conference:

Q: Do you feel you have to sell yourself to Mike Holmgren?:

Mangini: "I don't look at it that way. I expect to have a good, honest discussion of what we did this year. What things are and what they will be."

"That's not going to be my approach at all," he said. "I have a job and I respect Mike and appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience he has."

Q: Do you have any regrets for anything done?:

Mangini: "I believe in what we do and why it's important to do what we do. Some of the decisions were right and some were wrong. Mike has a lot of experience in things and it's a function of what direction we're going in and if we're go in that direction together."

Q: Is it important to have to answer these questions one year into your program?:

Mangini: "It's not that tough. That's the way these things work. I don't think it's fair for me to be worried about myself when I brought in the assistant coaches and they have families. I think it's only fair to have some clarity for them."

Q; Who is your quarterback going forward?:

Mangini: "That's the great thing about having Mike Holmgren. He knows a lot about quarterbacks and we'll see what he thinks about it."

Q: Would you handle the quarterback position any differently?:

Mangini: "No, I wouldn't. I don't think there is anything wrong to have two good quarterbacks to state their case. I think both of them grew and learned. It was an equal opportunity for both guys."

Q: Could you work with a GM who controls the draft and player procurement?:

Mangini: "I would rather cross that bridge when it happens. I don't think there's any team in the league that the coach doesn't have input."

Q: Could the team make the playoffs next season?:

Mangini: "A lot of that depends on many factors. Each season is an entity in itself."

Players of the Game: Mangini said that OL Joe Thomas was the Offensive player of the game and CB Eric Wright was the defensive player of the game. K Phil Dawson was the special teams player of the game and OL Pat Murray was the practice player of the week.

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