Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

A rollicking Browns Uncensored chat from Thursday night is more-or-less captured in this heavily edited transcript. Another good hour or so of Browns talk with Dave, Lane, and Dawgs from all over the planet. Topics included the draft, KJ, those Couch trade rumors, offensive line, Butch, ... you name it, we probably talked about it.

superfork2002 Hey Lane what do you think of all the rumors about TC?
ramllov How serious are the Browns on signing a LT? Or is it going to be a drafted LT?
Lane Things like this are expected when there is a QB issue and other teams are looking for a QB
Lane I'm not quite sure which way that will go
Lane Oh, the Browns would LIKE to get a LT
superfork2002 so you think hes gone or no?
Lane If the right deal is offered, I would not be surprised to see him go.
Lane I do believe that it would be a mistake though
superfork2002 I do to but he seems to have a personal problem with Cleveland
Lane Well, we have only a couple options, free agency or the draft..........Oh, yes, there could be a trade :-)
KJ I have serious questions on Kellys durability
Lane I have reservations that Holcomb can lead this team for extended period of time
KJ Bryant...Bryant...*L*
superfork2002 Well if Kelly gets hurt then it would be Booty or Barnes right
KJ bad news
Lane IF Couch were traded, I guess those would be the options if no other QB were on the roster
superfork2002 Is Booty good enough to be the number 2 guy
Lane Who wouldn't want Bryant, be foolish not to want the man on the left side of your offensive line
KJ What's the word on giving Fuller his bonus?
Jackson It was reported on a Denver radio station that the Browns had contacted Leigh Steinberg about Brian Griese. Heard anything about that?
Lane Haven't heard that, except from that rumor
Lane I wouldn't be comfortable with Booty as the #2 guy, not at this time
DavidCarducci Hello
Lane Hey Dave
KJ Will we tender Sanders and re-sign?
braddawg any premium LT's to avoid the tag?
Lane Petigout may not be tagged
braddawg any interest in Petigout by the FO
superfork2002 Hey what about Nesbit or Nutten would they be upgrades?
Lane Both would be
mikek_2001us so the big question of the day.....Are the Browns going to trade couch and if so what can they get?
ramllov If they Traded Tim Couch what good the realistically get for him?
superfork2002 then we could keep verba at LT
DavidCarducci I hadn't heard that either. I talked to a few people close to the team who said they heard the rumors with Couch, but would be shocked if he was dealt. I'd say I'm 99-percent sure it won't happen
mikek_2001us so do you think he will be relegated to 2nd string?
Jackson What free agent LB will the Browns go after? Will any of the Cowboy lb's be available?
Lane I would love to see this team add a player like Spikes and/or Simmons (wishful thinking)
ramllov How much would Simmons cost and which LB position would he play?
petedogg51 do you think we would cut verba and use his and wholabahs monney on a bigtime LT
Lane I don't believe that Verba has anything to worry about
superfork2002 I saw today that Roosevelt Colvin is a FA? He had a bunch of sacks last year too and plays OLB
Jackson Can we really start
ramllov Is Verba the LT of 2003?
Lane If the Browns do not obtain a LT, most likely he is
DavidCarducci I think Verba is best suited for guard
mikek_2001us So David C who do you think the browns will draft?
DavidCarducci Mike, I keep hearing Steinbach everytime I talk to anyone in the know
Jackson Can we really start Fowler and Qasim at C and G?
Lane Jackson, I don't know if that is realistic to start the season
KJ u betcha
DawgHowl any word on free agents the browns are targeting
mikek_2001us David I am not up to date on who he is can you give me some info on him?
KJ makes me wonder why he was at LG at Iowa
Lane Steinbach is the name on the offensive side of the ball and McDougle is the name on the defensive side of the ball
robdawgie Do you really think Steinbach will fall to us???
petedogg51 any chance of us moving up and getting a shut down corner
Lane Doubtful, they would have to get into the top 10-12
Greg Lane/Dave... what are the chances that the Browns would take an OL with their first pick? 10%%? 11?
ramllov I heard they were interested in NOble from Dallas DT? How strong of a run DT is he?
Lane Depending on who was on the board still
DavidCarducci Yes. He's a former TE from Iowa who made a very solid move to tackle. He played very well at the senior bowl.
robdawgie Speaking of Iowa TE's, is Dallas Clark an option on day one?
Lane Steinbach has great feet, very agile and athletic, has worked on his weight and strength
robdawgie He is a true ""H-Back""
Jackson Dave - you like Steinbach - will he be there at 21?
DavidCarducci Jackson, all the studying I've done points to Steinbach being a potential stud. I've read where he's been compared to Turley a big, and that seems right. If he is there, I couldn't argue with the pick, but he is moving up and there are not many good T's in the draft
KJ Any word about giving Holmes and Fuller these bonuses due the end of february?
Lane Hearing that they are not out of the woods yet, but both have a solid chance of returning
superfork2002 Joppru is being compared to shockey and i think we are interested in him
mikek_2001us ok how about this Trade couch to ariz for their 2nd round pick and switch firsts what does everyone think about that then take the best o linemen or def tackle in the draft?
mikek_2001us give me some feedback please
DavidCarducci I think they would be making a major, major mistake by trading Couch
Jackson Have the Browns shown an interest in Steinbach?
Greg Lane, I know it's a moot point, but I have to ask.... Are there any discussions going on regarding a particular LT currently on the Vikings roster?
Lane There was some talk, but I do not believe that anything will materialize from it
DavidCarducci Greg, I've been told by two different people that they'd like to investigate getting McKinnie, but didn't think it was possible
DawgHowl couch isnt really on the trading block is he?
DavidCarducci DawgHowl, no he's not
robdawgie Why David?? They get better at another position and IMO I don't think we have the luxury of a big money backup...
Vmoney Any truth to Courtney being shopped around? if so, what would they be asking for coming off a serious surgery?
petedogg51 what about CB is he going to be cut or givin another chance
Greg I'm sure they won't give up on him... thanks guys
DawgHowl didnt think so....what about Courtney Brown?
KJ r we discussing bringing Lewis Sanders back?
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, I think Couch is the best option as the No. 1 quarterback. They aren't going to deal him before the start of camp just after what Holcomb did against some very below average defenses. It just isn't smart, especially when there are other ways to improve at other positions.
Greg Lane/Dave... how are the ""focus"" meetings going with the team? Have they identified some clear direction for the FA period and the draft?
DavidCarducci Believe me, I understand why so many of you are anti-couch, or at least think a move is in order, but for now it would be short sighted
mikek_2001us ok in your opinion who is the better qb to get wins with this franchise?
robdawgie THanks Dave, and I agree with you about Couch....I just think there is a risk Holcomb will beat him and all of that money and time would be wasted; His value will NEVER be higher if he loses this battle. I don't think he will but it's still a risk...
Jackson Dave- then do you really think there will be a fair open competition at qb?
DavidCarducci Jackson, I think there will be the appearance of a quarterback competition in camp. THere almost has to be. But they will do everything in there power to have Couch win the job
petedogg51 david are you related to kenny roda sticking up for couch like that
DavidCarducci petedogg51, nope. Not related to him. I've just seen too many good quarterbacks who were up and down early, who had the fans and media against him, who eventually came out of it.
Lane Brown's rehab will be a long process for which a player at the posiiton of physical demand such as defensive end, there could be a long spell until he is near 100%%
Vmoney Any indication of how Courtney's rehab is going? Very hush hush so far..
DavidCarducci Vmoney. All I know about that is what we heard a few weeks back, that the injury was far more serious than anyone let on. I've heard though that that they expect him to come back healthy by camp, and that the problems with the defensive staff really hurt his progress.
KJ Will any of the Insiders be at the Combines next week?
Lane Yes, some Insiders will be at the combines
Guest227 how can the coach allow Holcomb to out play couch and then be benched.. are we not suppose to put the best talent on the field
Guest227 How can Holcomb starrting witht he freed up money form couches contract as well as an extra pick not be better for the team short terma and long term
ArtBtz 227, Davis will put the best QB out there. He's paid to win. Davis is also slow to change his mind sometimes... remember how wild the front office and Davis were on Couch when they gave him the extension in 2001?
KJ Art...and us pee-on fans have NOTHING to do with it
petedogg51 david who do you think there first round pick will be
DavidCarducci Petedogg, I think they'd love to get Steinbach. I've heard they could go defensive line again too, with a few names mentioned there.
DawgHowl if holcomb outplays couch, I doubt Davis will give the starting job to couch
superfork2002 Could the Browns trade up and pick up a shutdown CB
Lane Don't see it happening, superfork
ramllov Are the Browns satisfied with the Cornerbacks in camp?
Lane I would say that there are valid concerns in the secondary as a whole
Vmoney Will Lang be in a browns uni next year for sure?
Lane Lang will return
ArtBtz Lang isn't a big cap hit, so I would say yes.
robdawgie Hey guys....I was wondering how hard it would be to sneak in the isn't a far drive my house to Indy....
DavidCarducci I'm hoping to get to the combines, but it depends on a number of factors. I had gone every year up until alst year
Lane You won't make it in, especially this year, they have really tighened down the process from what we have been told. Now, you may be able to spend valuable time outside the event
robdawgie I still might try....
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, I actually made it inside once under the pretense of wanting to just get a peak at what it looked like. That was in 1999. Security guard let me watch for 10 to 15 minutes
skippy54345 Not sure if this was asked before, but are the Browns seriously considering to go with a Defensive Lineman early in the draft.
Guest227 beside the first 2 rounds.. what needs dot he browns think they can address in the latter rounds.. and who are they keeping their eye on in the latter rounds?
superfork2002 juilian Battle?
KJ What's your feelings about Woolfolk at 21 if he's available and Gross, Harris and Steinbach r gone?
DavidCarducci There are two potential first round picks from the Hurricanes, so that should be a good hint
KJ Go Dave...we need coverage [wink]
Jackson KJ - agree -McDougle, Peterson, or Joseph in round 1 if we can't get an o-lineman
ramllov Are we going to have a special chat during the Combine ? Art?
ArtBtz THat depends on getting some balky laptops working, Ram.
DawgHowl I would be all for McDougle as long as Steinbach, Harris are off the board by then
ramllov Thanks Art!
Lane Them 1980's models just don't cut it anymore AB :-)
petedogg51 do you think they would have any chance of picking up tebucky jones
superfork2002 Wilhelm last pick maybe?
Vmoney any updates on Mount McKinnie? still interested?
Lane Always an interest in McKinnie
Vmoney Lane/Dave, KJ is always in the doghouse, what is the deal with that?
DavidCarducci Vmoney, KJ is more in the doghouse now than ever, from what I've heard. He makes a lot of little mistakes that aren't always noticable to the fans, but that hurt the team more than anyone would know. He is not highly thought of by the team.
ArtBtz KJ's got some basketball expertise, though. HE's been at every big High School game this year, I think.
Lane There is a very good chance that KJ will be dealt, better now than at any prior time
DavidCarducci I like KJ personally. I do think he makes a number of mental mistakes, and the team is not happy with the fact that he talks about being the go-to guy, then fails to make the little plays that the No. 1 guy should make
howldawg david inthe dawghouse with the team or butch?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, he is in the doghouse with butch
robdawgie Dave so you think he is gone?? I know he is a poor blocker but I didn't think it was that bad.....could we squeeze Philly's #1 out of them for him??
DavidCarducci I don't think you can get anything better than a third round pick for KJ right now unless it is from a team very much in need of a WR.
Vmoney is it still worth it to trade him for a 3rd or 4th round pick?
Vmoney KJ that is
DavidCarducci Vmoney, I didn't think it would be worth it until recently
superfork2002 What about Colvin OLB or Robinson FS NYJ?
Lane Colvin would be nice, don't care much for Robinson
ramllov Lane Dave? How good is this draft? comparison to other years?
Lane Honestly Ram, I haven't focused enough on it to this point to give you an answer that I am comfortable with
howldawg lang counts two mill is he really felt to be worth it?
ArtBtz Interesting thing about Lang's contract is that his price goes down next year. They'll hold on to him, I guess.
Lane AB has been doing his homework :-)
petedogg51 are they going to bring back hambrick lane
Lane I believe that Hambrick is like a 4th option
coolhands If Policy leaves would the Browns promote Lal Heneghan or bring in someone from outside the organization?
DavidCarducci coolhands, I think both could and would happen. Heneghan would take a bigger role and they'd bring in someone possibly from the outside.
petedogg51 any chance of picking up walter jones if he hits the free agent market lane
Lane Jones will be tagged
Lane His agent expects it
petedogg51 what about simmons then
Lane They are working hard on Simmons (Seattle is)
Guest227 Are the players afraid of butch.. or dont they trust him.. if they are afraid of garcia going to butch with info???
Guest227 or are they intimidated by him
Lane Butch is a good coach, some players feel that not everyone is equal
Greg Jimmy Johnson said when he was at Dallas that everyone isn't equal... he had no problem with that... he said stars who work their asses off get treated like stars... I think he purposely set up the double standard to motivate people to reach the point where they would be treated differently
Lane It is much deeper than that here, Greg, And, no I can not elaborate in this setting tonight
DavidCarducci Guest227, there was a big misunderstanding regarding Gerard Warren that several players were upset about. He had a good excuse for missing a practice, but the communication between the coaching staff and the players was not good, and it looked like Butch was playing favorites by not punishing Warren.
DavidCarducci THere are some other things that didn't always sit well.
DavidCarducci I think the poor relationship Butch had with some of his assistants didn't help, either.
DavidCarducci And that wasn't Butch's fault.
Lane Agree 100%% with Dave on that
ramllov How much of a trade up value is KJ if the Browns traded their first choice with KJ how far up the first round would they go?
DavidCarducci Ram, it would depend on the value other teams put on KJ. Maybe four or five spots, I guess.
Jackson CBS sportsline says tonight that players are leary of saying anything to Pete Garcia because he goes right back to Butch. Do you sense any bad vibes toward Garcia from the players?
Lane On Garcia, Pete is a good man and I am sure that he would only do what is in the best interests of the Cleveland Browns :-)
robdawgie Lane, the Rams franchised Kevin Carter and traded him for a Pace's tag a good thing for the Browns or is he out of site?
Lane 2 first rounders? Forget it for player that has enormous salary demands and coming off some injuries
ramllov How much improvement on the defense will we see with the new set of coaches?
Vmoney Dave, how do you think the new coaching staff will benefit the team, can they greatly improve or still missing some players?
DavidCarducci Vmoney, the situation with some of the former assistants was worse than anyone thought. If nothing else, Butch can have some confidence that his staff will be carrying out their duties. I think Butch has a whole lot more faith in the current additions. I also think the problems with the staff last year seriously hurt the development of some of the young defensive players.
Lane There was a player/coach area of issue within the structure of this team that was a problem. That issue is expected to be completely eliminated
petedogg51 do you think q michell will be starting next year lane
Lane At some point he may be, I would worry if he was starting next to Fowler in the opener though
mikek_2001us ok so how agressive will the browns be in F/A this year?
Lane If some issues that the FO is working on are completed, they will be a player in FA
howldawg How soon will anyone get a chance to see if big money is getting readdy to play or just eat himself out of the league??
Lane Warren is expected in camp in very good physical condition, we will see
Lane He appeared to be the reincarnation of the Pillsbury DoughBoy last season
ramllov Couch Brown renegotiated contracts for 2003
superfork2002 they both renegotiated or they are going to?
Lane Both are expected to at some point
SiouxDawg Can Warren be a pro-bowler under Campo.
ramllov Lane David Where are they going to find a run stopping DT?
Lane Depends on which Warren comes to play
petedogg51 lane what about tebucky jones as a free agent
Lane Unless you feel good with Griffith and Little starting at safety, looking at Jones may be a very good option
ramllov Is Jamison looked upon as the future starting Free Safety?
DavidCarducci I've heard that Butch is fairly confident that Griffith will come back strong this year. He blamed his lack of production on injuries. He was never really healthy this year.
robdawgie Yes...Is Lorenzo Neal's name popping up at all lately??
ArtBtz Lorenzo is talking about staying home, believe it or not.
howldawg any signs of what the starting line may look like to begincamp
DavidCarducci howldawg, there are so many things that could happen between now and camp, but I think Verba to G would be a good move. I think center is a bigger question mark than anyone believed, and O'Hara might end up being the answer there for at least this year. He is a better fit at C then LG.
redright O'Hara beating out Wohlabaugh and Fowler for starting Center?
DawgHowl O'hara was horrible this past season
DavidCarducci I think O'Hara was just very much out of position. He can be an decent backup because of his versatility and his work ethic. And he could be a decent stopgap at center as a starter for a year
KJ Dave...agreed...O'hara for depth
DavidCarducci KJ, there are some very good interior linemen in the draft. And the things you are hearing about Qasim Mitchell are true, although maybe not for this year. They really like him
DavidCarducci Both Stokes and O'Hara are very nice 6th and 7th linemen.
Guest227 would Butch put a 4-5 round pick on the Rb from miami???
Guest227 Injuries always make player drop int he draft.. especially as the draft nears
DavidCarducci Guest227, I wouldn't put anything more than a 7th rounder on him coming off that injury.
ArtBtz BTW, HotNews today on McGahee, if you want to check it out after the chat.
SiouxDawg If Verba moves to guard, will he take a major pay-cut?
DavidCarducci SiouxDawg, I doubt it.
howldawg dave is magee(miami rb)a steal in 7th?
DavidCarducci Howl, he is if he can come back healthy. Possibly a major steal
Greg David... what has Qasim Mitchell been up to since going on IR last year?
DavidCarducci Greg, I saw Qasim several times in the locker room, walking just fine. I know the staff likes him, and that has to mean that he has worked very hard this year, both in his rehab and in learing what they've asked
KJ gotta build up the interior line...problem is...HOW????/
KJ understood...but u know that after the mid 2nd round u don't get an immediate starter
KJ we got a problem
DavidCarducci KJ, you are very right. That is why it drafting a T early and moving Verba makes sense to me.
redright David, who else beside Q may have developed into an offensive lineman of starting quality? Gonzo? Zuk?
DavidCarducci I don't think Gonzalez is anywhere close. I keep hoping Zukauskas. He showed flashes.
SiouxDawg Dave, can we really pay Verba 4 million a year to play guard?
DavidCarducci SiouxDawg, ideally not, but if that's where he is needed, it is the move that has to be made.
mikek_2001us Dave or lane is there any way the LT from Stanford drops all the way to 21?
Lane Kwame Harris does not drop to 21
KJ Dave...a 2nd year lineman who was on IR all his rookie year can't possibly come in and be IMPACT...question is, how do you feel about throwing him in there at RG and letting the positives outweigh the negatives while building continuity on this line?
DavidCarducci KJ, it would depend on how he does in camp. I still think a rookie tackle with Stokes and Verba at the G's and O'Hara at center, and Tucker at RT is the most likely option, not taking into consideration the potential of a free-agent signing.
petedogg51 lane what about gandy from pit for LT
Lane I have not heard of interest in Gandy from the Browns perspective presently
Greg gandy is dandy, and may come in handy, but he may not be all that we wish.. :)
Lane LOL
ArtBtz Damn, Greg.
ArtBtz You need another beer, dude.
Greg LOL, AB... I needs lots of 'em
Lane :-)
robdawgie Anything about Turley??
Lane NO wants a first round pick for Turley, IF they decide to move him
Greg I want Butch to rock my world and make Mckinnie in a Browns uniform a reality...
Lane Mount McKinnie
Lane Enough of that!
DawgHowl McKinnie is just a pipe dream unfortunately
Lane Most likely he is
redright David, the last two super bowl winners did it with make shift O-lines. What are our chances of developing such a line?
DavidCarducci Redright. I'm not sure. I always hear so much about continuity being so imporant. Tackles knowing they don't have to worry about their inside shoulders, etc. ANd so far the Browns have had no continuity on the line. If the Browns are going to win with a makeshift line, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe the best bet is to draft two first-day linemen, put them in right away and let them develop. That's the one thing this team hasn't tried.
ramllov The Browns have to make smart moves in FA and the draft this year's schedule will be a monster
DavidCarducci It could be a monster schedule, but any schedule that allows me to play Pebble Beach is a good schedule in my book. Let's just make sure we play the 49ers in the first month or so, though.
Lane Sorry guys, I have to go, fire additional questions off in the Insiders Forum, I will see you all there..........take care
Greg see ya Lane
Lane Late
redright Pebble Beach? Was a $400 green fee. what's it now?
DavidCarducci Redright, it's still in the $400 range. Last time I played it, it was $375
ramllov Andra Davis, has he heeled so that his quickness and speed is back from his college injury?
DavidCarducci Ram, Davis was faster than people thought. He could be groomed as the starter in a year.
robdawgie there anything behind the Arrington rumors?
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, I haven't heard anything substantial. Right now things like that are usually media-made speculation. It's so darned hard to make a big blockbuster trade in today's NFL.
ramllov David Darrel Sanders how close is he?
DavidCarducci Ram, it's hard to say. Sanders did very little last year, but at the same time he looked pretty good in practice from what I've heard (and what I saw in the 20 minutes a day I was allowed to watch). Players seem to like him, and if Campbell is not brought back, which is very possible, Sanders will be asked to take on a bigger role
Jackson Are the Browns going to have new uniforms this year?
DavidCarducci Jackson, it's a good question. I've heard everything from metalic helmets, to metalic orange pants, to brown pants, to normal orange pange.
ArtBtz Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
DavidCarducci Frustrating. Don't change tradition.
DawgHowl what??? dont change the uniforms
KJ That Orange SUCKS ASS
DavidCarducci Take it easy. It doesn't mean it is going to happen. The Browns have tested metalic orange helmets, though, and haven't been able to get the color to match tha pants.
redright Dave what secondary players may not be back? Campbell, Jackson, and a host of backup receivers
DavidCarducci Redright, my bet is that Campbell will not be back. Jackson is probably doubtful to return. Obviously Bush. Shea will probably be back.
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. Important phone call.
DavidCarducci Talk to you all later.

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