Adkins: What We've Been Told

Lane delivers the latest skinny from deep inside the Berea bunker, including what the club may be thinking at the QB position...

- Team president Mike Holmgren did not decide the fate of head coach Eric Mangini until the morning he notified the head coach he would continue on with the organization.

- Holmgren requested plenty of material and details on how the organization was run, constructed and operated – both prior to and after the termination of GM George Kokinis. Holmgren came away somewhat surprised to the extent the organization had changed since Mangini was hired in January 2009 -- and impressed with the structure and attention to detail provided throughout the process.

- A major selling point in favor of Mangini was how the team competed, improved and never quit when there was little to play for but pride -- especially due to the impression the head coach was likely to be relieved of his duties with the Holmgren hire.

- The new honchos in charge, Holmgren and new general manager Tom Heckert, remain surprised an 1-11 team could win out while passing for only 91 yards per game. This was regarded as a testament to the head coach, the system in place and those players laying on the line.

- Speaking of Heckert, and as reported in theOBR Blog and ATI forums, the new GM is expected to add one former associate from the Eagles in the near future, with a couple others possibly finding their way to Cleveland after the 2010 college player draft.

- While discussing additions to the Browns front office and scouting staff, Holmgren would still like to secure the services of Seattle director of pro personnel Will Lewis, as well as potentially two additional members of the Seahawks organization.

- Early indications are neither Holmgren or Heckert are overly impressed with the QBs on the roster. Derek Anderson is expected to be released prior to his lofty roster bonus coming due, but the real puzzler is Brady Quinn. On film, Quinn is far from impressive and Holmgren wants to spend some time with the QB. As was the case when evaluating the head coach, Holmgren wants to determine if Quinn is the 'right' guy to lead this team.

- As the Quinn issue hangs out there, Holmgren has requested and digested a significant amount of information on the QBs available in the upcoming draft.

- With the free agent market relatively weak at the QB position, the Browns could be potentially interested in Philadelphia Eagles QBs Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb, if available. Upon his hire in Cleveland, Heckert was informed that neither McNabb nor Kolb were available for trade. We'll see what transpires as the off-season progresses and teams begin to lob names and dollar signs around.

- Prior to the exodus of the player personnel department, an evaluation process was ongoing specifying team needs for the player heading into 2010. Quality and depth at cornerback and safety were identified, along with speed and size at ILB and tight-end. The quarterback position was termed as in dire need of an upgrade, as well as quality along the right-side of the offensive line and depth.

- Coming off the college prep work of those in the personnel department, the top-two noted collegiate QBs in regards to the Browns were Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame and Tony Pike of Cincinnati. Safety, an area of concern had Eric Berry and Taylor Mays ranked 1A and 1B.

- The status of the CBA can change the complexion of the game come March. Without a new contract in place between the league and players, the vast majority of potential UFA (unrestricted free agent) players will be re-categorized as RFA (restricted free agent) players, thinning the talent base considerably. Furthering the free-agent issue is, the top-eight teams can only sign a free-agent player when they lose one. Additionally, teams will have the ability to franchise tag one player and transition tag two players -- albeit only UFA players.

- Presently the Browns have six potential RFA players on the roster. LB's D'Qwell Jackson and Matt Roth, FB Lawrence Vickers, S's Brodney Pool and Abe Elam and RB Jerome Harrison. Within the next month, the Browns are expecting to reach out to some of these players regarding contract extensions and avoiding the FA issue for years to come.

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