Lane's Bite-Sized Browns Tidbits

It's that Lane Adkins 411 you want, now in convenient snack-sized scooptoids! As an odd juxtaposition, one of these nuggets involves the not-exactly-petite Shaun Rogers. Dive in for more...

- The Browns should know within the next few days whether they can add a couple members of the Seattle Seahawks organization to the staff in Cleveland. An evaluation process has begun, as members of the Seahawks' front office have yet to be released to seek employment elsewhere.

- Interestingly, John Schneider, the new general manager in Seattle, was on the shortest of lists for the Cleveland GM position in the event Tom Heckert was not named GM with the Browns. The other main candidate on the Browns GM list was current Seattle director of player personnel Will Lewis.

- As contracts for NFL team scouts normally run from May-to-May of a calendar year, there is some thought that some scouts employed by the Browns have contracts which extend past the 2010 draft season. Presently, Heckert has been busy lining up discussions with scouts as to the grading system and type of talent the organization seeks.

- A year ago Heckert turned down an opportunity to interview for the Browns' GM position after head coach Eric Mangini was hired. The speculation has been Heckert did not believe the process of hiring a coach and then the GM was conducive to building a solid organization, and there was belief Heckert did not want to work with the Browns head coach. Now, on the job in Cleveland, Heckert has been spending significant time with team president Mike Holmgren and Mangini, evaluating the 2009 season and needs heading into the off-season.

- Heading into the off-season, the Browns have numerous areas of need. Identified immediately was the lack of a quality cover-type CB opposite Eric Wright and an athletic safety in the defensive backfield. With the blessing of Mangini, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wants to utilize more pressure and man-coverage next season. A year ago, the lack of a dependable CB and questions at safety led the defense to play softer than the DC would have liked.

- At the time of this writing, the Browns' front office has not entered into any significant discussion or dialogue with the pending free agent players on the roster, besides KR/WR Josh Cribbs. There have been some internal thoughts that would have Cribbs play one position specifically, as well as his role in the special teams aspects of the game. We've heard it before and probably will hear it again, but Cribbs at safety is something to think about.

- UFA or RFA (dependent on the CBA) OLB Matt Roth enjoyed the opportunity and role Ryan put him into immediately upon being picked up by the team off waivers. Roth would like to remain with the Browns.

- QB Brady Quinn continues to wear a walking boot and it's likely he will do so for the foreseeable future. The latest reports on the foot injury are promising, but the player is at the least a couple months away from knowing whether the foot is healed properly.

- Speculation of late centers around the nine-plus million dollars due to QB Derek Anderson in the middle of March. The latest word funneling into theOBR is that Anderson will not see the payout. Anderson is expected to either be traded, released or work a deal to lower the required payout.

- Another name making some rounds on the speculation trade front is NT Shaun Rogers. Rogers suffered a broken ankle and finished the season on the injured reserve list. Presently, the Browns' front office has not gotten to the point of the evaluation process to put the dynamic defensive lineman on the trade market.

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