Transcript: Chris Steuber Chat

Senior Bowl week starts today and the OBR will be all over it with live blogs, chats, and more throughout the week! Start off with this transcript from Chris Steuber's chat late last week...

<SOBOdawg> Ooooh oooh Chris, will you be in Mobile so I can argue with you like always? :p
<csteuber> Thanks guys, I appreciate your patience!
<csteuber> Sobo, I will be in Mobile... I usually win those arguments... :)

<alzlvlolz> 10 mins late = 30 more minutes of draft talk
<csteuber> I'll be here for as long as you need me!

<sargent3> tell us about the first round
<csteuber> Sargent: What do you want to know about the first round... there are 32 selections.
<sargent3> hehehe
<sargent3> just ours

<SOBOdawg> Just wanted to check real quick, and I'll let you have the floor. Later my friend.
<csteuber> Talk to you soon, Sobo!

<Maverick4527> Is Joe Haden a true shut down corner?
<csteuber> Maverick: Joe Haden has Darrelle Revis ability. Comparing Haden to Revis at this time is a stretch, because Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL. But in a few years, I think Haden has the ability to be the best CB in the league.

<MotleyFooled> Question abotu BPA vs Need.. how the heck do you compare say a CB to a G to a QB?
<csteuber> MotleyFooled: Great question... I think you have to trust your draft board. Obviously if you're selecting in the top 10, you're going to draft a player that fits a need and is high on your board.

<alzlvlolz> Where do you think Mike lupati goes in this draft?
<csteuber> Alzvlolz: I think Mike Iupati has first round talent, but I think he will fall into the second round at this time. But it only takes one team to like you and there are a lot of teams that like Iupati. He could go in the 22 - 29 range.

<sargent3> I like Shipley out of texas will he fall to us in the 3rd
<csteuber> Sargent: Shipley is a third round prospect and should be available to the Browns. The wide receiver class is pretty deep this year.

<TXHabaneroDawg> Haden sounds great, but I don't know how you pass on McClain if he is there at #7???
<csteuber> TXHabaneroDawg: I have Haden ranked higher than McClain and a lot of teams have it the same way. I agree, McClain is a special linebacker, but I truly believe the Browns have to upgrade their secondary. Haden is a cornerstone defender.

<ramllov> MIke Lupai could play OT and G?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I'd prefer Iupati at guard; he could move out to OT, but I worry about his lateral movement.

<joeburt24> 1,0Chris. How many players are in the top tier of round one? Is there a dropoff after the top 7 players?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: This is a pretty deep draft. There's quality in all rounds. I would say there's very good quality throughout the first round. I would say the talent starts to dip a bit after pick No. 20.

<Tardarian> Chris, How deep is the OL talent in this year's draft?
<csteuber> Tardarian: The offensive line talent is very deep. The only two positions that lack depth this year are quarterback, running back and fullback. I think the rest of the positions are fairly deep. A great class overall!

<nybrownie> Can Berry drop to 7
<csteuber> NYBrownie: Berry is a top-3 pick.

<ramllov> Chris how far does the OT drop after the first four are drafted?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I think Charles Brown from USC could be a late first round pick. I have him going to the San Diego Chargers at No. 29.

<billbrasky09> you see any red flegs w/ Haden's coverage of Lafell?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: I think Haden is a sure cover guy. He takes some chances, but overall he's very disciplined. He's an elite cornerback prospect; a cornerstone defender.

<TXHabaneroDawg> Hard to argue after watching Revis...but the Browns lack a big time LB running the Defense...if Saban says he's all that...I have to sit up and listen...
<csteuber> TXHabaneroDawg: The linebacker class is deep, the Browns can get a LB later in the draft. I have the Browns taking Brandon Graham in round 2 of my mock draft.

<ramllov> The top three in this draft are the elite
<ramllov> Suh, McCoy and Berry
<ramllov> Is there anyone else in that class?
<csteuber> Ramllov: The top two quarterbacks, Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen, are in the top-3 discussion. But it appears Suh, Berry and McCoy are set up as the three best right now.

<Tardarian> Being that QB is thin this year, do you feel that there is a major seperation between the top 3 and the rest of the pack?
<csteuber> Tardarian: I would say there are five QBs that are very, very good and then after that it's all based on upside and potential.

<nybrownie> Skelton is having a week. How far do you see him moving up?
<csteuber> NYBrownie: Skelton has had good days and bad days this week at the East-West Shrine practices. He has great size, a strong arm and the ability to make all the throws, but he has a long way to go. He has to work on his mechanics and make better decisions. I think he will be a late third, early fourth round pick.

<alzlvlolz> Terrence Cody. I have seen him all over the place on Mocks from mid 1st to 40-50 top prospect. Where does he go?
<csteuber> Alzvolz: I have Terrence Cody going in the second round to the Miami Dolphins; he's a second rounder. A 3-4 team will select him early in the draft.

<joeburt24> 1,0Who do you see KC and Seattle taking. Could either of them grab Haden?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: I think the Chiefs could take Joe Haden; that's a possibility. But at this time, I have the Chiefs taking Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung and the Seahawks selecting Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen.

<howldawg> 5,0Who are your 5 Qb's ?
<csteuber> My top five quarterbacks are: 1. Sam Bradford, 2. Jimmy Clausen, 3. Tim Tebow, 4. Colt McCoy and 5. Tony Pike.

<iwannabeadawg> What ablities of DE Clifton Geathers do you think will help him the most for being able to play in the NFL long-term and what could make him have a short career
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: Geathers is a tremendously gifted athelte. He has great size and the potential to be dominate at the next level. He's still raw and has to develop more as a pass rusher. He has to use his hands better and not rely as much on his size.

<alzlvlolz> Bryan Bulaga? Does he fall to the 2nd round? What things do you see from him that you do not like?
<csteuber> Alzvlolz: Bulaga is a first rounder. He will go in the 9 - 18 range.

<sargent3> Tim Tebow ging to the 2nd round
<csteuber> Sargent: I have Tebow going to the Jaguars in the first round. Obviously that can change, but I'm being told that he's high on their board. Also, the Buffalo Bills like Tebow a lot as well. If Tebow has a great week in Mobile, his draft stock could soar.

<Tardarian> Chris, not to be insulting of Tebow's talent, but how long till he's a legit QB in the NFL?
<csteuber> Tardarian: It will take Tebow a few years until he's comfortable with an offense and develop into a quality starter. I fear for him if he goes to a team like the Jaguars or Bills, because they will force him into action before he's ready. If he ends up with a team that has a solid veteran as a starter, and can learn behind him for a few years, he will be very good!

<ramllov> Chris how much do you like Earl Thomas, can be play both FS and SS?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I like Earl Thomas, but he's a free safety. He's an excellent playmaker and has outstanding ball skills, but he really has to improve as a tackler. That's the biggest knock on him right now.

<joeburt24> 1,0Who are your top 5 RB?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: Use this link to see my rankings: 12

<TXHabaneroDawg> Dez Bryant? Worth a very high RD1 pick?
<csteuber> TXHabaneroDawg: Yes, Dez Bryant will be the first WR off the board, probably between No. 7 - 15.

<alzlvlolz> Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona? Where you have him ranked? Do you think that he will move into the late 1st round area?
<csteuber> Alzvlolz: Gronkowski has to show that his back is fully healthy. I think he's a third rounder at this point, but he could move up with a great offseason.

<ClevelandBailbondsman> With the Browns offensive woes, any chance they go playmaker early? Dez Bryant being a possibility?
<csteuber> ClevelandBailBondsMan: The Browns could go offense in the first round with Dez Bryant, but I don't know how you pass up Joe Haden.

<ramllov> Chris what is your opinion on Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan, I have seen him rated first round and up to third round in various mock drafts?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I have him as a third rounder. I was surprised he decided to enter the draft, because I thought he had to work on his skills more. But he's talented and has good size; teams will see a player that they can work with.

<TXHabaneroDawg> Taylor in 2009? Or injured? Last year people were amazed...this year he's fallen off the good is Taylor Mays?
<csteuber> TXHabaneroDawg: I believe that Taylor Mays' best position in the NFL is at OLB in a 3-4 defense. That's my belief. I think he can be a good safety, but I think he can be a special linebacker. He has unique size, speed and hitting ability. In the right system, he could be a backfield terror.

<joeburt24> 1,0What is your opinion on Jevan Snead. Other than he should have stayed in school.
<csteuber> JoeBurt: Jevan Snead is awful. Bad mechanics, footwork and poor decision-making. He should have stayed in school for another year.

<iwannabeadawg> Can Torell Troup play in the 3-4 defense.
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: I think Torell Troup fits best in a 4-3 defense; he's an underrated player though. He plays with a high motor.

<Maverick4527> how good is dez bryant?
<csteuber> Maverick: Dez Bryant is outstanding. He was very productive at Oklahoma State. He has great size, hands and the ability to make the acrobatic happen down field. A special athlete.

<ramllov> Chris where do you see Colt McCoy, QB, Texas going and to which teams would be interested?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I think Colt McCoy goes in the third round. It's tough to say what team will draft him, but I could see the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers having an interest.

<alzlvlolz> Kurt Coleman Safety Ohio State bucks? Where do you seem him going.s in this draft? Not the best athlete around but makes plays
<csteuber> Alzvlolz: The problem with Kurt Coleman is that the safety position is pretty deep. He will likely fall a bit, probably a mid round selection at this time.

<ClevelandBailbondsman> Chris, as your Mock indicates, the 49ers may want to use one of their picks to trade up for a QB. Any idea who they want if one of the two happen to slip to #7?
<csteuber> ClevelandBailBondsMan: I believe I stated that the 49ers would be interested in trading for a veteran QB? I was indicating that they have an interest in Donovan McNabb. I've spoken to a few sources and Mike Singletary loves the idea of adding the Chicago-born McNabb to his offense.

<joeburt24> 1,0Does Dez Bryant have character issues or just the one incident gave him a bad rap?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: The one incident really hurt Dez Bryant's reputation. He's actually a good kid.

<ramllov> Chris could you see Holmgren having an interest in McCoy or Pike at QB?
<csteuber> Ramllov: It depends how high Holmgren wants to select a QB. Tony Pike will be a second - third round pick, while Colt McCoy will be a third rounder. I could see him going for one of them, but they may hold off.

<ramllov> Chris do you see Kurt Coleman as a finished product or can he continue to develop?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I think Coleman has a little upside, but I think he is what he is.

<ramllov> How much more of a career does McNabb have? five years?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I think McNabb can still play, but I think his time in Philly is over. He needs a fresh start and San Francisco, Arizona, Cleveland, Minnesota and St. Louis are the likely spots for him to land.

<joeburt24> 1,0Interesting. Will Philly listen on Mcnabb or Kolb?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: Internally, the Eagles want to keep Kolb and they will listen on McNabb.

<ramllov> Chris do you see McCoy and Pike good NFL QBs in two to three years?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I like McCoy more than others, but I do worry about his size. He's very accurate, but a lot of that is because of the system he ran at Texas. Pike has a lot of ability. He has good size, mobility and a live arm. But I've heard some things about his attitude and it isn't good.

<iwannabeadawg> UNLV's OLB Jason Beauchamp has looked pretty good this week in practice. Apparently showed he is athletic, side line to side line ability, can stop the run, and did better than expected in coverage. So why is this guy considered a UDFA.
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: I also like Jason Beauchamp, the problem is that he plays in the WAC against bad competition.

<ramllov> What would be the Cost of McNabb would you guess?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I would say the Browns second round pick, plus a fourth or a fifth. The Eagles want a first round pick and the 49ers and Cardinals may be willing to part with one.

<ClevelandBailbondsman> Wouldn't McNabb be better in a WCO though?
<csteuber> ClevelandBailBondsMan: I think McNabb has to breakaway from the West Coast offense.

<alzlvlolz> Marty Gilyard WR Cincinnati? I thought he would be early 2nd rounder but alot of mocks seen him in the 3rd round area. What do you think he goes? Does he fit a WCO type system?
<csteuber> alzvlolz: I have Mardy Gilyard going in the second round to the Chiefs. He's explosive and makes a lot of plays. He can play in any offense, but I worry about his size.

<ramllov> Chris, Jerry Hughes, DE, Texas Christian, can he be an effective 34 OLB? and how far can he fall?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Yes, Jerry Hughes translates best as a 3-4 OLB. I think he's a late second, early third round selection.

<ramllov> Chris, if the Browns were going WR or RB with their first of their third round draft choices, who do you like?
<csteuber> Ramllov: If the Browns go running back in the third round, I like Wayne State's Joique Bell. If they go wide receiver, I like Eric Decker or Demaryius Thomas.

<joeburt24> 1,0Lefevour. Can he be a late round QB for Holmgren to groom?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: I think LeFevour is a great developmental quarterback for a team. He has a lot of ability, but poor arm strength. That will hurt him at the next level.

<ramllov> Chris, this is not a draft question, but I would like to know, what you think about Matt Roth, Browns OLB/DE?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Matt Roth is a high motor guy. He played DE at Iowa and was moved to OLB. He's still learning the position and adapting to his responsibilities.

<alzlvlolz> How is Mike Kafka looking? What offense do you think he best would best fit in?
<csteuber> alzlvlolz: I'm not in Orlando at the East-West Shrine game, but I've heard Mike Kafka has looked good, not great. He's a good intermediate thrower, but he has to work on his accuracy downfield. He seems to be a good fit for a West Coast offense team. He's a late rounder.

<ClevelandBailbondsman> chris, if Anthony Dixon goes to the Chargers as your predict he'll be a freakin stud.
<csteuber> ClevelandBailBondsMan: I agree, Dixon and Sproles could be a great one-two punch. Dixon is a legit prospect.

<iwannabeadawg> Who is your favorite prospect in the draft. Not the best prospect (granted in could be), but who is the guy you like to watch the most?
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: Wow... my favorite prospect. I've studied over 1,000 prospects this year so far and there are many that I like. But if I had to choose one, I'd say C.J. Spiller. He's so explosive and versatile. He reminds me a lot of Chris Johnson.

<joeburt24> 1,0Tell me about Tony Pike. Is his arm strong enough?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: At 6-foot-6, 212 pounds, Pike has prototypical size and a strong arm. He's patient in the pocket and has the athleticism to buy time with his feet as he waits for a receiver to get open. He has a great understanding of how to read a defense and identifies the blitz consistently at the line of scrimmage. He goes through his progressions well and doesn't just lock in on one receiver. He tends to force throws into coverage, but usually takes the safe route if his primary receiver isn't open. He benefits from taking most of his snaps out of the shotgun, but it could be a detriment to him at the next level.

<billbrasky09> do you think some teams have way better scouts than others? or do most scouts have similar skill sets / abilities?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: There are good scouts and bad scouts, but scouting is based on an individuals judgement. Scouts like who they like, right or wrong. I think the success of a player has to do with the situation he's placed in.

<Maverick4527> so, what do you think of the browns new front office? is Heckert a good guy?
<csteuber> Maverick: Heckert did well with the Eagles. He had good drafts and bad drafts. But he helped the Eagles become one of the elite team's in the NFL. I think he will be good in Cleveland.

<ramllov> Chris the Browns recently hired Tom Heckert and he got some other recent additons to the player personnel, do you have a good opinion on his abilities regarding the draft?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Heckert is a football lifer, he understands the game and knows how to scout prospects. He's had hits and misses during his career, just like a lot of personnel guys. I think he will do well in Cleveland.

<billbrasky09> when a team wipes out their scouting dept and hires a new batch - are they really just getting another set of folks that are no better/worse than the previous batch?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: A general manager has guys that he likes and will look to bring those guys in if he's in a new situation. It isn't common for a team to completely wipe out everyone, a few faces will change at one time, but not everyone.

<iwannabeadawg> People like Zane Beadles but I have not really seen him enough (just 1 game). Durring that game he was always on the ground. There have to be some scouts who are concerend with this right? Or is it a case of not seeing the player enough.
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: Beadles is being looked at as a guard, because he doesn't have tackle ability at the next level.

<joeburt24> 1,0Who can the Browns get in round 2 who could start at right tackle?
<csteuber> JoeBurt: A player to keep an eye on for the Browns is Iowa OT Kyle Calloway. He will probably be a third round pick, but he's a solid RT.

<BarryMcBride> Chris, thanks for hanging out with us tonight. We'll be talking again soon!

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