QB Situation Front and Center in Berea

Quinn, Anderson, Rogers, Williams, and more. The new brain trust of the Browns has a lot to think about in deciding how to deal with these veterans. And Lane Adkins has the latest...

- There has been plenty of roster discussion within the Browns organization since the arrival of team president Mike Holmgren and general manager Tom Heckert. The aforementioned duo, along with head coach Eric Mangini, agree the Browns' quarterback position is in flux and must be addressed heading into the 2010 season.

- Early indications are the Browns will head into the spring with QB Brady Quinn on the roster, but there is a sense the organization could trade the QB if the right deal is put on the table.

- Any information regarding QB Derek Anderson has been kept under wraps and there appears to be a purpose behind the lack of information. It appears Holmgren, Heckert and Mangini have spent time evaluating the QB and the conclusion appears to be Anderson is not a player this organization intends on committing another nine-plus million dollars to.

- Speculation that the Browns would be interested in QBs Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Matt Hasselbeck is true, but the sense is the two QBs from the Philadelphia Eagles may not come available. In the case of McNabb, there has been some quiet talk he may be made available for the right price, which is believed to be a first-round draft selection as well as a player or an additional draft choice(s). The Browns are not a buyer at the rumored price.

- If released or offered up in trade for a late-round draft pick, the Browns are going to be extremely interested in the veteran Hasselbeck to hold the fort in a transitional period for the offense in general and the QB position specifically.

- Quietly making the rounds is the status of defensive lineman Shaun Rogers. Coming off a season-ending ankle injury, Rogers can be a dynamic presence along the line and his talent has kept a few teams within earshot of his availability. The Browns are going to say all the right things but if a team comes calling with an offer of substance, the Browns are going to listen very intently.

- As with Rogers, the same could be stated about fellow DL Corey Williams. Williams, coming off two pedestrian-like seasons in Cleveland, is far from being a lock to be wearing a Browns uniform in 2010. A key indicator will be the interest shown and player(s) acquired during free agency. There is some uncertainty surrounding both players being in Cleveland next season, and that drumbeat is only expected to grow louder in the months to come.

- The Browns intend on talking to the representatives for RB Jerome Harrison prior to the start of free agency. If the Browns can gain a perspective that Harrison wants to remain with the Browns, then negotiations could be in the offing. That being said, the Browns are scouting RBs in the draft as well as free agents such as Chester Taylor, who seeks an opportunity to be an every-down back.

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