Transcript: Live from Mobile, It's Sobo!

Our old pal Sobodawg was watching the prospects on Monday, and then got grilled in the chat room. Lots of great insight into some of the players who could become Browns in April...

<SOBOdawg> And a minute early
<SOBOdawg> and to think, I put off drinking for an hour for you guys
<BarryMcBride> OK, crank up the high intensity lights... time to grill da Sobo.
<SOBOdawg> Need to clear one thing up first.   I was at the North practice today, since Monday's are the day of simultaneous practices

<ramllov> SOBO, were you impressed with any QB today?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  No quarterbacks were impressive today

<brownsfan88> Question: What kind of bear is best?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  I love Cirum, but will ""settle"" with Smithwicks

<cleveland60> Alright, who have you seen from the Browns their and who are they showing interest in?
<SOBOdawg> Cleveland:  Browns showed plenty of interest in linemen today.   Already have an interview set up with Beadles of Utah

<fletch416> With time could La Fleur or Skelton be developed into real NFL starters
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  Two or three years minimum on LeFevour or Skelton.   LeFevour could probably contribute earlier due to his wildcat potential

<BarryMcBride> Want your take on Pike and LaFevour.
<BarryMcBride> LeFevour. Whatever.
<SOBOdawg> Mr. McBride:   Pike really struggled and just wasn't making the throws.   LeFevour wasn't spinning the ball particularly well

<iwannabeadawg> What can you tell us about SS Harryr Coleman besides that he is a 5th to 6th round pick
<SOBOdawg> IWanna:  Nothing on Coleman yet, didn't see him other than in his underwear

<nybrownie> Who was impressive?
<SOBOdawg> NYB:  In the North, guys like Jared Odrick, Terrell Skinner, and yes LaGarrette Blount impressed

<ramllov> How were the Cornerbacks
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Corners weren't tested all that often today in the North practice.   They worked on shorter underneath routes generally.   Kyle Wilson did stick out to a degree with his play

<fletch416> SOBO how did Mays looks since he has been so heavily scrutinzed for being another Roy Williams
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  Mays ""looks"" great, but he is stiff when on the football field

<mes78> In Chris Steuber's chat he made a remark that Pike had a questionable character/personality?  Have you heard anything like this?
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  In fact, the scouting report I have on Pike is exactly the opposite

<ramllov> Do you see Beadles at an OT or can he also play Guard?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Yes Beadles should be able to play 4 out of the 5 spots on the line.  He had some struggles today though

<iwannabeadawg> What is your thought on S Larry Asante?
<SOBOdawg> Iwanna: When I watched Asante he had his troubles covering the TE's

<fletch416> Are the Browns pretty comfortable with J. Harrison, or could you see them trying to add a big back too, Blount sans baggage
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  In regards to the Browns, I believe the correct answer is ""I don't know"".  Simply because I doubt they've made their final decisions on any of the players currently on the roster

<AloAloysius> SOBO, did you notice anything special from the potential 3-4 ends (Odrick, Alualu, Carrington)?
<SOBOdawg> AloAl:  I continue to like what I see of Alualu simply because he is a hard worker and is technically sound (he has good hands)

<brownsfan88> What was the most revealing play (good or bad) that you saw today?
<SOBOdawg> BF: Well the play where O'Brien Schofield hurt his knee was a pretty big deal

<nybrownie> C. Stueber thought Mays could move to LB.  You agree?
<SOBOdawg> NYB:  Mays will get his shot at safety, but he could potentially be a good Cover 2 WSLB

<fletch416> SOBO:  The Browns have a lot of late round picks.  It is possible that several of them are playing in this game. Overall, how do you see the talent level at this Senior Bowl
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  It's hard to find a draft class that doesn't include a Senior Bowl player

<iwannabeadawg> Was their anyone who you were shocked by how they played (good and/or bad)
<SOBOdawg> IWanna:  Really wanted to see Iupati and Ducasse up close.   Their physical talent is readily apparent, but their play wasn't necessarily

<donodawg> Have you seen Mangini there?  Does he seem into it?
<SOBOdawg> Dono:  Have yet to see anything of the Browns staff other than their scouts (though again, I was at the North practice)

<Smooth32> How can the Browns pass on Brandon Graham if he's there in the 2nd?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Brandon Graham is an interesting case.   He registered in at a legit 6'1' today, but his play wasn't great.   We'll see how the week goes along.  Someone like Jerry Hughes could be just as enticing if not moreso if sitting there.

<dapound> 10,0Aloha, What do you see happening with our qb situation. Who did you think we might draft/sign via free agency. What are your thoughts on Skelton. Thanks!
<SOBOdawg> Dapound:  It's hard to predict the FA class now simply because of the uncertainty of who is actually going to be available.   As for Skelton, kid has a fantastic arm and very quick release.  But he has a 3/4's release, bad footwork, and inconsistent accuracy even when the pocket is clean

<ramllov> SOBO while you were doing your scouting, did you see any real good CBs who would be fourth or fifth round picks, say a year away from major contributions?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  This is a very good year in general to be drafting secondary in the mid rounds.   It's probabably the deepest position-wise.

<fletch416> Can you talk at all about the Wide Receivers that  you saw?  The tall kid from Fla was getting some pub from the South practice
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  At the north Jacoby Ford's quickness was impressive.   Mardy Gilyard looked very good in spots, but had some troubles as well.

<brownsfan88> Been reading a bit about Schofield improving in his time at OLB, see anything that would validate that?
<SOBOdawg> Browns88:  We'll have to see how bad the injury is on Schofield.   Though he was only playing Dline prior to the injury

<Smooth32> What's your take on Hughes? My worry with him is that he's merely a speed rusher and won't be able to hold up on the edge vs. the run. Someone like Graham seems like a much better fit with his build and playing style.
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  The thing with Hughes is that he has that speed and explosiveness.   Moreso than Graham who likes to bull rush and use leverage.   Hughes also has a great motor.   My worry is that he was never asked to play from a 2 point at TCU

<iwannabeadawg> Who is more raw (or worse for that matter) Snead or Skelton
<SOBOdawg> Iwanna:  Skelton is more raw prospect overall

<mes78> Is Gilyard a WCO WR?  I like his ST ability, and run after the catch potential.
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Gilyard admitted he struggled selling routes today coming out of Cincy's system

<pnies20> Hey SOBO! What is the dropoff in CB talent immediately after Haden?
<SOBOdawg> Pnies:   Yes there is a big dropoff after Haden.  There is still plenty of talent past him, but he has the potential to be special

<iwannabeadawg> What did you think of Cam Thomas? Can he be a NT? Which round do you think he will go?
<SOBOdawg> Iwanna:  Watching Cam Thomas today, he reminded me a lot of Ron Brace.   Just a bull in the middle without much lateral quickness or moves.  Then again, New England took Ron Brace in the 2nd round to play NT and end

<mes78> How'd Dorin Dickerson look?  He can create mismatches, but I heard he is an A-hole.
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Haven't spoken with Dorin yet, but surprisingly he's only playing WR here

<AloAloysius> SOBO, did AJ Edds do anything of note? Do you think he's got the strength and toughness to hold up at Ted?
<SOBOdawg> Alo:  AJ Edds had impressed me greatly this month.  His strength at the point of attack has only improved and he looked very good in both the Orange Bowl and today doing as such

<Smooth32> Any interesting ""buzz"" you heard down in Mobile regarding any type of NFL player movement?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Player movement is mum because it's such an uncertain situation overall

<fletch416> Sobo:  Excluding Berry and Mays, would you say that the Safety class is strong?  And in your mind, if you had to rate the top three positions in the entire draft how would they fall, including everyone?
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  My top safeties are (in order):  Berry, E.Thomas, N.Allen, Mays.  Think positions like safety, cornerback, and Dline are the deepest

<brownsfan88> Whats your Browns board look like 1-5?
<SOBOdawg> BF88: It's hard to say if I don't have the picks that will go immediately in front of Cleveland.   After the ""top 3"", then you look at guys like Haden, McClain, etc.   At least until you find out more about the hurt QB's.   Then they enter the conversation

<cleveland60> How did the North o-line prospects hold up today? Anyone stick out more than others?
<SOBOdawg> Cleveland:  North Oline struggled throughout as a unit

<donodawg> Any of the North TEs (Dickson, Graham, Hoomsomething) stand out?
<SOBOdawg> Dono:  Hoomanawanui really played well today.  He isn't a great athlete, but he was playing like a basketball player boxing everyone out for receptions

<mes78> WR?  That's a suprise.  Is Jake Bynum there?  He's the better all around TE, IMO.
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Nate Bynam is not here

<igotid> The more we read on Haden the more I believe he is gone by the 7th this a possibility or am I just paranoid at this point?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  It's paranoia at the moment until we know how things start to play out

<ramllov> SOBO how deep is the defensive line prospects, first NT and then 34 DE's?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  34 dline has some prospects, but it's not as deep overall as traditional defensive lines

<pnies20> What do you think of Taylor Mays as a 3-4 OLB?
<SOBOdawg> Pneis:  Mays would not be a 34 LB

<ramllov> SOBO talking to Chris Steuber last week he mentioned he saw a talent cut-off after the 20th pick in this years first round, do you have an opinion and a number where the first or second talent break occurs?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  The talent cutoff is a subjective thing.  I think about about 12 you get a talent dropoff.  Then again, you can still find very good talent on the board probably all the way into mid round 3 or so

<igotid> SOBO - what round does snookie project to go in?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Snookie?   Am I missing something here?
<igotid> Snookie...Jersey Shore!
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Not a reality TV guy.   Don't let that stuff rot your brain.
<igotid> Touche

<mikehey> what wide out be there in second round
<SOBOdawg> Mike:  Don't see the point of the Browns taking another wideout in round 2.

<brownsfan88> Let's say we dedicate our 2nd rounder to the right side of the o-line. Do you like RG or RT there and who?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  If Iupati is there, he should be the guy.   Maybe someone like Charles Brown if you want to think outside of the box

<AloAloysius> SOBO, were you at the weigh-in? If so, anyone stand out to you there?
<SOBOdawg> Alo:  Yes I was at the weigh in.   I won't tell you what I weighed, but Terrence Cody made me feel better about myself.

<pnies20> "A move to OLB in a 3-4 defense is possible, and may bring out the best in him." - Chris Steuber
<SOBOdawg> Pnies:  Steuber and I are friends, but we disagree on a many different things

<dadaman> Sobo defense in the 1st not matter what?
<SOBOdawg> Dada:  Quaterback is certainly an option if one steps up they like.   But they're going to be very very stringent on this process.   So a guy like Dez Bryant proably isn't in the equation

<Smooth32> I know we talked about Graham and Hughes but who are the top 5 best OLBs for the Brownies?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Top 5 OLB's in no particular order...Jerry Hughes, Brandon Graham, and even guys like Everson Griffen, Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre Paul, all enter the conversation

<igotid> SOBO - can you give best case realistic scenario for 1st and 2nd round this point.
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Haden seems like a very likely trail in round 1.   Wouldn't be surprised if they go secondary two picks in a row.   Though I suspect a QB is going to be taken somewhere in this draft

<fletch416> Couldn't the Browns go either way?  They have no QB, right side of OL, TE, WR's; but, we go D?  Or with the fewest corrections, we can have a really good D?
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  Age old question, "Build the unit that can be elite, or build the side that struggles the most?"   Your choice

<cleveland60> Do you feel that o-linemen historically perform poorly compared to d-linemen during Senior Bowl week? It always seems you hear aboout guys who end up being very good players, ie Mack, who people say didn't look good during this process
<SOBOdawg> Cleve:  The thing with offensive lineman is that not a lot are used to NFL level coaching and the emphasis they put on technique.  A lot of these guys get by on natural ability.   Whereas a defensive lineman can continue to do as such here, offensvie linemen can't.   Then again, I've been here when offensive lineman have impressed right out of the gate.  So it can depend on the individual

<igotid> Some guys are now projecting McCoy to the Lions, some you see them taking another S that high after spending a second round pick on Delmas?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Suh and G.McCoy are my top two rated guys.   They need to build the trenches plain and simple and should take whichever falls to them.   They passed on Oher last year (which they never should have done), so Okung or their top rated tackle is certainly a possibility
<pnies20> Is it really realistic to spend that much money on a Tackle that is drafted specifically for the right side?
<SOBOdawg> Pnies:  What tackle on the right side?  I was talking about Detroit earlier
<pnies20> ohhhhhhhhh....well I recently had that debate with someone.  Is it realistic for the Browns to take someone like Okung at 7?
<SOBOdawg> Pnies:  No I certainly don't think a pure RT is a legitimate option at 7

<brownsfan88> Who do you like at safety for our pick in the second? Thoughts on Chad Jones?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  Nate Allen of USF is who I had the Browns taking in round 2.   Jones is more an athlete than an instinctual cover safety

<igotid> SOBO - How far can Berry realistically slide and is he or Haden a better fit for the Browns right now.
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Berry is a top three guy, but position value is hard to determine at times

<mes78> Is that QB Pike?  I think Pike is going top of round 2 (like the Rams) at the latest.
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Pike is likely a strong candidate down the road

<pnies20> Is it looking like Mays may end up in the top of the 2nd?  Or is this a pipe dream...
<SOBOdawg> Pnies:  I would personally rate Mays in that range, but you never know with those Pete Carroll ties.  And his physical ability if off the charts

<brownsfan88> So do you keep Elam and what do you do with Pool?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  Elam should be re-signed.   Never know what you have in Pool at this point because of his history

<fletch416> Sobo: Of all the guys that you've covered, name three guys that you have highly rated, that you think could be diamonds in the rough because they fly under the radar.
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  Very tough question.   If I can pick some random names you have never probably heard of:  Steve Maneri, TE Temple.   Terrence Johnson, CB Cal(PA), Adam Adamski, C, NIU, and I could go on and on.   But those are all likely undrafted types

<igotid> SOBO - Can I be your personal assistant at next years senior bowl...or even this years combine?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  If I ever do make something of myself, then you can contact me then

<mikehey> if you had to pick a qb be later in draft for browns who would you pick
<SOBOdawg> Mike:  Pike or Kafka, I like a lot

<mes78> What makes Haden potentially elite?  I know with Revis coming out was extremely competitive and prideful, along with his superior skill set.
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Haden's potential, athleticism, physicality, and footwork are what makes him elite in my book

<brownsfan88> What do you have pinned as the Browns top 5 needs?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  Everything starts with the QB

<fletch416> I hear S and CB and various offensive positions.  Am I correctly assuming that the Browns don't find any of their LB positions as a top tier need like I do.
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  There seems to be more pressing needs than LB, though it can certainly be upgraded

<Smooth32> What's your top 5 draft board look like as of right now?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Just mine or for Cleveland....?
<Smooth32> as far as the #7 pick goes.
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Suh, McCoy, Berry, Haden, McClain
<Smooth32> Any chance you see Berry falling?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Again it's based on how teams perceive a safety in those slottings

<igotid> SOBO - what are the chances we are as active trading down, or potentially up in this years draft?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Don't know quite yet on trades.  Things will run different in the draft as well because of the 3 day schedule

<dadaman> Sobo is Haden a Revis type...could we have Haden Island in Cleveland?
<SOBOdawg> Dada:  I realize "Revis Island" is the cool new cliche, but he can be beat and was just this Sunday.   Haden can be very good, but I wouldn't exactly compare him to Revis

<ramllov> SOBO, are there any other players you would put in the  elite classification, with Joe Haden, Two QBs, Berry Suh and McCoy?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Like both Okung and Bulaga a LOT

<fletch416> SOBO--Is there any comparision to Winfield and Haden.  If so/not what are the differences or similarities?
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  If you put me on the spot...he has young Champ Bailey type of potential  (wow that kind of hurt just typing that)

<igotid> SOBO - how would you compare Woodley and Graham - outside of both being UM guys...who's the better pro?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Like Woodley quite a bit coming out of Michigan and i see them as similar prospects.   Neither are great speed rushers, but both like to set up everything by using great strength at the point of attack

<Smooth32> Who are the a few guys that would fit best at RT in the mid rounds (2-4)?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  Depends on the type of tackle prospect you're looking for.  Someone like Calloway looks to be a good fit

<dadaman> Sobo is the big show going to be in town?
<SOBOdawg> Dada:  Yet to see Holmgren...doesn't mean he isn't here.

<brownsfan88> I agree that we have major issues at QB, but I really don't think we have an answer in this year's draft. I particularly don't want to waste early picks because I like the options in the secondary and o-line in the first 3 rounds. Hows that ring with you and how would you tackle the QB issues this offseason?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  Going QB first round seems like a bit much.  Think a veteran plus adding a draft pick after that point should really help the position

<igotid> SOBO - obviously this is a crapshoot, outside of Suh, but is there anyone that makes you nervous that could be selected at 7 with bust potential?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  The QB's are worrisome, each to their own degree

<Air_Al> Sobo, how do you like that big safety from VaTech, Kam something.  Seemed good at EW Shrine
<SOBOdawg> Air:  Kam certainly did play well but he's still in that 4th/5th round range

<Smooth32> How would Evan Moore compared to some of the mid-round TEs coming out (Gronkowski, Pitta, McCoy, Dickerson, etc.)?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  This could have been an amazing TE class with Gronkowski, Gresham, and Moeaki.   Problem is...none stayed healthy.  There are certainly guys like Moore here who are far better receivers than blockers

<fletch416> SOBO-Is Heckert a true GM, or is he more of a Savage, Super Scout type?  It isn't fair to judge someone off of a few speaking parts at a presser, but the guy came off like a nice guy rather than a greazy slickster.
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  Have no idea on Heckert yet.  But his background is in pro personnel and he has previously ran a front office, even though he didn't make final decisions

<AloAloysius> SOBO, have you have any Maualuga-like conversations with players this year?
<SOBOdawg> Alo:  Unfortunately, I didn't get to sit next to any players flying in this year.  But my flight troubles yesterday is something I really don't want to discuss right now.  Talk about a looooooong day

<igotid> SOBO - can the organization afford to miss on a QB if chosen at 7, given the talent that is there on the defense?
<SOBOdawg> Igo:  Holmgren's history is that he's never drafted his franchise QB high.   Think he'll likely look other routes first and foremost

<brownsfan88> What is it about Quinn's game that make him a closed case? He seems to me to be a guy that would take to consistency and legitemacy in the organization. I like him now better than anyone outside of first round potential.
<SOBOdawg> BF88: As I watched Cleveland this year, I simply did not see him making the type of throws and NFL QB should be making.   He hasn't given much to encourage anyone with his play on the field.   Now that doesn't make him a closed case, but just not a promising one

<Air_Al> How weak is LeFevour's arm?  As weak as Quinn's?  He seems like a gamer to me (system or not)... type of kid Holmgren might like.  He really communicates well with his WR's.
<SOBOdawg> Air:  I have never liked LeFevour's arm or mechanics.   He has inflated stats and I do not rank him highly at all. Though I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this week

<ramllov> Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Hernandez is the type of talent at TE that if you have a creative offensive coordinator, then he could be special

<mes78> Busts in the top 10 this year?  Claussen, Bradford?
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Depends on who lands in that range.   The one guy who I do like, but always had an odd feeling about is Rolando McClain.   You just never see him making that big explosive game changing play

<ramllov> SOBO, the Browns have 5 picks in the top 110 picks.  If the Browns went two secondary, QB, OL and TE with their first five picks, would you be happy?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  Sounds good to me on those picks

<brownsfan88> Anyone you see as a can't miss in the midrounds?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:  That seems to be what we call an oxymoron.   Though a TE like Colin Peek could be a very nice fit in multiple systems

<donodawg> just as a last thought - when you're at the practices, are you allowed on the field?  Does it seem like the scouts are paying intense attention, or is there a lot of joking around and not paying close attention?
<SOBOdawg> Dono:  Most of the work being done by the scouts is done behind the scenes.   The interview process is very very important.

<chuckwildcat> Is the tackle fox their and what do you think of him?
<SOBOdawg> CWC:  Fox is good athlete, nice size, and a good pass blocker
<chuckwildcat> And what round?
<SOBOdawg> CWC:  Late second/early third for Fox

<igotid> SOBO - what's more important in your eyes, senior bowl or the combine?
<SOBOdawg> IGO:  The season's game film

<igotid> SOBO - do you bother with a mock draft?
<SOBOdawg> IGO:  I do.  They're fun and a release for me, but they're just coversation pieces in the end

<chuckwildcat> What is the best corner that might be able switch to play safety?
<SOBOdawg> A guy like Terrell Skinner was a corner in college turned safety with very nice size

<ramllov> Do you see any RBs coming to the Browns in this draft?
<SOBOdawg> Ram:  With 11 picks, the team can literally go anywhere

<mes78> Ok, what TE do you like for the Browns regardless of round?  Me NATE Bynum (not Jake)
<SOBOdawg> Mes:  Like Nate as well.  He is a helluva blocker.   Again, Colin Peek would fit nicely.   Tony Moeaki would be wonderful if you can keep him healthy.   Love to have a monster blocker like Maneri make the roster as a UDFA

<brownsfan88> Haha I get it. Let me give it another shot, does any midrounder stick out moreso than others? The biggest sobo riser if you will?
<SOBOdawg> BF88:   Vlad Ducasse is making huge strides lately in the scouting community

<fletch416> Sobo:  Do your wheels spin when you try to mesh a Mangini, Heckert, and Holmgren tree together when it comes to scouting and choosing types of players?
<SOBOdawg> Fletch:  Honestly no.   Just like every change, once you figure what direction they want to go then you have a pretty good idea.   We just have to establish some basic things, and we'll be good

<GoLeroyGo> what is the toughest position to anticipate success at the next level?
<SOBOdawg> GLG:  Mine has always been LB or cornerback

<igotid> Is Jevan Snead the biggest bonehead in this years draft?
<SOBOdawg> IGO:  Should Snead have declared?  No.   Is he the biggest meathead?  Certianly not.

<mes78> What WR do you like after round 3?
<SOBOdawg> Mes:   Like Taylor Price (OH), Shay Hodge (Ole Miss) , Emmanual Sanders

<Smooth32> Who are your sleepers this year?
<SOBOdawg> Smooth:  It's hard to continue to give more sleeper types until you see how everything plays itself out

<chuckwildcat> Fastest wr their?
<SOBOdawg> CWC:  It's Ford with Price not that far behind

<traveldawg62> Are Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson or Anthony McCoy good fits in Cleveland?
<SOBOdawg> TD:  Depending on system and usage, probably not

<igotid> Bigger mistake - Locker staying or Snead coming?
<SOBOdawg> IGO:  Snead declaring.  Locker really needed to return despite being a potentially top pick

<mes78> Is Shaun Rodgers on the Browns roster next year?
<SOBOdawg> The Rogers conversation is another that's hard to tell right now.  You don't know how he'll mesh with the new regime, the injury situation, etc.

<BarryMcBride> Sobo will be back Friday and Chris Steuber will be here Thursday.

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