Browns' Big Board (Yes, It's Real)

Another blockbuster from the OBR's Lane Adkins! Before their recent scouting shake-up, the Cleveland Browns had been evaluating college talent. Here how they had the top four players and prospects at each position.

This is the season when the draft experts and every other pundit known to mankind evaluates the college players eligible for the NFL Draft. From those evaluating talent for professional teams, to independent scouts to the hobbyist, the college player draft is big business and is often information overload.

Recently, the Cleveland Browns relieved the entire executive structure of their personnel department. Gone are the directors and assistants in pro and college personnel. As has been the case with other teams in the league, some of the same type of executives have left their respective organizations.

Upon the departure of said executives, theOBR was made privy to the top four positional scouting rankings of draft eligible players for the 2010 NFL Draft, along with developmental talent (sleepers) prior to team workout activities.

1. Sam Bradford; Jr. Oklahoma 
2. Jimmy Clausen; Jr. Notre Dame
3. Tony Pike; Sr. Cincinnati
4. Colt McCoy; Sr. Texas
D1. Jevon Snead; Jr. Mississippi
D2. Dan LeFevour; Sr. Central Michigan
D3. Tim Tebow; Sr. Florida

1. C.J. Spiller; Sr. Clemson
2. Anthony Dixon; Sr. Mississippi State
3. Jonathan Dwyer; Jr. Georgia Tech
4. Jahvid Best; Jr California
D1. Ryan Mathews; Jr. Fresno State
D2. Joique Bell; Sr. Wayne State

1. Dez Bryant; Jr. Oklahoma State
2. Damian Williams; Jr. USC
3. Arrelious Benn; Jr. Illinois
4. Golden Tate; Jr. Notre Dame
D1. Brandon LaFell; Sr. LSU 
D2. Mardy Gilyard; Sr. Cincinnati

1. Jermaine Gresham; Sr. Oklahoma
2. Anthony McCoy; Sr. USC
3. Edward Dixon; Sr. Oregon
4. Aaron Hernandez; Jr. Florida
D1. Dennis Pitta; Sr. BYU
D2. Rob Gronkowski; Jr. Arizona

1. Russell Okung; Sr. Oklahoma State
2. Trent Williams; Sr. Oklahoma
3. Zane Beadles; Sr. Utah
4. Bryan Bulaga; Sr. Iowa
D1. Anthony Davis; Jr. Rutgers
D2. Bruce Campbell; Jr. Maryland

1. Mike Iupati; Sr. Idaho
2. Vladimir Ducasse; Sr. Massachusetts
3. Mike Johnson; Sr. Alabama
4. Jon Asamoah; Sr. Illinois
D1. Sergio Render; Sr. Virginia Tech
D2. Brandon Carter; Sr. Texas Tech

1. Maurkice Pouncey; Jr. Florida
2. Matthew Tennant; Sr. Boston College
3. Chris Hall; Sr. Texas
4. J.D. Walton; Sr. Baylor
D1. Jacob Hickman; Sr. Nebraska
D2. Erik Cook; Sr. New Mexico

1. Ndamukong Suh; Sr. Nebraska
2. Gerald McCoy; Jr. Oklahoma
3. Dan Williams; Sr. Tennessee
4. Brian Price; Jr. UCLA
D1. Terrence Cody; Sr. Alabama
D2. Arthur Jones; Sr. Syracuse

1. Derrick Morgan; Jr. Georgia Tech
2. Carlos Dunlap; Jr. Florida
3. Jason Pierre-Paul; Jr. South Florida
4. Everson Griffen; Jr. USC
D1. Greg Hardy; Sr. Mississippi
D2. Brandon Lang; Sr. Troy

1. Brandon Graham; Sr. Michigan
2. Eric Norwood; Sr. South Carolina
3. Jerry Hughes; Sr. Texas Christian
4. Ricky Sapp; Sr. Clemson
D1. Sean Weatherspoon; Sr. Missouri
D2. Navorro Bowman; Jr. Penn State

1. Rolando McClain; Jr. Alabama
2. Brandon Spikes; Sr. Florida
3. Sean Lee; Sr. Penn State
4. Daryl Washington; Sr. Texas Christian
D1. Jamar Chaney; Sr. Mississippi State
D2. Micah Johnson; Sr. Kentucky

1. Joe Haden; Jr. Florida
2. Donovan Warren; Jr. Michigan
3. Patrick Robinson; Sr. Florida State
4. Brandon Ghee; Sr. Wake Forest
D1. Dominique Franks; Sr. Oklahoma
D2. Syd'Quan Thompson; Sr. California

1. Eric Berry; Jr. Tennessee
2. Taylor Mays; Sr. USC
3. Earl Thomas; So, Texas
4. Nate Allen; Sr. South Florida
D1. Chad Jones; Jr. LSU
D2. Reshad Jones; Jr. Georgia

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