2003 Draft: Defensive Ends

Drafting a defensive end in the first round? Been there, done that, have the gray hairs from waiting for him to produce.... Browns head coach Butch Davis may, however, see the need for the Browns to create pass pressure as the top need this off-season, and selecting a top defensive end is a possible solution. Tony Pauline gives us the scoop on the defensive ends available in this year's draft.

1. Full Name: Terrell Suggs School: Arizona State Ht: 6-2 Wt: 245 40: 4.61 Year: 3Jr Number: 48

"One type of prospect teams really look for in April is the explosive pass rusher, an area void of talent in next year's draft. And while the overall numbers won't change, the talent would be severely upgraded if the nation's best quarterback sacker leaves for the NFL." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Explosive athlete that continually blows up plays behind the line of scrimmage. Quick off the snap with a nice first step, plays low to the ground with leverage, displaying force and speed in any direction of the field. Collapses from the outside to defend the run, moves well laterally and pursues the action with speed. Fast enough to run down ball carriers from the backside and quick closing on the passer. Effectively uses his hands to keep blockers off him, redirects well to the action and squares into tackles, wrapping up. Excellent range and movement skills; effectively plays ten yards off the line of scrimmage on zone blitzes, getting depth on his pass drops.

The Bad: Needs to mature physically and add bulk. Seemingly takes wide angles at times to avoid blocks and over pursues the action. Just gets better and better the more he plays.

The Skinny: Could be used as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme and may also be considered for the strong side in a 4-3. Then again, a better version of Jason Taylor at this point in his career and potentially a dominant defensive end in the future.

Projected order in the draft: Early 1st round

2. Full Name: Michael Haynes School: Penn State Ht: 6-2 Wt: 280 40: 4.74 Year: 4Sr Number: 81

"If there was one player that has really stood out to scouts as a senior during the 2002 campaign, and as a result is watching his draft rankings shoot through the roof, it would be Michael Haynes of Penn State. A forceful defender that terrorizes opposing quarterbacks and at the same time stops the run, Haynes may not be around for very long next April." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Athletic and relentless defensive end that stops the run or rushes the passer with equal effectiveness. Plays with forward lean and leverage, moves fluidly laterally and pursues from the backside with speed, stringing plays out laterally. Smooth when changing direction; can twist or stunt and effectively back off the line playing in space, displaying a tremendous amount of playing range. Has a great burst of closing speed and flashes on the scene, getting a lot of up-field momentum and force going for him. Deceptively strong, holds his ground against blocks and is more than adequate defending the run.

The Bad: Slow to read or anticipate the action at times. Has a tendency to pop up out of his stance and does not protect himself or use his hands to keep blockers away. A bit short and does not have a lot of growth potential.

The Skinny: Heading in the right direction; meeting the potential we thought he had after closely scouting him in 2000. Can be a productive starter at the next level if someone is willing to overlook the fact he's only 6-foot 2-inches.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 1st round

3. Full Name: Jerome McDougle School: Miami-Fl Ht: 6-3 Wt: 270 40: 4.82 Year: 5Sr Number: 95

"Though he may not be biggest or most dominant, Jerome McDougle is an incredibly intense, high-revving defensive end that makes a ton of tackles behind the line of scrimmage, constantly blowing up plays and disrupting the opponent's offensive game plans." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Relentless pass rusher that goes 100mph for sixty minutes. Quick off the snap, plays low with leverage and fluid moves about the field in any direction. Displays a nice first step, smoothness changing direction, and ability to collapse from the outside to defend the run, chasing from the backside with speed to catch the ball carrier. Effective if he must twist or stunt. Fast off the edge, agile and redirects to the ball carrier or immediately alters his angle of attack. Intelligent and plays smart football as well as going very hard.

The Bad: Not big or bulky, can be handled in one-on-one blocking and is very slow to shed. Deceptively strong but may have size limitations.

The Skinny: Makes a lot of plays up the field and should eventually flourish as a productive right defensive end at the next level.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 1st round

4. Full Name: Corey Redding School: Texas Ht: 6-4 Wt: 240 40: 4.71 Year: 4Sr Number: 40

"The Texas Longhorns have been very strong on both sides of the line of scrimmage the past four seasons and Corey Redding has been a staple on the defensive side all that time. An impact end that causes a lot of disruption up the field, Redding fits into several defensive schemes at the next level." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Athletic and explosive lineman that will be effective in a variety of defensive schemes at the next level. Plays low with leverage keeping his pads down, holds the point against blocks and redirects to the action nicely. Gets off blocks, stays in his pass rush angle and is fast off the edge moving up the field. Quick and fluid changing direction, makes plays laterally, displaying speed to the flanks in pursuit of the ball carrier. Effective dropping off the line in pass coverage and playing in space. Rarely off his feet.

The Bad: Lacks the great first step and explosion off the snap. Not big or powerful and may have a tough time adjusting to the bigger tackles at the next level.

The Skinny: Should be productive as a 4-3 defensive end or outside linebacker if stood up over tackle in a 3-4.

Projected order in the draft: Late 1st round

5. Full Name: Kenny Peterson School: Ohio State Ht: 6-4 Wt: 265 40: N.A. Year: 5Sr Number: 97

Projected order in the draft: Early 2nd round

6. Full Name: Chris Kelsay School: Nebraska Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 265 40: 4.81 Year: 5Sr Number: 52

"Much in the mold of Kyle Vanden Bosch, Nebraska's Chris Kelsay in an explosive yet undersized pass rusher. There were high hopes for the Black Shirts rush end, but injury halted his campaign this year and now it may be an uphill battle for Kelsay." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Pass rush specialist that wreaks havoc on opposing quarterbacks. Plays with excellent forward lean, low to the ground, and uses his hands to keep blockers away. Rushes the edge with speed, quickly altering his angle of attack. Flattens and pursues, then catches the ball carrier from the back side. Does a terrific job stringing plays out laterally. Knifes his way through opponents up the field.

The Bad: Handled at the point of attack when teams run at him and is easily ridden out of his pass rush angle by ordinary opponents. Injured for most of the season in 2002.

The Skinny: Needs a tremendous post-season if he's to jump back into the first sixty picks.

Projected order in the draft: Early 2nd round

7. Full Name: Calvin Pace School: Wake Forest Ht: 6-4 Wt: 265 40: 4.92 Year: 5Sr Number: 93

"A self-made athlete that added almost fifty pounds of muscle since entering college, Calvin Pace is a terrific athlete with a large amount of upside for the next level and a defensive end slowly turning into a complete lineman." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Solid athlete with a large degree of upside potential for the next level. Smooth and fluid moving about the field, chases to get involved in the action and effectively defends the run or rushes the passer. Breaks down well keeping his pads low to the ground, quickly alters his angle of attack and is rarely off his feet. Deceptively strong at the point of attack, holding his ground against blocks or plays off them altogether. Relatively solid hand technique. Works hard, stays with the play and is always looking to make positive plays.

The Bad: Not quick or explosive nor is he a sudden player with a great burst of closing speed.

The Skinny: Continually improved over the course of his college career and has room to grow. May take a little time to develop but a solid defensive end prospect at the next level.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 2nd round

8. Full Name: DeWayne White School: Louisville Ht: 6-2 Wt: 270 40: 4.75 Year: 4Jr Number: 99

"If there were a single defender in I-A football that stands out as one constantly in the opponents' backfield wreaking havoc, it would be Dewayne White of Louisville. Compared by some to Bruce Smith, he is a prospect teams want on draft day; a lineman that impacts the game as a pass rusher. But how does he project to the next level?" Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Explosive pass rusher that makes an inordinate amount of plays up the field. Plays low with leverage, fluid and easily moves about the field, making plays in every direction. Redirects well, quickly alters his attack angle and will flatten then pursue the action with speed. Keeps his feet moving up the field, effectively keeps blockers away with his hands and gets constant penetration behind the line of scrimmage.

The Bad: Not big or bulky, can be handled at the point by a single blocker and wears down over the course of a game. Lacks the great first step off the snap and does not display a burst of closing speed. Had a relentless style the previous two seasons defending both the run and pass, but seemingly lost his edge this year and looks like he's living off former headlines. May be limited in the number of schemes he will be effective in at the next level due to size limitations.

The Skinny: Seriously considering leaving for the draft and will need some terrific workouts if he's to break into the top 45 choices, based on his play this year.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 2nd round

9. Full Name: Tyler Brayton School: Colorado Ht: 6-6 Wt: 269 40: N.A. Year: 5Sr Number: 99

Projected order in the draft: Late 2nd round

10. Full Name: Kindal Moorehead School: Alabama Ht: 6-2 Wt: 300 40: 5.05 Year: 5Sr Number: 54

"Kindal Moorehead is a prospect who looked like the next coming as a true freshman but has seemingly hit a bump in the road. A terrific athlete and lineman that makes a good amount of plays up the field, Moorehead now looks to take his game to the next level." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

The Good: Athletic lineman that dominates opponents at the point of attack. Breaks down well, fluid moving about the field and making a lot of plays laterally or up the field. Quick changing his angle of attack, redirecting nicely and displaying good range. Can play off the line of scrimmage in zone blitz situations and rarely is off his feet. Effectively slides off blocks and makes a lot of plays up the field.

The Bad: Not quick in his head; slow locating the action or finding the ball. Over pursues the play and does not give you the idea he has a good feel for the game. Bends at the waist, which hurts his balance. A little short for end and lacks the bulk to be an every-down lineman on the inside.

The Skinny: Reminds us a bit of Anthony Pleasant/Rob Burnett, though not as sharp as those two.

Projected order in the draft: Late 2nd round

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