Transcript: Chris Steuber Chat's NFL Draft guru talks about what he saw in Mobile, and how it will impact the Browns. Your questions, answered objectively.

<csteuber> Hey everyone... what a whirlwind of a week in Mobile.

<ramllov> Chris, can you list your six QB in order from the Mobile group, who do the Browns like?
<csteuber> My top six QBs in Mobile were: 1. Jarrett Brown (West Virginia), 2. Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan), 3. Tim Tebow (Florida), 4. Tony Pike (Cincinnati), 5. Sean Canfield (Oregon State) 6. Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State).

<donodawg> I was expecting to hear good things about the TE from USC, McCoy, but I haven't Has he looked bad, or what?
<csteuber> Donodawg: Anthony McCoy was awful. It's amazing that he played at a top college program like USC. I studied him on film the last two years and he was an underachiever. But in person, he looks like a D-III player.

<nybrownie> Where do u thnk Pike will get drafted now after up and down performance
<csteuber> NYBrownie: Scouts still like Pike. He didn't have a good week, but my sources tell me that he will still be a second - third round draft pick. Teams like his size and upside and compare him to Joe Flacco.

<iwannabeadawg> now the question is what is the soonest you would take one of those QB's
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: I think you will see one of those quarterbacks selected in the second round, probably Jarrett Brown or Tony Pike.

<donodawg> any TEs that you would think would fit in with what the Browns hope to do?
<csteuber> DonoDawg: Miami TE Jimmy Graham was really impressive. He's moving up my board and a lot of teams like him. He could emerge as an early third round pick in April.

<ramllov> Chris did your hear about the Browns looking at any QB more than another?
<csteuber> Ramllov: The Browns had representatives everywhere in Mobile and they interviewed a lot of players. But it's hard to gauge who they were most interested in down there.

<nybrownie> Who's stock rose the most this week
<csteuber> NYBrownie: Here are some guys that I'm really high on now: Miami TE Jimmy Graham, Ole Miss WR Shay Hodge, Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour, Boise State CB Kyle Wilson, Baylor C J.D. Walton, Troy DE/OLB Cameron Sheffield.

<iwannabeadawg> Read Austen Lane had a good week. Has your opinion on him improved? I believed you did like him before if I am correct.
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: I do like Austen Lane, but to be honest, he didn't standout to me this week. I spoke to a number of scouts about him and at least three scouts said they would like to see him at tight end? I found that to be a shocking comment.

<MikeFromRochester> who was down there from the browns?
<csteuber> MikeFromRochester: I believe the Browns were represented by their scouts, I didn't see Holmgren, Heckert or Mangini.

<billbrasky09> if I recall, Frye had a great Senior Bowl there a way for an avg fan to discern whether these guys will be Fryes in the NFL?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: The quarterback crop this year is mediocre at best. I wouldn't be surprised if all six didn't pan out at the next level. They're all projects in their own right.

<nybrownie> What about L Blount .. He looked good
<csteuber> NYBrownie: LeGarrette Blount also had a great week. I wasn't anticipating him playing the way he did, but he's a very talented player. But off the field concerns will hurt his draft stock.

<MikeFromRochester> chris, how high will ordrick go?
<csteuber> MikeFromRochester: Odrick will likely come off the board in the 26 - 35 range.

<nybrownie> Is that unusual for the big boys not to be there?
<csteuber> NYBrownie: They may have been there, but they weren't out in the open.

<donodawg> Is Iupati a real possibility at ORT, or is he strictly an interior lineman? I've read conflicting views on him.
<csteuber> DonoDawg: Iupati is a beast inside and will be a work in progress at OT. He has the size and talent to be a tackle, but it may be best to start his career at guard and then work him into being a tackle.

<bds2222> Chris, is it at all possible that Okung would fall to 7
<csteuber> BDS2222: I would be surprised if Okung fell to No. 7, but anything is possible in the draft. I'd be surprised if the Chiefs don't select him.

<MikeFromRochester> chris, they showed rob ryan in the stands once, for what that is worth
<csteuber> MikeFromRochester: Yes, I did see Rob Ryan, but I didn't see Mangini, Holmgren or Heckert.

<billbrasky09> how much time did you spend talking w/ these Seniors? Anyone's character stand out, good or bad?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: Sean Weatherspoon is a great kid; a great talker. He's always upbeat and enthusiastic about the game.

<WARDYDOG> Hey Chris ; sorry I'm late, your thoughts on Chad Jones FS from LSU?
<csteuber> WardyDog: I like Chad Jones a lot. He has great size, 6-3, 230 pounds, and the ability to be a game changer. He will likely go in the second round.

<MikeFromRochester> chris, this seems to be a weak wr class as far as the top of the draft goes, the only guy i like are tate and williams
<csteuber> MikeFromRochester: The guy I came away from the Senior Bowl excited about was Ole Miss WR Shay Hodge. He has good size, strong hands and runs crisp routes. He's a player.

<nybrownie> What do u think about Chris Cook CB.. big guy at 6'2""
<csteuber> NYBrownie: The cornerbacks were great at the Senior Bowl. Chris Cook looks the part and plays at a high level. Some scouts like him as a free safety; he has the size and cover skills to handle that position.

<nybrownie> What position do you see getting picked the most in the 1st round
<csteuber> NYBrownie: I think offensive tackle will generate the most selections in the first round.

<ramllov> Chris, how do you like Tyson Alualu?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Alualu plays with a high motor and plays with leverage. I see him as a 3-4 DE; he's not a DT in the NFL.

<ramllov> Where does Shay Hodge go in this draft?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I think Hodge could go as high as the third round if he continues to play the way he did in Mobile. He hurt his ankle yesterday, but will play on Saturday.

<billbrasky09> who's the best kicker in this year's crop?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: Michigan State's Brett Swenson is the best kicker.

<AloAloysius> Chris, did Cameron Sheffield impress you this week?
<csteuber> AloAloysius: I thought Sheffield had a solid week. He did a lot of good things and showed great pass rushing ability. I liked him as well as Arkansas State DE Alex Carrington. Both of those guys will move up in my rankings.

<BlueSidd> Odds Michigan's Graham's lasts to the second round?
<csteuber> BlueSidd: After the week he had in Mobile, I'd be surprised if Graham was available after the 22nd pick.

<billbrasky09> Do you recall which current good/great NFL QBs that participated & did well in their Senior Week/Bowl?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: There's been a lot of great first rounders that played in the Senior Bowl.

<nybrownie> chris, 3 4 LB's impress u
<csteuber> NYBrownie: Brandon Graham will be a 3-4 OLB... Koa Misi also looked good during drills.

<BlueSidd> If Browns go CB in first what do you think they will do in the second. Right Tackle?
<csteuber> BlueSidd: The Browns could go in a few directions in the second round, wide receiver, running back, O-Line, D-Line, linebacker, etc...

<BlueSidd> Is Ducasse being exposed at the senior bowl
<csteuber> BlueSidd: Ducasse was exposed at tackle. He's a guard at the next level. Teams in attendance wanted to see him play tackle and it wasn't very good.

<AloAloysius> Chris, do you think Perrish Cox was big riser this week? Or is he still more of a 2nd round guy?
<csteuber> AloAloysius: Cox was good, but there were other CBs that I was impressed with. I like Devin McCourty, Kyle Wilson, Chris Cook and Patrick Robinson.

<donodawg> I haven't heard anything about Muckleroy from Texas. Is he there, and has he made any impression?
<csteuber> DonoDawg: Muckelroy is there, but he's been invisible. I was disappointed with him.

<BlueSidd> Could McCluster be a second round pick?
<csteuber> BlueSidd: I think McCluster is a second rounder. If he was three inches taller he would be a first round pick.

<billbrasky09> is their enough depth in this year's draft overall to do some substantial foundational work w/ our 11 picks?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: This is a very deep draft; it just lacks depth at the quarterback and running back positions.

<ramllov> Chris do you see a deep threat WR, who is a sleeper for the fourth or fifth round?
<csteuber> Ramllov: A guy to keep an eye on in the mid rounds is Citadel WR Andre Roberts. He could be a steal in the fourth round.

<iwannabeadawg> The Draft Nasty Guy compared McCluster to Lionel ""Little Train"" James. Do you agree with this comparison?
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: Dexter McCluster possesses the most explosive initial burst of any prospect I ever seen. Chris Johnson and Charlie Garner also had a great burst.

<AloAloysius> Do you think Eric Norwood's play this week will give pause to 4-3 teams looking at him as an OLB?
<csteuber> AloAloysius: Norwood should be drafted into a 3-4 situation. He's a pass rusher, but lacks the size to play on the line.

<MikeFromRochester> chris, would it be nuts for the browns to take iupati at 7, it appears he would be perfect to solve the right side of our oline
<csteuber> MikeFromRochester: If Iupati improves as a tackle, he could be drafted in the middle of the first round. Selecting him with the 7th pick would be a reach, but he's a hot commodity right now.

<billbrasky09> I know you're high on Spiller - do you think the Browns would consider him in the first? or those chances pretty low?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: I like Spiller a lot, but I think the Browns should hope for Joe Haden.

<ramllov> Chris, can you tell me about Dorin Dickinson, WR, Pitt?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I wasn't impressed with Dickerson this week. He has some skills, but he's likely to be an undrafted free agent.

<BlueSidd> Who is more likley to be picked ahead of pick #7 McClain or Haden?
<csteuber> BlueSidd: That's a good question... Haden has more value, but McClain is a rare linebacker who has the size/speed combination you want and he can cover. If I were making the selection, I'd go with Haden.

<nybrownie> Who;s your early pick for the surprise pick of the draft
<csteuber> NYBrownie: Don't be surprised if Rutgers OT Anthony Davis gets drafted by the Oakland Raiders. A spoke with a few scouts from the Raiders and Al Davis loves his size and athleticism. Davis can be a future All-Pro tackle if he improves his motor.

<billbrasky09> given the overall depth in this year's class - would it be best for the Browns to use most their picks on actual players, as opposed to packaging picks to move up?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: It depends, because this is a deep draft and you have to see how things play out.

<AloAloysius> Was Dan Williams more impressive in Mobile this year than Ron Brace was last year?
<csteuber> AloAloysius: They're two different kinds of tackles. They're both big and play well in the trenches, but Williams is more explosive than Brace.

<donodawg> I'm having trouble seeing Mays as a OLB
<csteuber> DonoDawg: I've said this numerous times about Mays, I think he's a linebacker playing safety. I truly believe that his best position at the next level is at linebacker.
<csteuber> DonoDawg: I see Mays playing OLB like Thomas Davis. Mays has 4.3 speed and has the strength to knockout any player on the field. At linebacker, you would see a different kind of player.

<BlueSidd> Chris: Does Heckert bode well for us possibly picking McCluster in round 2 with his love for Westbrook and McCoy
<csteuber> BlueSidd: I will applaud the team that selects McCluster, because whoever gets him, he's going to be a very special performer.

<ramllov> Chris, if the Browns took Haden with their 7th choice, could they go Nate Allen with their second round pick, to fix their secondary this year?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Allen will be available in the second round, so yes, I could see that. But I do think drafting a wide receiver has to be at the top of their list.

<BigDaytonDave> 12,0What about the right side of the O Line, how deep is it?
<csteuber> BigDaytonDave: There are guys who are guard prospects that can play RT. Zane Beadles is a guy that comes to mind. John Jerry is another.

<billbrasky09> what's the insider feel about Al Davis? Do Insiders view him as bat-sh'' crazy as the general public does?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: The insider from the Raiders said, "Al is going to do, what Al wants to do on draft day." That's how it's always been.

<igotid> Hey Chris - I was really excited with your two picks for the Browns in your last mock, Haden and Graham...then I looked at your mock from last year. Is there anyway the Rams don't take Suh and blow this whole draft up?
<csteuber> Igotid: The draft isn't a perfect science and anything can happen. Look at what the Raiders did last year at No. 7, they made a huge mistake selecting Darrius Heyward-Bey.

<ramllov> Chris, which WR do you see the Browns drafting with their second round pick?
<csteuber> Ramllov: I think Damian Williams (USC), Mardy Gilyard (Cincinnati), Dexter McCluster (Ole Miss) and Arrelious Benn are possibilities.

<igotid> Better yet, is there anything Bradford or Claussen could do to move into the one hole
<csteuber> igotid: They have to show that they're healthy and perform well during their Pro Day. If they check out medically and look good physically, there's a strong chance the Rams take one of them. They need a QB more than a DT.

<billbrasky09> Do you have a decent rapport w/ NFL scouts? Do they give you their honest take on prospects or are they secretive about that stuff?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: I have solid relationships with scouts, but they're never going to tell you everything. A lot of scouts only know the players they scout in their region.

<ramllov> Chris, Arrelious Benn, WR, what are his strengths and weaknesses?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Benn is tall, physical, has good hands and is dangerous after the catch. He doesn't have great deep speed and has to improve his route running.

<igotid> How long has it been since there has been such a sure thing as Suh, if ever...also, what would be the lowest Eric Berry falls that you would be really surprised?
<csteuber> Igotid: I don't think Suh is a sure thing, but he's the best overall prospect in the draft. He has a lot of hype surrounding him right now and that may be hard to live up too. Berry won't get past No. 3.

<WARDYDOG> Chris, is B. Graham better than Woodley?
<csteuber> WardyDog: I think Graham is better than Woodley was when Woodley entered the draft. But right now, I think Woodley is the better player. Graham has the potential to be better.

<iwannabeadawg> Forgot to ask you last time but what is your thought on OG Brandon Carter and what round do you think he will go after a solid week.
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: Carter is not at the Senior Bowl, but he will likely be a fourth - fifth round pick.

<ramllov> I remember last year, we had players we noted in January, who were sure top 10 to 15, and they ended up in the second round. Is that going to happen this year?
<csteuber> Ramllov: Again, anything can happen, especially deep in the first round. But I think this year is an easier year to project.

<trickdawg81> Chris, could you give me your thoughts on BYU QB, Max Hall . . . he seems like the type of qb that fits right into a Mike Holmgren offense
<csteuber> TrickDawg81: Hall has ability, but he's very small and limited athletically. He's a late round guy. If the Browns go after a quarterback, Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour or Cincinnati's Tony Pike are better options.

<mikehey> did you see heckert there?
<csteuber> MikeHey: I didn't see Heckert, he may have been in the crowd somewhere though.

<billbrasky09> Chris - who's your favorite NFL team?
<csteuber> BillBrasky: Well, I'm from Philly and I grew up an Eagles fan, but I'm not biased towards any team. You can't be in this business.

<iwannabeadawg> When is your next show and is Scott Wright going to be joining you again?
<csteuber> IWannaBeADawg: My next show will be next Wednesday. I'll get either Chad Reuter or Scott Wright to come on.

<BarryMcBride> Remember we've got Sobo here to provide his perspective tomorrow at 9PM.

<csteuber> Thanks guys, I appreciate the questions!

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