Transcript: Sobo, Post-Mobile

After a week of watching prospects and avoiding snow in Alabama. what have we learned? Sobo returns with his thoughts about who the Browns should be targeting in this year's draft...

<SOBOdawg> Hello all once again
<BarryMcBride> I've got the high intensity lamps on. Sobo, you have the interrogation chair.
<SOBOdawg> Looks like I'm not the only one with no life. :p
<BarryMcBride> Life is for people not obsessed by football.
<SOBOdawg> I'm sure I can handle all comers Barry. So let's rock n roll

<BarryMcBride> LeFevour. I wanna know if he can be a WCO QB. Go.
<BarryMcBride> How was his accuracy this week? Timing?
<SOBOdawg> LeFevour...late round talent which will be overdrafted because of production and wildcat potential. He is very accurate, but coming out of a system that did not require many reads. He does not have a good for the passing game and is more of a runner than a pure passer
<BarryMcBride> I really think LeFevour might be the guy I'm most intrigued by. Sometimes not having the weapons of big school QBs creates fast decision makers. Sometimes it creates guys with bad habits (see: Frye, Charlie). Thanks Sobo.
<SOBOdawg> B - Problem is that LeFevour really didn't have to make many decisions at CMU. He always had a run/pass option. He had more career carries than any of the top 5 RB's in this draft class.

<cleveland60> Have you seen any surprise risers this week
<SOBOdawg> Cleveland60: The guy that I enjoyed watching was LaGarrette Blount. Granted it should all be taken in context, but he did himself a world of favors. Alex Carrington was another standout of major note

<nybrownie> So top 5 most impressive/dissapointed
<SOBOdawg> NYB: Let's stick with top three for now to keep things rolling
<SOBOdawg> impressed: Carrington, Blount, J.Williams
<SOBOdawg> disappinted: Mays, Beadles, P.Robinson
<SOBOdawg> (just off the top of my head)

<cleveland60> I was going to ask about Carrigton. I had picked him in a few mocks.
<nybrownie> Did u hear any rumors concerning the Browns
<SOBOdawg> NYB: I didn't stay team specific this year because so many others take that angle. I wanted to get heavy into analysis

<billbrasky09> Jimmy Graham - has Antonio Gates' success led us to jump on the bandwagon of every former BB TE that comes along? or is this kid good?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Graham has a lot of natural talent. He can play in the league. This isn't an example like J'Nathan Bullock who thought he could do it as a side note to his basketball career

<ramllov> What is your impression on Jarrett Brown, QB WVU and T. Pike, QB, Cincinnati?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Like J.Brown entering this week. Thought he had a lot of untapped physical potential. Big arm, spins the ball well, very athletic. One year starter though that struggled with decision making and turnovers. He did himself at the Senior Bowl showing off that potential and saw his stock rise as a result

<ramllov> J? Williams
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Jeremy Williams...WR, Tulane. Probably hovering around that top 40 range

<nybrownie> Whats the word on Blount's off field issues/red flags
<SOBOdawg> NYB: Overheard scouts grilling Blount on the issues. So they are front and center. They will be addressed and he will either be blacklisted by teams, or they will look past them for the talent. That will be an individual process heading up by each team

<AloAloysius> SOBO, can you add any detail to the report on an excellent draft site that Rolando McClain and Saban "didn't see eye to eye"?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: For most of the conversations that were reported on Draft Insider (which I am certainly invested), I wasn't at that initial conversation. A later conversation came up about whether he should declare or not as potentially being the root of that assessment

<Ean0708> IS Iupati a future pro bowler or just a starter
<SOBOdawg> Ean: Iupati has the *talent* to be a Pro Bowl guard. He has a lot of technique work to clean up

<billbrasky09> Can 1 bad Senior Bowl week do substantial damage to players' stocks?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: If your name is O'Brien Schofield, it did substantial damage (which is another story altogether). If you work each day, have good interviews, and even stink it up down in Mobile; there is an entire body of work during the season that overrides everything on the field this week

<ramllov> SOBO, do you see Cleveland going to a DL man with their second pick if the right guy was available?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: If Suh or McCoy are available, I certainly see them as very viable options at no.7.

<BigDaytonDave> sobo what about RT and RG, deep draft?
<SOBOdawg> BDD: This particular Senior Bowl class of offensive lineman are underwhelming. The overall class is much deeper due to junior talent declaring.

<nybrownie> What guard/tackle combo would you choose for the Browns?
<SOBOdawg> NYB: I suspect one spot will be addressed via FA. I suspect one will be addressed somewhere in the first three rounds of the draft. And I'm not entirely willing to write off Pork Chop with his history with Holmgren. Nor FA's like Rob Sims or Chris Spencer if they come available in FA

<ramllov> I am talking about the second round pick
<ramllov> Dan Williams
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Dan Williams is in that top 20 range.

<cleveland60> Alex Carrington, has he moved to a 2nd round or better grade. Would the Browns have to use their 2nd rounder to get him?
<SOBOdawg> Cleve60: Carrington is around that late second range. Could see a team like NYJ or Pitt landing him because he has legit 34 five technique physical ability and there aren't a lot of those in this class

<ramllov> Odrick, Penn State
SOBOdawg> Ram: Odrick was outstanding. As I wrote a little bit earlier tonight, he is the one prospect to enter the fray as a legit first rounder and leave as one

<Colt212> Could the browns take Lagarrette blount in the second round or maybe even 3rd round
<SOBOdawg> Colt: I liked what I saw of Blount, but doubt he goes in that range. Those issues are still present despite a good week
<Colt212> Sobo but doesnt Blount have 2nd round or 3rd round talent so what about taking him round 4 or 5
<SOBOdawg> Colt: Blount was a slightly overrated entering this year by some. He had off the field issues way before the punch. He came in out of shape. He is a downhill one cut type of runner that needs to be in the right system

<nybrownie> Did anyone drop out of the 1st round this week?
<SOBOdawg> NYB: Iupati probably didn't help himself. B. Graham was solid but nothing specatcular. Depending on what you thought of T.Mays (and I was never high on him) then he could easily be there in round 2

<billbrasky09> Are there any players this year that are rumored to have major drinking problems?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Unfortunately I didn't get to sit next to one this year, but I talking to some of the Florida beat writers, they stated that Tim Tebow isn't exactly Jesus in shoulder pads

<AloAloysius> SOBO, did this week change your opinion on whether John Jerry can play RT?
<SOBOdawg> Alo: John Jerry cannot play RT. He bends far too much at the waist and lunges constantly

<ramllov> SOBO, it just appeas so many players are being discussed as potential first round picks, some very good players are going to be sitting at the 38th selection, I just wonder if one of the very good defensive linemen will fall to that position?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Thre is going to be a run on Defensive lineman in the first round. I'm looking in that 13 to 25 range or so.

<cleveland60> Obviously the player not named Tebow that was getting a lot of love was CB Wilson. Has he entered late 1st round discussions yet.
<SOBOdawg> Cleve60: That second overall cornerback position is wide open currently. Guys like Patrick Robinson and Jerome Murphy have the physical tools to step up, yet havent'. Devin McCourty has played well this season. Overall I think a big run of corners and safety begin in that early round 2 to round 3 range

<howldawg> Sobo Did Iupati show he is a pure G not a tackle in your opinion?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: Iupati looked horrific his first few plays at tackle. He looked a little better the next day. He certainly has all the physical tools, he simply lacks the technique. He is raw. And that includes if he stays at guard.

<nybrownie> What CB's impressed this week
<SOBOdawg> NYB: Outside Wilson, names like Arenas and C.Cook were bandied about a bit

<traveldawg62> SOBO, outside of Haden, who's your top 3 corners in terms of instincts and coverage?
<SOBOdawg> Travel: There are guys like Patrick Robinson and Donovan Warren whom I like a lot. They have a lot of physical ability. They just never put it together. In this case they're two different types of cornerback

<ramllov> SOBO is the safety position deep enough that the Browns could wait until the third round to pick up a starting safety or do they need to get him with their second round pick?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: A guy like T.J. Ward or Major Wright would be nice additions in round 3

<howldawg> 5,0Sobo would Blount work out in our system?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: Depends on which route this team is going to take this year. They like Jamal, and Blount is very similar. But we'll if some more west coast roots are brought in

<nybrownie> Will Cook be FS or CB
<SOBOdawg> NYB: Cook can play corner in a predominant zone based defense

<billbrasky09> when you talk to players there, do you tell them you're an analyst, or do you sometimes let them believe you're a scout?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: I tell them exactly whom I am with. All of them are usually pretty open and willing to talk about whatever

<dawngregry> Do u have an opinion on Alex Carrington DE Ark. St.?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Carrington was the most pleasant surprise of my week and a legit 5 technique prospect in the 34

<ramllov> I was wondering the BPA with the second pick, some great player or two is going to fall to 38
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Thanks to the underclassmen, there will be very good talents available at the beginning of both rounds 2 and 3

<ramllov> How far could Cook, CB, fall? Could he look good as the third CB, if they drafted Haden?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: He's a mid to late rounder depending on how you want to use him.

<SOBOdawg> Alright, who is drinking here? You guys are usually firing them off quicker than I can keep up!

<billbrasky09> looking at Sanchez's performance this year, was he better, worse, or about what you expected?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Sanchez was better than expected. I personally had him rated as a 2nd round guy most of last year. So some of the throws he made this year impressed me to a degree

<dawngregry> Has Carrington shown so much this week that he is no longer UNDER THE RADAR?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Certainly think Carrington has shown enough to be a late 2nd round candidate. So that certainly wouldn't make him "under the radar"

<ramllov> SOBO we talk about the underclassmen class and I have read where some sources see 40+ players could be in the first three rounds of this draft. Is that accurate, 15 first round 15 second round and about 10 third round, WOW?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Certainly I would expect a tremendous about of underclassmen to be drafted earldy this class. Actually looking at the record number drafted last year in the first round, that could/should be eclipsed this year

<MikeFromRochester> sobo, the browns need a true number 1 receiver, other than tate, d. williams i just don't see that type of help coming in the draft, and barring a move down i don't see us getting any of the top wideouts. what the heck do we do?
<SOBOdawg> Mike: I have always been of the mind that the team needs a veteran to compliment the young players on the roster. Someone who is reliable and can get open and make catches. A guy like Jason Avant out of Philly comes to mind...for example. BTW, did talk to Mo Massaquoi's agent for a few seconds.

<billbrasky09> back to that WVU QB - as a Hokie, I hate WVU, so I've never watched the kid play. He seems like a good character guy, how is his 1. arm 2. accuracy 3. mobility 4. awareness...from what you saw
<SOBOdawg> Bill - J.Brown...1) Has a strong arm. Reminds me physically of Donovan McNabb. 2) Accuracy is suspect, but only a one year starter and WVU's system isn't great for QB's. 3) Very mobile and a strong rumble but doesn't protect the ball. 4) Has to improve greatly in awareness. Throws some beautiful balls, and then some "what the.." types

<ramllov> SOBO are you still in Mobile?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I flew home last night. And the cold air took my breath away as I got out of the airport

<dawngregry> What do you think of guys like Eric Decker, Riley Cooper and Jordan Shipley and their chances of being productive NFL receivers?
<SOBOdawg> DG - You ask any scout and they will tell you that the ability to separate is much more important that flat out speed or size. Guys like Freddie Barnes, for example, doesn't have that type of ability despite his numbers. Cooper struggled to do as such. Shipley and Decker are better than those previously mentioned

<billbrasky09> Did you see Phil 'go root for Buffalo' Savage while in his neck of the woods?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Actually I did see Savage, and there is a rumor going around he will take over the Senior Bowl next year

<MikeFromRochester> who was down there for the browns, just scouts?
<SOBOdawg> Mike: I didn't see Holmgren or Heckert. I asked around, but if they were there, they were rather inconspicuous.

<ramllov> Jarrett Brown, what round does he go, high or low.
<SOBOdawg> Ram: J. Brown - High...late 3rd. Low...early 5th

<cleveland60> I was going to see your thoughts on Decker. Do you think his injury could push him to the late 3rd early fourth range? I think he uses he body to create space and catches everything you throw at him.
<SOBOdawg> Cleve: Combine will be important for Decker. His medicals will be very very interesting, and we'll see what shape he is in there as well

<MikeFromRochester> not to be negative, but do you see us getting help at the qb position through the draft, i just don't see it
<SOBOdawg> Mike: I certainly believe the Browns will select a QB SOMEWHERE in this draft. Where/when/who...THAT is the million dollar question

<ramllov> SOBO would you approve if the Browns took Jarrett Browns with the Jets third pick we received for BE?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I like J.Brown...I do. But he is a project with a lot of upside. Very boom or bust type of pick. He someone I'd be much more comfortable with one or two rounds later especially considering the Browns have so many needs that be addressed with a quality third round pick.

<billbrasky09> any Senior WRs dropping enough passes to raise flags?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: At the Senior Bowl, drops aren't as important simply because it's obvious most are not on the same page as the QB.

<dawngregry> How do you rate Dexter McCluster?
<SOBOdawg> DG: That's a fantastic question. Personally, I wouldn't take him before round 3, maybe 4. I also would play him as a slot receiver. I've watched him since he was a true freshman. Fantastic athlete and football player. That scary.

<cleveland60> He can't run or anything there though can he? I thought he was out for most of that.
<SOBOdawg> Cleve60: Players show up to the Combine all the time injured just to go through the medicals and interviews. We'll see...

<MikeFromRochester> who would you like to see the browns take to fortify the right side of the off. line and in what round
<SOBOdawg> Mike: My favorite offensive lineman in this draft is Bryan Bulaga. We know that won't happen. If you want to think outside of the box, Charles Brown would be interesting at the top of round 2. Vlad Ducasse as well. Not really enamored with any of the other RT's by trade. Guard, I've liked Mike Johnson for some time.

<ramllov> SOBO, did you hear anything about Skelton, QB, Fordham, regarding his progress or performance at the Shrine Game, while you were Mobile or before?

<cleveland60> Also a QB that interests me, Kafka from Northwestern. Obviously smart, but just seems like a gamer. Could he be someone of interest for the team?
<SOBOdawg> Cleve60: You hit on one of my favorites of the draft. Was watching some tape on Miami(OH) against Northwestern. I know...unfortunate for me. But Kafka pops off the screen. He doesn't have a great arm obviously, but he throws a tight ball. He usually hits his receiver in stride. He is athletic. And this was only his first year as a full time starter.

<billbrasky09> Ben Tate believes he's one of the best all-around RBs in this class. Do you agree w/ Ben Tate?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Tate is another guy who is just a good all around football player and gets overlooked because of it. He does all the little things well

<howldawg> Sobo what do you think of Shipley? Robo redux?
<SOBOdawg> Howl: Believe Shipley is quicker in short areas than Robiskie

<MikeFromRochester> any chance we could grab odrick, maybe in the second, or is he gone

<SOBOdawg> Mike: Odrick is gone. Was working on an updated mock some today and had him going to Tennessee in the middle of the first round

<dawngregry> If Kafka doesnt have a great arm, how does it compare to Kosar or Quinn just in terms of strength?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Well you're going pretty far back for me with Kosar and Quinn is a little different. Brady has a little better arm than given credit, he's just too mechanical. If you look at someone in this class that I would rate as similar, probably Sean Canfield. Neither are going to zip anything by you, but have a good feel for the game

<ramllov> SOBO, I will be interested in seeing your next mock draft and see which players fall almost as much as seeing the players who move up.
<SOBOdawg> Ram: I admit there are few guys I want to move up a bunch, and some down. The thing about working with NFL Scouting Services this year is that I haven't always gotten to see as much on certain players as I'm normally accustomed

<MikeFromRochester> i saw taylor price for the first time at the senior bowl, mid round guy, do you think the browns are interested?
<SOBOdawg> Mike: I remember having Price as a late 2nd/3rd round guy months ago. He has some very very explosive tendencies and he's a legit 4.27 guy. If they go WR early, he should certainly be in the equation

<ramllov> SOBO. Do you think the Browns will wait for their picks, or do you see them moving back up into the first round to get another elite player, if the one they want is still there say in the mid 20's?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: It's too early to see when and where teams want to be or who they're really sniffing around strongly

<traveldawg62> Hypothetically, if Shaun is traded and the most talked about picks are gone, is Dan Williams a possibility at #7 or is that too high for him?
<SOBOdawg> Travel: Williams is a guy I move up every single time I watch him and put things up. For example, I hate him late round 1 a few weeks back. Didn't have a real good feel for him. After scrutinizing him in Mobile, have him up to 12 to Miami

<howldawg> Give me your opinion on Colt McCoyu and a round for him
<SOBOdawg> Howl: McCoy, another overrated most of the year by most. Early 3rd (which could potentially be a fit with Cleveland)

<billbrasky09> Could Jacoby Ford go a lot higher than folks think w/ teams looking at a Welker sized sure-handed WR that can get solid YAC?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Ford was never the reliable threat of a Welker, but he can absolutely explode. He's impressive. Speed sells and often goes high in the draft

<ramllov> There appears to be a few 4.3 players in this draft
<SOBOdawg> Ram: You have two guys who are almost Olympic level sprinters in this draft, with a few more who are not far behind (Price for example)

<dawngregry> What about the pair from TCU - Hughes and Washington. Are these guys 1st round talent?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Hughes really would have benefited from coming down to Mobile. Not sure why he didnt. Scouts love Washington. Think he's one of the most complete LB's in this draft. Late first/early second for Hughes, especially if he looks good in LB workouts. Washington is the 2nd round coversation. BTW, scouts like Sean Lee out of Penn State as well

<MikeFromRochester> sobo, 2 guys i am scared to death of in this draft are carlos dunlap and mays, do you think the browns are really interested in them now, according to the just removed regime i believe they were if i remember correctly
<SOBOdawg> Mike: From everything I've heard, this regime is going to be even more stringent on off the field issues.

<billbrasky09> who's the most "NFL ready" prospect, of any position, in Mobile?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Have to go with Odrick simply because he's an every down defensive lineman out of the gate

<dawngregry> What about McBride (Barry) - is he 1st round talent or do you see him as more of Animal House Flounder type?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Barry has always been a class human being off the field (unlike me). He is a little short on the physical talent, but he constantly works hard and is a team leader

<hummed> Is Iupati from Idaho regarded in anyway as a RT prospect? Loved watching him in the bowl game against BG and would love to see him on our line.
<SOBOdawg> Hum - I'm of the mind, if a player can be great at one position and only good at another, keep him at the one where he can be great

<billbrasky09> what's the sense you get from the scouting crowd about this year's crop in general - they excited, or ho-hum?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: least discussing the Senior Bowl was disappointing. Guys like Hughes, Kindle, Hardesty, T.Williams, etc etc. really needed to be down there

<ramllov> SOBO, we talk about the talent that the underclassmen are bring to this draft, how good is the senior talent in this draft?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: The senior talent has been deprived slightly over the last two years with the amount of underclassmen that readily declare in today's game.

<billbrasky09> sucks that Hughes wasn't there. I have an unhealthy man-crush on Hughes, and now no new info to quench my man-thirst
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Please never use "man-thirst" after "man-crush" in a sentence EVER again

<traveldawg62> Who are some potential mid-rounders that Cleveland might be interested in?
<SOBOdawg> TD: The Browns have a ton of picks. It's so hard to determine where any team is going at this point

<dawngregry> Do you like Ryan Mathews or Toby Gerhart as being a team's primary running back or are they more situational guys?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Of the two, I'd take Matthews over the two. They're both two down guys. Personally like to see more of Harrison. And build around that

<howldawg> 5,0Sobo what does Kindle gain by being there
<SOBOdawg> Howl: Kindle has off the field issues. He could gain a lot just on interviews with the teams. He has the talent to be a top 10 guy. He's more likely going late round 1

<billbrasky09> What were you looking to see from Hughes if he were there? What are the biggest questions in your mind about him that you were looking to resolve?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Wanted to see what he could do from a two point. Generally they don't use many of these guys out of position, more than a few reps, but it would have been interesting.

<dawngregry> In your opinion is CJ Spiller significantly more talented than James Davis based on what they did at Clemson?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Physically, CJ Spiller is a top 10 talent I liked Davis quite a bit, but he's not the same type of explosive and homerun talent.

<billbrasky09> did you save your receipts? you know Barry's gonna ask for them
<SOBOdawg> Bill - He could ask for them, but I wasn't directly involved with the OBR in Mobile this year. Through no fault of Barry's might I add

<dawngregry> DO u have any confidence in L. Blounts ability to be a good player and citizen?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Blount would be more of a concern in regards to his work ethic. He has the talent to be a good player. Not every football player needs to be a good citizen.

<ramllov> SOBO did you see any surprises in Mobile regarding the Senior players?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Keep referring back to Blount and Carrington. Though this is a great opportunity to see some of the small school guys. Andre Roberts of Citadel looked very good, but undersized

<ramllov> Two players I did not hear clear reads on are the following Koa Misi and Donald Butler, LBs?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Misi would very good athletically out Mobile. First time he's ever played as a true LB. He has some very interesting upside. Butler is built like a brick house and very strong in the box

<billbrasky09> in the overall draft class, are their any cooky-bird guys w/ baggage that have a ton of other words, any Rey M's in this year's class, in any position?
<SOBOdawg> Bill: Two words...Tony Washington

<dawngregry> Is joe Haden as good as Revis was in college?
<SOBOdawg> DG: Remember watching Revis and believed he was a legit top 10 talent. He was also a fantastic return man. Haden is more raw and not as polished by has spectacular upside

<ramllov> Could yo see Butler or Misi coming to Cleveland?
<SOBOdawg> Ram: Don't see LB being much of an issue if Roth is re-signed. Misi in particular has 34 OLB written all over him

<SOBOdawg> Alright all...enjoyed it as always. I will see everyone around as always

<BarryMcBride> Thanks Sobo... we'll get to work on the transcript.

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