The Mirage: Another Quarterback

Brian Tarcy has seen the Browns future at quarterback. He's seen it about once a year, it turns out, for the last decade. And now he sees another. Do you see it, too? Do you?

One of the most challenging parts of being a Browns fan for this past decade has been choosing a brand new heartfelt opinion about the quarterback position every off-season. You know the historic names like Charlie Frye and Spergon Wynn, and you know along the way you believed in almost half of them - if not all of them, like a certain dreamer I know.

And like every grown man who has ever worn a Bernie Kosar jersey into a bar, I love the Brady Quinn story and how he once wore a Bernie Kosar jersey on Halloween. Yes, it was wonderful to be once young and searching for tricks and treats. Which brings me back to the Quinn and the quarterback position.

I believe it would be great for another Ohio kid to come along and reinvigorate the Browns just like Bernie did back in the day. The problem is the difference between what I wanted to see and what I saw. And I don't know if anyone else saw what I saw last year. But I certainly saw what I saw and I didn't see what a lot of you apparently think you saw, a starting NFL quarterback.

Sure, it's sad when dreams don't come true. I am still expecting to someday be the center fielder for the Cleveland Indians, but the reality is I'm not even good enough to play that position on my own softball team even though I own a Rick Manning jersey.

So while you and Mike Holmgren ponder, I have a suggestion that I know at least a few others of you may agree with. It sort of freaks me out to think I hold this opinion because I didn't used to but I believe, given what I know of how Mike Holmgren works, the starting quarterback of the future is NOT on the roster but is already in the NFL.

He is not using his first pick on a quarterback unless Joe Namath is in the draft. Both of his great quarterbacks were acquired in trades from teams that didn't need them. So I think he's got to at least be looking for a castoff he can turn into a leading man. That's right, this is a Troy Smith column.

Like I mentioned, I never expected I would think this because of what I saw in his last college game, but I tend to forget how accurate and just plain good he was for most of the rest of his college career. Sure it was college. Heck, JaMarcus Russell played college. I understand.

I'm just saying if the Browns continue drafting offensive lineman and trade for Troy Smith, maybe the Ohio kid can come along and reinvigorate the Browns just like Bernie did back in the day. I'm betting he won't be afraid to throw the ball more than eight yards, and that he'll be accurate. Sure, he's small. So is Drew Brees, who is playing in the Super Bowl.

Let the re-make begin. Once Mike Holmgren makes a decision, that's my opinion too. Until then, I'm leaning towards trying Troy Smith.

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