Adkins: Quinn Trade? Cribbs Contract?

The rumors are cranking up and the OBR is digging in to find out if there's anything to them. This time up... that rumor that Charlie Weis is looking to bring in his old quarterback in Kansas City. Lane gets the 411.

There is a report coming out of Kansas City that the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs have discussed QB Brady Quinn, with the Chiefs reportedly offering a second-round draft selection for the QB. While I would note this as a never-say-never scenario due to Charlie Weis, Quinn's former coach while at Notre Dame, right now does not appear to be the time.

This space has found no substance to the speculation at this point after having an exchange with those in the know regarding the two former Golden Domers.

And on a side note, the Chiefs invested heavily a season ago in acquiring QB Matt Cassel from New England and signing him to a long-term, high-dollar deal. Granted, this upcoming year is one which there will likely be no salary cap, so a team like the Chiefs could release the player and not suffer cap ramifications.

Also, the Chiefs own the fifth selection in the draft and could have an opportunity to select another Irish QB -- Jimmy Clausen, a player who Weis is believed to hold as a better prospect than Quinn.

TheOBR is not saying talks are not going to occur; rather, the position of theOBR is there has been not been any negotiations as of this writing between the new regime in Cleveland and the Chiefs regarding Quinn.

-- As reported by John Taylor last week, discussions between the reps for Josh Cribbs and the Browns have been promising. Both parties acknowledge the player has been an vital part of the Cleveland Browns, both in the locker room and in the community.

As we all know, however, nothing is ever done until signatures are on paper. While the discussions are better, there is no contract offer in place which has either party of the belief a deal is going to be agreed upon. That offer still has to be put together.

The Browns want Cribbs and the player wants to remain in Cleveland. The players reps, of course, are simply seeking the best potential deal for the client. The temperament of each party has toned down since Cribbs and his reps staged an all-out media blitz aimed toward the Browns weeks ago.

The bottom line remains: Cribbs wants to play in Cleveland and wants to be paid. The Browns' front office has spent more time on the issue than they've wanted to at this point in time due to the number of changes being made within the organization, as well as readying for the college player workouts, etc.

As of this writing, Cribbs' reps have been made aware the Browns are not likely to tear up the present contract and have been made aware the organization is not against performance incentives and a sizable bonus.

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