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Wire: Kenny Peterson Charms the Press

This year's combine is sort of like a business meeting, at least in the IT world: the actual value is about one-fourth of the length. Demonstrating the absence of real content so far, Kenny Peterson manages to dominate the newswire by demonstrating his skills at <i>talking</i>. You know the drill dawgs... click the title to listen to a dopey webmaster, or <A HREF="">click here for the wire.</A>

If charm were a measurable, Kenny Peterson would be off the charts and we wouldn't be able to shut Mel Kiper up about him.

As it is, though, Peterson is riding a fantastic Fiesta Bowl performance into the first round of the draft and millions of dollars. Demonstrating his humility and modest nature, Peterson told Cleveland reporters that the newly-wealthy athlete cliche of buying a Hummer "isn't me", and expressed his pleasure with his current standing.

Into this mass of charmed reporters wades pre-Fiesta-Bowl media darling Brett Romberg of Miami to toss some cold water. Romberg wasn't impressed by Peterson in the Fiesta Bowl, according to reports, and found Tim Anderson to be more impressive. At least, that's what he says.

Apparently Anderson was so impressive that the Hurricanes center couldn't concentrate on the inferior Peterson, who burned him for two sacks.

You can feel the bitterness just radiating off the page or computer screen, can't you? Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer discusses this element as he talks about the differences between the emotional states of OSU and Miami players today.

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Have a great day Dawgs! Look for lots more on the site today and through the weekend as the Combine gets down to serious business....

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