Browns, Vikings Trade Rumors Continue

The Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings are rumored to be talking again, based on rumors going around the combines. Here's the buzz that's going around...

Lane Adkins reports that there is a bit of a quiet buzz that the Browns and Vikings may have had more than a passing discussion regarding Minnesota offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie

While members of the Vikings and Browns say that the two teams have not talked for a significant period of time, they say that there are not any discussions about a deal for the mammoth offensive lineman.

A league source at the combines has told Bernies Insiders that some subtle feelers have been thrown out by one or both teams that Kevin Johnson and the Browns' first-round draft choice might be available for the "right" player. That player, from what we're being told, is McKinnie.

One of the keys here, however, relates to the constant disinformation which is generated by teams. Word from a league sources at the combine is that the rumor appears to be generated from Cleveland.

There is no denying the team's interest in McKinnie. The Browns reportedly attempted to deal up in the draft to get McKinnie in 2002, and were also said to be interested in the tackle when contract talks were progressing poorly last year. The interest appears mutual, as McKinnie played for Davis in Miami and spoke positively about the notion of playing in Cleveland before last year's draft.

Kevin Johnson has also been repeatedly mentioned in trade rumors, as has been reported on this site. With a strong receiving corps and concerns over Johnson's ability to, among other things, block as effectively as Davis would like, Johnson's name has come up frequently when possible trades are discussed.

Lane Adkins and Vikings Update contributed to this report

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