Browns Talk Player Deals in Indy

Lane Adkins reports on some of the other business going on in Indianapolis this weekend. The Browns not only have to be concerned with new players on draft day, but the salary cap and what to do with key veterans. Here's the up-to-the-minute skinny...

The Combines in Indianapolis provides another opportunity to make a statement and work deals to ensure that the Cleveland Browns continue to progress heading into the 2003 season.
Butch Davis, Pete Garcia, and staff have been in full force while in Indianapolis. Talking with many of the college players, but also grabbing agents in passing moments within the busy schedule at the combines.
The Browns are looking to gain some salary cap room heading into the free agency period that begins on February 28th. It's not an uncommon practice in the NFL these days, the Browns have been active as expected.
Conversations have been initiated to get a feel on the attitudes of players owed bonuses on March 1st. For the Browns, defensive back Corey Fuller, middle linebacker Earl Holmes, defensive tackle Orpheus Roye, and outside linebacker Jamir Milller are all owed such bonuses.
While the team has been publicly quiet regarding these discussions, one player's agent did talk to Bernie's Insiders: "Miller will not receive a bonus and will become a free agent. There are already two teams that have an interest in him. Coming off the injury hasn't scared everyone away - just the Browns," an agent tells this column.
While getting the team or an agent to go on the record has been difficult, indications with that wink of an eye tell Bernie's Insiders more of the story on the Browns players that could develop in the coming weeks.
Roye and Fuller are not expected to give back or take a salary cut. Roye was adamant following the 2001 season that he would not do so when he restructured his contract and did not. Fuller following the 2001 did take a pay cut and will not do so again.
If asked, it is expected that Holmes will restructure his deal to provide the team with additional salary cap relief.

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