Mock Draft Muncher: Tenth Anniversary Edition

It's back! Days... er... hours in development! The Mock Draft Muncher returns to give Browns fans one place to pour through all the major mock drafts. Marvel at our latest inappropriate use of computer resources!

The internet contains thousands of mock drafts. Every year, more appear on the scene, starting earlier and earlier in the year. Mock Drafts multiply faster than rabbits, and are as tough to keep track of as a battalion of over-caffeinated six-year olds.

We're here to help.

With the Mock Draft Muncher, we store versions of most of the major mock drafts in a database, crunch them all together, and tell you about the consensus and trends you can find.

All in one spot, all for free.

The Mock Draft Muncher has been part of the Orange and Brown Report since before we were the "Orange and Brown Report". For ten years now, the Mock Draft Muncher has been part of every off-season, giving Browns fans a quick look at the predictions being made in the major mock drafts.

It's gotten a bit fancier every year, and this year is no different, as we spruced the Muncher up with new graphics and improved links to information about every player.

Using the Mock Draft Muncher, you can see who draft experts are predicting the Browns will take at each position, which players are rising or falling, and what the trends are at each position in the draft.


(See other mock drafts you think we should include? Tell us!)

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