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Trade rumors involving Tim Couch continue to rustle through the underbrush of the media. In response, Butch Davis stood before the press today to offer the mantra he has been chanting for the last two months: "Two quarterbacks good". Davis continues to sell the message, but are teams around the league buying? Lane gives us some more must-reading for anyone wanting to get through the spin...

Listening to Butch Davis, all is well in Cleveland. Courtney Brown is improving, there are a couple good quarterbacks on the roster, and the team is playoff caliber.Still, there are numerous issues that surround the makeup of the team and they begin at the most important position: quarterback.
The Browns don't call it a quarterback controversy, but everyone else in league circles certainly does.
Tim Couch is a highly compensated player. He was drafted as the first selection in 1999 as a future star who would lead the Browns to the promised land. On the other hand, the Browns also have Kelly Holcomb, an obscure quarterback who happens to have deep experience within the offensive system utilized by the team.
Numerous locker room personalities have a preference regarding who should be leading the team; an issue that almost certainly will rear its head prior to the 2003 season.
Davis and Browns coaching staff must work through this challenging dilemma leading up to the 2003 season.
The Browns quarterback situation has many personnel evaluators in the league sitting back and waiting to see how the Browns play the hand that they have been dealt.
While Davis has stated that the team has not had any "active" trade discussions about either Couch or Holcomb, a league source at the NFL combines in Indianapolis shares a different tale.
"Have the Browns actively looked to shop Couch or Holcomb? From where I am, they haven't, but the belief coming from people around the league is that the Browns have leaked out the information that Couch could be had for the right price," the source told Bernie's Insiders.
"There are a couple problems for this Browns in this situation. Many of the players in Cleveland prefer Holcomb over Couch, but Couch is the guy with a huge salary, a salary that makes trading him or dealing for him difficult."
So, why wouldn't the Browns trade Holcomb and relieve themselves of this pending issue?
"Holcomb would come much cheaper for a team - his salary is low and a team wouldn't offer a high draft selection for him.", the source continued. "That being said, Holcomb will not be traded. "
"Now, if Couch had a smaller salary cap number and the compensation was that of a top-end first round pick, then possibly something could be worked out. Right now, there are some interesting quarterback options in the draft and teams are leaning in that direction."

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